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Saturday, September 21, 2013

[] Heartfelt Thanks to the Community Members from Prio Bangla Management Team

Dear Community Members:


On behalf of PrioBangla, Inc. we would like to express our sincere gratitude, appreciation, as well as heartfelt "Thank You" to all members of the community who supported us and cameout in thousands to enjoy the day long 2nd annual "Prio Bangla Street Fair 2013".


Your participation from all over the DC metro areas made this all day long cultural extravaganza a huge success.


A total of 60 vendors participated and showcased their products in the street fair. These include, Realty, Insurance, Law Firm, IT Company, Bankers, Jewelry, Clothing, Toys, Handcraft, Art works and delicious food.

This street fair would not have been a reality without the generous support from our sponsors:

We thank our Title Sponsor: Mr. Belayet Hossain, Chairman, Dhaka Home, and Grand Sponsors: Abu Hanip, CEO,PeopleNTech and Shah Feroze, Mass Mutual. Our special thanks also to Attorney Sudeep Bose, Bose Law Firm for his outstanding support.

We also thank the following sponsors for their support:

Patrick Gomez, Keller Williams, Rise and Shine Construction, Inc., Sudeep Bose, Esq, Bose Law Firm, Burhan U Ahmed, Chairman, Hometown Properties, LTD.,, Dr. Ashraf Chowdhury, North West Dental Care, Kazi T. Islam, E&R Tax Solutions, Mohammed Alamgir, Nurl Amin Nuru, Dr. Shahajahan Mahmud, Asia Halal Super Market, Arlington Aladdin Restaurant, Arlington, Masud Ahsan, Quicksell Realty,, Ghorer Khabar, Bangla Bazar, M. Keneth Luhman, Jr, Haward Eales, Inc., Insurance and Bonds,Mohammed Huq (Rajib), Partners Real (PR) Estate, Dalil Ahmed, Weichert Realtors, Moahammed Ali, Agent, Nationwide insurance, Masum Anower, Realtor, Ikon Realty, Abu Haq, Branch Partner, Alcova Mortgage-Lander, Evolveall, Training and Growth CenterArongazeb Syes (Jeb), franchisee, Baja Fresh, Paak Bangla Bazar.


We also thank the following individuals for financial contribution, moral support, logistically and or resource sharing with usMr. Anise Khan, LLI Enterprise, Jamil Khan, Mohammad Hasan,, AJM Hossain, Obayedul Haque Obi, Mohammed Nabi Baki, Rony Rahman, Nurul Amin Jahangir, , Litu Chowdhury, Naryan Debnath,Ashlam MollahMohammed Selim Sheikh, Sharafat Hssain Babu, Udoyon Barua, Mohosina Rimi, Shapna Sharma, Mohammad Abdin, Pradip Ghosh, Tilak Kar, Prabir Das GuptaMahfuzur Rahman, Tapan DuttaMohammad Nazrul Islam, Deb Sharma, Bikash Barua, Nazir Ullah (Long & Foster), Dastagir Jhangir, Shakil Al Mamun Sagor, Zakir Hossain and many more.

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for the proclamation and appreciation letter from Robert Black, Assistant Secretary, State Department, Senator Mark Warner (Commonwealth of Virginia), Governor Robert F. McDonnell (Commonwealth of Virginia), Arlington County Board Chair Mr. J Walter Tejeda and Board members, Congressman James P. Moran (the 8thDistrict of Virginia) and Congressman Gerald E. Connolly (the 11 District of Virginia).


Many thanks to our Honorable Guests: Ms. Heather Variava, Office Director for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives at Department of State, and  Representative of Arlington County Board MS. Laslie Pelzer (Special Event Manager) and Susan Kalish (Marketing Manager).  


We congratulate following individuals for receiving Exceptional and outstanding Community Service Award form Prio Bangla Street Fair 2013


Attorney Sudeep Bose (Helping Community by Legal Services), Mr. Arifur Rahman Swapan (Moderating Alapon Yahoo Group),  Mr. Biplab Datta  (Serving Community by Photography), Mr. Safi Delwar Kajol (Publishing community news thru, Mr. Shah Feroz. Mass Mutual (For great financial Service), Engineer Abu Hanip, PeopleNTech (For Assist more than 3000 Bangladeshi individual to obtain a IT Job), Mr. Belayet Hossain, Dhaka Home (Bangladeshi Origin Business role Model), Ms. Heather Variava, Department of State (Supporting Bangladeshi Community), Arlington County Board (For supporting Excellent Diversity Program in County wide)

Appreciation letter for Dr. Shameem Huq, Dr. Syed Mahtabuddin Ahmed, Dr. Khairul M. Emran and Dr. Marium Parveen for their volunteer medical consultation service during Street Fair 2013.


