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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Shabhag movement needs to know 
The duties of government administration of any country to all citizens are to provide health food shelter education and social security.
In 1971 people of Bangladesh fought against Pakistan army lawful democracy soc-economic security justice of humanity under lawful administration.
Movement of Shabhag
1)     Needs to know  
2)     Needs to understand
Why the administration in Bangladesh after liberation war 
A)        failed to establish lawful administration
B)       failed to do lawful trial against the War Criminals 
C)        failed to establish social justice
D)        failed to establish economical justice and 
E)        failed to establish justice of humanity
F)        Failed to establish lawful democracy?
Shabhag movement needs to be confirmed about the aim of movements?
G)       Is it to build corruption free lawful Bangladesh?
H)       OR
I)          Is it to save the interest of corrupt politicians, employees and other corrupt elites  by misleading people doing  slogan works in dancing and singing to mislead the people ?
So aim of shabhag slogans needs to be perfect for real success
The slogans must be for lawful trial  
J)        Against the war criminals
K)       Against the criminals  of corruption done by the political leaders, politicians and government employees during last 40 years in share market,  hall Marks, Padma Bridge
L)        Against the criminals corruption done any category by politicians and government employees
M)       Against all crime done of humanity, crime done in justice of law and  crime  done in democracy
Shabhag movement needs to know
Student's and teacher's politics  are destroying education atmosphere in school colleges and universities  of Bangladesh  and creating   quality less knowledge less educated  corrupt politicians  corrupt government employees  who have  made  Bangladesh   a lawless country.
  1. The children of corrupt politicians or government employees are very happy on getting  illegal money from their corrupt parents 
  2. They are looting   public money doing chandabaji tender baji.
  3. Powerful children of   powerful corrupt politicians and government employees are making Bangladesh hell country for innocent and common people.
  4. Their activities cause of  increasing  high electricity bill  water bill  house rent  income tax and vats prices of everything such as rice price per kg from 50 paisa to 5o taka and hiking  prices  of everything  are creating disasters throughout Bangladesh for jobless and common people. 
  5.  Jobless food less people being homeless sleeping in night at footpath railway platform...
  6. A lot Bangladeshi are moving around the world for food and shelter, some are dying in fire at Middle East and other places some are passing days in jail of foreign countries, some are returning in coffin box being headless. By court...
  7. Some hungry Bangladeshi is crossing border of Bangladesh to go India for food is hanging--- on Indian border net. Being killed by Indian best's bullets
  8. Some are dying in deep sea of bay of Bengal going abroad by boat  for food and shelter
It will be better to rule Bangladesh for at least 10 years by CTG administration in banning  
a)    party politics  of students and teachers in education institutions
b)   party politics in industry section 
c)    party politics in administration sections  
To establish
d)   lawful administration,   
e)    justice of law to do lawful trial against all corruption
f)     lawful democracy
g)    security and humanity for all people   
h)   Teaching administration  in school colleges universities to teach quality knowledge education courses to the politicians, to teach skilled professional education  courses  and modern technology to the professional people to do work perfectly, to  teach  knowledge courses  to the common people   to be able for  judging  right and wrong before casting their votes and  to provide nation wide child care quality education to all children for educating them efficient quality citizens of Bangladesh
Causing for CTG administration  
i)     Politics Bangladesh is under control of constitutional 70 articles.
j)      all political activities are under control of  party leader
k)    politics are not followed according to rules of politics
l)     democracy in under control political party leader
m)  democracy does not follow rules of democracy
n)   The constitution rules are changed and made by parliament members according to court verdict.
o)   parliament members are not perfect efficient wise to make constitution rules
p)   Professional people do not follow their service rules. They work as workers of political Party.
q)   common people do not caste their votes wisely as responsible and wise citizens
r)     nation wide all children are not getting quality education to be quality educated for building Bangladesh, they are using as  party cadres and destroying educational atmosphere over all Bangladesh.

Care taker administration must continue until finish these jobs.

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Sent: Thursday, 21 February 2013 6:00 AM
Subject: Fw: [notun_bangladesh] ALL ABOUT KADER SIDDIQUI !!!!!!

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Subject: [notun_bangladesh] ALL ABOUT KADER SIDDIQUI !!!!!!
বিএনপি-জামাত-শিবিরের নিকট কাদের সিদ্দিকী এখন জনপ্রিয় ব্যক্তি ! কয়েকদিন আগেও অনলাইন-আর ব্লগে জামাতিরা কাদের সিদ্দিকীর বেয়নেট দিয়ে রাজাকার হত্যার সেই বিখ্যাত ছবিটি প্রচার করে তার মন্ডুপাত করেছিল ! আর এখন জামাতি ইলেকট্রন আর প্রিন্ট মিডিয়া তার প্রশংসায় পঞ্চমুখ !! ভন্ডামির একটা সীমা থাক উচিত !! নিম্নের ভিডিও ক্লিপ দেখুন আর মূল্যায়ন করুন কাদের সিদ্দিকিকে :


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