We thank the following community organizations for their support: AABEA, ABCI, Arlington Arts, BAAI, BABA, BAGDC, BSWDC, Children's Trust Fund, DCI, Drishtipat,Dhroopad,, Ektara and HealthTrans.


We also thank our media partners: News-Bangla, RadioBanglaDC, 2MinuteTV, Bangladeshi and Ekhon Somoy.


Thanks to our advisor Dr. Jafrul Hasan for coordinating and managing "PrioBangla Medical Advice" booth for this year's street fair.  We would like to appreciate and show our gratitudeto following medical doctors for taking their valuable time and provide free medical consultation service: Dr. Shameem Huq,Dr. Syed Mahtabuddin Ahmed, Dr. Khairul M. Emran, M.D and Dr. Marium Parveen, M.D

We thank Ms. Mushk Ahmed, Ms. Hosne Jafrul, Ms. BindiyaBhattacharjee and Mr. Yatra Coomer for providing volunteer service and helping to run Prio Bangla info desk during street fair.

We thank the following individuals and cultural groups for their time, dedication and effort to showcase their talents:

Sophia Zhong (Sophia's Performing Art Center), The Kenmore Quartet, Ariel Nunez (Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama), Laura Ortiz (Los Quetzales Mexican Dance), Kukuwa African Dance Art Workout, Miss Scarlet (Martial Arts), Abby Dymond and Ashley Clausnitzer (Allure Dance DC)

Dr. Soma Bose (Dance Fusion: Udas Pagol Mon), Performers:Abantika, Adrita, Bijon, Nava, Nezah, Priyanka, Ruponty, Shapna, Srijon, Taj and Tasnuva.

Dr. Patricia Gomez Shukla and Shilpi Rozario (Dance Fusion: Moyna Nacho), PerformersMonisha, Sandra, Peter. Karina, Cathy, Monisha, Sandra and Peter.

Ruma Bhowmik (Musical Dance Fusion: Rail Garita),Performers: Abantika, Vijon, Nava, Ruponty, Srijon, Taj and Tasnuva.

Banibrata Ghosh and Puley Karmakar (Amader Ganer Ashor),Performers: Abhishek Roy (Guitar)Rama Ghosh, Umma Mary Khan, Mousumi Fatema Shiraj, Nazneen Akhter, Sumaya Akter Smarony, Sadia Akter Srabony. Abhishek Roy and Banibrata Ghosh. Jayanta Biswas(Tabla).

Denis D'Rozario (BAKA-Bangladesh American Christian Association Cultural and Instrumental Group ), Performers:Cecilia D'Rozario, Alicia Rego, Maria, Costa, Anthony Rozario, Austin Rozario, Aric Rozario, Roton Rozario, Alex D'Rozario, Subra D'Costa, Moushomi Gomes, Samantha D'Costa, Paula D'Costa, Cynthia Gomes, Shruti Gomes, Audrey Gomes, Moushomi Gomes and Maria Costa.

Banani Chowdhury (O Amar Bangla Mago), Performers:Sushmita Chowdhury, Sushan Barua, Nishita Barua, Urba Barua, Anamitra Barua, Arnab Barua, Sumaya Akter Smarony,Utchas Barua, Niloy Barua, Rudra Barua. Sumit Mistry,Debanshu Chowdhury, Sumaya Akter Smarony and Sadia Akter Srabony.

PrioBangla Production: Part played from Jioner Gaan – "AGeetol Nritto Natto" which was originally staged on last June at TJ TheaterPlay Composed by Sudip Chokroborthy and Directed by Pryalal Karmakar. Vocal: Puley R. Karmakar,Performers: Nishita Barua, Urba Barua, Syed Rafi, Sumaya Akter Smarony, Selim Akhtar,  Sumit Mistry, Debanshu Chowdhury, Sumon Karmakar, Dibakor Chowdhury, Sudip Barua, Sumaya Akter Smarony, Sadia Akter Srabony and Rocky Barua.

Mousumi Fatema Shiraj (Fashion Show)Rocky Barua (Fashion Show Music Selection), Performers: Rocky Barua, Sumaya Akter Smarony, Nishita Barua, Khan Abdul Muhib, Debanshu Chowdhury(George), Sudip Barua(Akash), Dibakor Chowdhury, Sadia Akter Srabony,Amit Barua, Suman Karmakar, Sumit Mistri, Rubel Barua, Rama Ghosh, Ritavash Chowdhury and Smita Tanisha

Local Bands Bibagi (Safi, Turko, Nafi, Kenny and Puley) and Jotil (Suhash, Tony, Sohel, Tanveer Tomal)

We honored all parents who has worked hard, dedicated and contributed their time and effort for month long rehearsals,preparing all costume, makeup and make into the final day of the festival.

Many thanks to Puley Rani Bala for coordinating, planning and implementing the whole cultural (stage) program, assisted by Mousumi Fatema Shiraj, Dipti Barua, Banibrata Ghosh and Naznin Akter.

Many thanks to Mohammed Rahman (Tushar) and Deb Bhattacharjee (Joy) for doing excellent job in stage management.

Props, Costume Design and make-upMousumi Fatema Shiraj,Banani Chowdhury and Naznin Akter

Guest Greeting and Program over seen: Farhana Hanip, Rupak Barua, Rumpa Barua, Pijush Barua, Dulal Roy, Mitali Gomez,Juwel Barua, Shukanto Barua, Md. Altaf Hossain, Ujjal Barua and Salim Akter.

Special thanks to Tushar Chowdhury, Spriya Chowdhury and Pijush Barua for providing performance rehearsal support, foods and logistical support.

Many thanks to the Northern Virginia Bangladeshi Buddhist Community and members of Virginia Budha Bihar for their unconditional support.

We are so grateful to Ms. Taj Hasan for helping Prio Bangla's under privileged children project.

Our thanks also to Mr. Fakir Salim from VoA for news coveringof our festival, Mr. Mahmood Menon Khan, Head of News, and Babul D. Nokrek

We thank Zahid Russel, Khaled Chowdhury and Nupur Chowdhury for smoothly managing the 60 stalls.

Many thanks to Biplab Dutta for his Professional Photography. 

We thanks to 2Minute TV for professional Video recording and editing. The members of the 2 Minute TV Video recording team is: Dastagir Jahangir, Shakil Al Mamun Sagor, Nuruzzaman Hamid Shuvo, Mohammad Sohel Ali and Shaheen.

Great Appreciation to the BUET Student Maruf Raihan, a young designer of Studio Biporit, Dhaka for Design Prio Bangla Street Fair 2013 Publication, Stage Background and wings' graphics.

Sound System: Sound Pro, Inc.

We congratulate Ms. Smriti Kona Barua who win the Raffle draw, Washington-Dhaka-Washington airline ticket. Thanks for your support and sponsor our program. 

We thank the following community activists and organizations for their attendance:  Shamim Chowdhury, President, BCCDI,  Abu Rumi and Akter Hossain from Friends and Family (FNF),Sheikh Mawla Milon from Ektara, Miro Jangi from BABA, Safi Delwar Kajol, General Secretary, BAAI, Many members from Dhroopad, Inara Islam (Former President, BAAI),Mozharul HoqueDr. Nazrul Islam, Wahed Hossaini (Former President, BAAI), Akter Hossain(ABCI), Shibbir Ahmed(, Nurul Amin Nuru(BAGDC), Dr. Sahjahan Mahmood, Dr. Shoaib Chowdhury (DCEA Coordinator), Sabrina Rahman Sharmi (General Secretary,DUAFI)Shaheen and Rubina (Udoyon), Dr. Arifur Rahman(former President, BCCDI), Inam Haque (Former President, BCCDI), Dilawar Hossain and Kabita DiawarShaheda Abdin (Former Director, AABEA), Abdur Razzaque, President BSWDC, Mr. Shah Habib (former GS, BCCDI) and many more respected members from our internal and external community.

This program implementation would have been impossible without our Management, Executive and Advisor team as follows:

Management Leadership Team: Pryalal Karmakar, Shibly Shiraj, Jibak Barua, Farhana Hanip, Patrick Gomes, Rumpa Barua, Amirul Islam Romy, Zahid Ahmed Russel, Khaled Chowdhury, Nupur Chowdhury, Banani Chowdhury, Rupak Barua and Banibrata Ghosh
Executive Leadership: Mousumi Fatema Shiraj, Puley R. Karmakar, Pijush Barua, Dulal Roy, Mitali Gomez, Dipti BaruaTushar ChowdhuryJuwel Barua, Shukanto Barua, Md. Altaf Hossain, Ujjal Barua and Salim Akter
Media Executive: Safi Delwar Kajol (News-Bangla), Mr.Abdus Sattar (Ekhon Somoy), Biplab Dutta(ATN Bangla) and Mr. Babul D. Nokrek
Youth Leadership Team: Adnan Hasan, Sudip Barua, Sumaya Akter Smarony, Sadia Akter Srabony, Sushmita Chowdhury, Sushan Barua, Nishita BaruaUtchas Barua, Niloy Barua, Rudra Barua, Debanshu Chowdhury, Sumeda Barua, Dibakor Chowdhury, Sudip Barua, Fahim Hasan, Suman Karmakar, Saikat Barua, Sumit Mistry, Mithun Roy, Amit Barua, Mithun Barua, Partha Barua, Ashim Barua, Sajib Barua, Rana Barua, Liton Barua, Ujjal Barua, Faruque Ahmed, Khan Abdul Muhib, Rocky Barua, Nazmul Kabir, Rubel Barua, Naser Uddin (Mojnu), Syed Rafi, Molla Omar Faruq Jewel, Sajib Barua, Shaon Islam, Rezwan Aziz and Tamal Barua
General Advisor: Mr. Anis Khan, Dr. Saiful Khandaker, Mr. Wahed Hossaini, Mr. Mustofa Hussain Mukul, Dr. Abdur Razzaque, Mr. Abu Soloiman, Dr. Bashir Ahmed, Mr. Ashim Barua, Mr. Mohammed Alamgir, Ms. Rosemary Mitu Gonsalves, Mr. Clifford Gonsalves, Mr. Hares Sayed, Mr. Parvez Hossain and Mr. Deb Bhattacharjee (Joy)
Medical Resource: Dr. Jafrul Hasan and Dr. Satya Bose
Medical Advice Line and Free Clinics: Dr. Utpal Dutta, Dr. Provat Das, Dr. Samuel Walter, Dr. Tapu Ahmed, Dr. Imtiaz Zaman and Dr. Ashraf Choudhury  Dr. Shameem Huq, Dr. Syed Mahtabuddin Ahmed, M.D, Dr. Khairul M. Emran, and Dr. Marium Parveen
Nurse Practitioner: Mrs. Provati Rosario
Account: Dickson Annor (Fed Govt.) and Kazi T. Islam (E&R Solution)
Legal: Attorney Sudeep Bose, Attorney Tasneem Ahmed, Attorney Suresh Pruthy, and Mr. M. Mujumder (Immigration Specialist)  
Career Development and Job Seminars:  Mr. Abu Hanip, Dr. Emarat Hossain Panna, Ms. Mushk Ahmed
Student Internship: Dr. Shankar Saha and Mr. Scott Tyskowski
Senior Disability Benefits: Dr. Sukhamaya Bain, Mr. Bimal Halder, Mr. Nalini R. Bala
Web and Technical: Mr. M. Adam and  Mr. John Amodea
Cultural Exchange: Dr. Shankar Saha, Naznin Akter,Suvro HasanDamian Dias, Rama Ghosh, Adel Ahmed, Shuvo Rozario, Litu Chowdhury, Danis Rozario, Mohosina Rimi, Mohammed Rahman (Tushar), Pradip Ghosh and Bindiya Bhattacharjee
Production Advisor: Sudep Chakroborthy (Dhaka)
Grant Resource and Charitable Services: Yetra Kumar,Dr. Nazrul Islam and Mr. Mozaharul Hoque
Prio Bangla Life Media Partner: News-Bangla-Mr. Safi Delwar Kajol and Radio Bangla DC.Net-Arifur Rahman Swapan
Finance: Sah Feroz (Mass Mutual), Paresh Saha (Metlife), Pranesh Halder
Veteran Disability: Mr. Lewis Scott (Marine Veteran), Mohamed Hasan (Army Veteran), Yatradeo Coomar (Navy Veteran) and Pryalal Karmakar (Marine Veteran)
Military Career Advice: Adam O'neil (U.S. Marine Corps), Pascoe Garth (U.S. Marine Corps), Luis Quttelle (U.S. Marine Corps)
Student Stipend/School Search and Scholarship: Mr. Rahul Mitra, Mr. Rahat Sultan      

We express our sincere appreciation for our youth team, the members of which along with our management team workedtirelessly from night prior of the event till 3:30 am to prepare the event venue and till 4:30 am day after to clean up the whole street. The members are as follows:

Amit Barua, Faruque Ahmed, Sudip Barua, Debanshu Chowdhury, Sudip Barua, Dibakor ChowdhurySajib Barua, Molla Omar Faruq Jewel, Rana Barua, Khan Abdul Muhib, Rocky Barua, Shaon Islam, Rubel Barua, Syed Rafi, Sajib Barua, Rezwan Aziz, Sumeda BaruaDeb Bhattacharjee (Joy), Tamal Barua, Mohammed Rahman (Tushar)members from Centurion Cricket Team are: Hossain, Borkat, Masud and Shadat and many of our volunteers.  

And, of course, wonderful performance by our invited guests the Emcee: Bulbul Hasan (Master Piece) came from New York, Famous Poem Reciter, Drama Actor and DirectorJoyonto Chattopaddhya, Famous Singer and Composer Arfin Rumey from Bangladesh.

Last but not least, we thank the countless volunteers and performers without whom this would not have been a reality. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lastly, we cordially invite the community members to attend our next annual indoor event CHATURANGA is Saturday 14, September 2014 at Gunston Theater, Arlington, VA

And next year's street fair the tentative time for which isSaturday, 13 September 2014 at same location.

We thank you for your time to read this email.


PrioBangla Management Team


[* Moderator�s Note - CHOTTALA is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political and non-discriminatory organization.

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[] Kashmir Struggle

Watch TV debate, Kashmiri struggle: Role of Kashmiri parties, 2-09-2013
Part 1
Part 2

Dr Shabir Choudhry


[* Moderator�s Note - CHOTTALA is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political and non-discriminatory organization.

* Disclaimer: Any posting to the CHOTTALA are the opinion of the author. Authors of the messages to the CHOTTALA are responsible for the accuracy of their information and the conformance of their material with applicable copyright and other laws. Many people will read your post, and it will be archived for a very long time. The act of posting to the CHOTTALA indicates the subscriber's agreement to accept the adjudications of the moderator]

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[] Tribute to Arif Shahid

-- Tribute to Arif Shahid
Dr Shabir Choudhry      12 September 2013
Friends and colleagues, today we are gathered here to pay tribute to our friend, a nationalist Kashmiri leader and a freedom fighter, Sardar Arif Shahid who is no longer with us. Arif Shahid was callously killed outside his house in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on 13 May 2013. May Allah bless his soul?
Arif Shahid was a man with vision. A man with a mission, and his mission was to promote democratic values and fundamental human rights for all citizens of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. His view was that religion was a personal matter of individuals; and that religion must be kept out of politics. He promoted peace and strongly advocated equality for non – Muslims and other ethnic groups.
Arif Shahid bravely opposed religious extremists and forces that groomed terrorists. He openly challenged those powers that promoted violence and terrorism. He opposed those groups and parties that promoted religious intolerance and hatred.
Martyred Arif Shahid had become a symbol of resistance against Pakistani forces of occupation and secret agencies in Gilgit Baltistan and so called Azad Kashmir. He wanted to have united and independent Jammu and Kashmir with liberal, democratic and secular ideals.
He crossed the red line many times. He was cautioned to stop his activities; but he was persistent and dedicated man. He refused to surrender. Despite threats to his life from those who promoted violence and terrorism, he continued with his mission. On the evening of 13 May 2013, those who did not like what he did silenced him for ever. Two bullets were shot on his neck. Kashmiri nationalist believe it was a target killing; and we condemn it.
He is no longer with us, but his struggle for the oppressed and victimised people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir would continue. We are determined to expose Pakistani government's hypocritical stand on the Kashmir dispute and tell people that they have imperialist designs on Jammu and Kashmir.
It is feared that Arif Shahid won't be the last person to be eliminated because reliable sources reveal that the Pakistani secret agencies have decided to crush our peaceful struggle against the Pakistani occupation in so called Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. For this purpose, they have prepared a list of more than two dozen key leaders and political activists, which include those living abroad.
We share this view of other Kashmiri parties that he was eliminated because of his nationalist struggle; and those forces which did not like his struggle, finally eliminated him to send the message that they will not tolerate true Kashmiri nationalist struggle on this side of the Line of Control.
Kashmiri nationalists demand that the Pakistani authorities:
·         Should constitute a judicial inquiry into the murder of Arif Shahid Shaheed;
·         Arrest and punish all those involved with the conspiracy and murder of Arif Shahid;
·         Immediately stop policy of harassment and intimidation in Pakistani Administered Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan;
·         Allow people of Pakistani Administered Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan to enjoy their fundamental human rights.
I pray Almighty to grant him a place in Heaven.
Dr Shabir Choudhry


[* Moderator�s Note - CHOTTALA is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political and non-discriminatory organization.

* Disclaimer: Any posting to the CHOTTALA are the opinion of the author. Authors of the messages to the CHOTTALA are responsible for the accuracy of their information and the conformance of their material with applicable copyright and other laws. Many people will read your post, and it will be archived for a very long time. The act of posting to the CHOTTALA indicates the subscriber's agreement to accept the adjudications of the moderator]

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[] Molana MoDooDi Antics

We will have to be brief about Maududi since he has written volumes upon volumes of nonsense. But a few glimpses should sufficiently demonstrate how the Mullah is playing god to his fans even after his death.
His Name: Before presenting some glimpses of the famous Mullah Maududi's wisdom and knowledge, let us reflect on his full name and title, Maulana Syed Abul A'la Maududi. The name translates as: "Our Master, Owner, the Father of the Most Glorious, Maududi". It is strange that the man claiming to be a great Islamic scholar lived 76 odd years with this name. Does it need much insight to see that the very name is shrieking outright divinity and Shirk? According to the Quran, Maulana (our Master) is none but Allah (9:51).  And, obviously, Al-A'la (the Most Glorious) can be none but God. Note: In this chapter, as an example, 1:31 will mean Vol 1 page 31.
His Impact: The treacherous, imbecile Maududi, through his long, confused, confusing and inconclusive writings, has frozen the minds of millions of simple Muslims for the last half century making sure that the Ummah remains stuck in the spider-web of the manmade, counterfeit, Hadithi, Number Two Islam (N2I). The forsakers of the Quran got exactly what they deserved. A significant factor behind his popularity has been the generous royal Saudi support as in the case of the Egyptian Mullah-in-Chief, Syed Qutb in the 1950s.
Maududi's 'Brilliance': Let us examine some brilliance of Maududi through his famous Six Volume Tafseer, Tafhimul Quran (Urdu), by Idara Tarjumanul Quran, Lahore, November, 1982. We will turn to his other writings from time to time, with due reference given.
The Captive Women: 1:340 means Vol 1 Pg 340. The summary and conclusion of his discussion on war captives, Vol 1 Pg 340: Even today, the government must distribute the women war captives among Muslim soldiers and the soldiers should "use" them. This rule will apply to women regardless of whether they belong to the People of the Book, or any other religion. How would the Mullahs feel if Muslims, getting thrashed all around the world today, had their women treated by the 'infidels' in this abominable fashion?
The Quran, verse 47:4 states that the captives of war must be freed either for ransom (e.g. exchange of POWs) or as an act of kindness as soon as the battle ends. There is no third option. When an eminent scholar differed with him and showed how the Quran has closed the door of slavery forever, Maududi responded, "The error of this man lies in that he relies on the Quran to form his opinion." (Tafhimat 2:292)
Slavery: Maududi further alleges that:
v     A slave owner can sell his slave whenever and to whomever he pleases.
v     The act of kindness means that the captives be made slaves and given into the ownership of (Muslim) individuals.
v     A bondwoman given to any man by the rulers is as legal and binding a process as Nikah (marriage). 
v     A captive of war will remain a slave even if he or she embraces Islam.
v     If a slave tries to escape or create mischief, the master has the right to kill him/her.
v     While the Shari'ah (religious law made up by Mullahs) has limited the number of wives to four, it places NO LIMIT to the number of concubines a man can possess. He can have sexual relations with them freely. There is no reason for any man to feel bad about having sex with these (captured) concubines. (Tafhimul Quran 1:340 onwards, and 5:14 onwards)
Beware! Dear reader, whenever you encounter statements like "Islam says this," or "Shari'ah states that," know that it is almost invariably the Mullah's own wishful thinking rather than the Word of God.
The Prophet's Broken Teeth: In Tafhimul Quran 5:14 and Tarjaman-ul-Quran 1975 Pg 93, Maududi, on the spurious authority of Ibn Hisham, happily relates that the idolater Sohail bin 'Umro was captured at the Battle of Badr. Some companions wanted to break his teeth, for he was a fiery orator against Islam. The Prophet admonished, "No! If I break his teeth, Allah will break my teeth even though I am a Prophet." Sohail was left alone, but even then, after one year, at the Battle of Uhud, the exalted Prophet's teeth were broken. In the Quran, Allah promises to protect the Prophet (S) from people (5:67). What sinister point is Maududi trying to make? Did the Prophet (S) really lose his teeth in the Battle of Uhud? He lived nine more years after that battle. I have not come across a single narrative suggesting any missing teeth on the person of the exalted Prophet.
Child Molestation: It is not only permissible to give in marriage the girls who have not had their menstrual periods yet. Rather, it is also permissible for the husbands to have sexual intercourse with them. Now it is obvious that something that has been allowed by the Quran, no Muslim has the right to declare it forbidden. (Mullah Maududi, Tafhimul Quran 5:571). Did he marry 'off' his daughters or nieces at age 6 or 9?
The Mullahs are in the habit of opposing the Quran since the Glorious Book hurts their evil desires. The big question arises here, "Does the Quran permit this nonsense?" Here is the answer:
The Marriageable Age: According to the Mullahs, the beginning of the menstrual cycles in a girl and nocturnal emissions in a boy are firm indicators of their age of marriage. To the unfortunate Mullah, everything revolves around sex. A Hadith from Bukhari atrociously tells us that a girl can have Nikah (the marital contract) at 6 and the marriage can be consummated at age 9 since the exalted Prophet did that with Hazrat Ayesha! Is there any wonder that the West call him a child-molester? Why don't then the Sunnah-peddlers "marry off" their daughters at 6 and 9? Many countries set an arbitrary 16 years for the girl and 18 years for the boy. The Divine Wisdom enshrined in the Quran makes things so sensible. It sets up three rational criteria:
1 - Sufficient maturity to grant consent. (4:21)
2 - Ability to sign a legal contract. (4:19)
3 - Competence to take care of one's own finances. (4:21)
If Someone Dies of Hunger: If someone dies of hunger, he dies because Allah had written for him to die of hunger. (Tarjumanul Quran, Jan. 1966). Should the government and the community be so easily absolved of their fundamental duty? The Prophet (S) is reported to have said in a well-known Hadith, "If a single person sleeps hungry in a community, Allah removes His protection from that people." Also, Hazrat Umar is reported to have said, "If a dog were to die of hunger by the Euphrates, I am afraid Umar will be held responsible."
How to Establish a Solid Islamic State: Maududi shows a brilliant way to establish a solid Islamic state: Send notice to the population that they must announce within one year whether they should be considered Muslims or non-Muslims. After that one year, all children born to Muslims will be considered Muslims. All those who register as Muslims will be forced to observe the worships and rituals of Islam, five prayers a day, Friday prayers, 2.5 percent charity well-documented, fasting in the month of Ramadhan, Pilgrimage to Makkah for the affluent, sacrificing a sheep or goat at least once a year etc. Then whoever falls short of these obligations of Islam, will be beheaded. (Murtad Ki Saza, Punishment of the Apostate, August 1953, Pg 76). Please note that many Mullahs considered Maududi a heretic apostate. He might have been the first to be put to sword. If this brilliant concept of Maududi is implemented, all the Muslim population of that 'solid' Islamic state will walk around without heads on their shoulders.
The Prophet Was Forgetful: The Prophet came to lead prayers. People lined up. He then started to leave, realizing that he was "junbb" (he had not done the post-coital wash). He left the standing lines and went to take a bath. Then he came back with water trickling. (Tarjumanul Quran, Oct 1956). Maududi presents this insult on the authority of Bukhari reminding the reader that Bukhari also states that it is Satan who causes men to forget during Salaat.
The Noble Ones Lived In Glass Houses: Maududi and other "experts" seem anxious to prove that the Prophet (S) was a forgetful person and that he and his companions walked around junbb. Did the exalted Prophet and his companions live in glass houses and had no sense of privacy? Were they so obsessed with sex?  Or is it our Mullahs who are so obsessed? There are ample traditions filled with references to sex, ways of making love, lust, post-coital bath, menstruation, divorce, suckling, slaves, concubines, houris, etc with shameless detail. The grand Vision and the Supreme Ideology of Islam remain elusive to these small minds. The Prophet (S) and his companions were busy creating the noblest revolution in human history and they had no time for this kind of nonsense.
Copies of the Quran Were Burned: Hazrat Uthman burned six copies of the Quran which were all in different tongues. Allah and Rasul had not ordered him to do this. (Syed Maududi, Tarjumanul Quran 1975 Pg 39). Did Maududi witness this? Does the Quran state that it has been revealed in different ways, tongues or dialects?
Is There Life In The Grave? The belief of life in the grave is dangerous and that of no life is also dangerous. (Maududi, Tarjumanul Quran, Dec. 1959). The all knowing Mullah should have checked with the Quran to find the answer. Dead means dead. It is the human nafs, or self that lives on, not the material body. And according to the Quran, the dead do not return to this world. (23:100, 32:12). Death is a prolonged state of sleep until the Day of Resurrection, according to the Quran as shown below.
36:51 And when the Trumpet is blown, out of their disintegrated states to their Lord they will run.
36:52 They will say, "Oh, woe to us! Who has awakened us from our beds of sleep? ---."
Doom of the Grave – Without Judgment: These two verses strongly dismiss the clergy-peddled false concept of punishment in the grave. Will God punish the dead before the Day of Resurrection and before Judgment? Many kinds of suffering ('Azaab) are named in the Quran but 'Azaabil Qabr (Doom of the Grave) is not mentioned even once. But Mullah Maududi writes in his Tarjaman-ul-Quran Dec. 1959: Most people will suffer the doom of the grave until the Day of Resurrection, some of them because they used to eat in bed.
Maududi's Religious Freedom: In an Islamic country, non-Muslims will have full rights to spread their belief, but we will not allow any Muslim to change his or her religion. (Tarjumanul Quran, Dec.1959 Pg 269). The Mullah would behead the 'apostate'. Can you see the blatant and silly contradiction here? According to the Quran, there is no compulsion in religion. (2:256)
Ah! The 'Infidel' Kids: Children of non-Muslims will go to Paradise and will be made slaves of the owners of Paradise. (Ref same, Pg 134). The Mullah probably lived under the wishful thinking that he would be the owner of Paradise! How about slavery, even in Paradise? Maududi never thought that his own children could be eternal slaves.
The daughters of non-Muslims who died young will be made hoors of Paradise. (Asia, Lahore, June 14, 1969).  And how will they be treated? According to Maududi, the men of Paradise will have their young, full-breasted houris indoors in their palaces. And the little infidel 'houri girls', eternally staying little, will live in beautiful outdoor tents. Men of Paradise will have sex with them whenever they go about strolling in the evenings. Ah, the poor 'infidel' kids!
Telling Lies May Be Mandatory: Truth is one of the most important principles of Islam and lying is one of the greatest sins. But in real life, needs arise when telling lies is not only allowed, rather it becomes mandatory. (Tarjumanul Quran, May 1958 Pg 54)
Temporary Marriage (Mut'ah) is permissible under certain circumstances. (Tarjumanul Quran, August 1955). Maududi puts forward an example: If a man and woman get stranded on an island, as soon as they procure food, they should go ahead and indulge in sex regardless of their marital status.
Calling Upon The Dead Saints: In response to a question concerning praying at gravesites to the dead saints, Maududi maintains, "It is possible that you may be calling, but they may not be listening. It is also possible that they may be able to listen, but their soul might not be there and you may be calling nobody. Also, it may be that they might be having sex or praying to their Lord and you may tease them in your selfishness." (Ref same, Pg 261). It is possible that Maududi had lost his mind. It is also possible that he has no idea of what he is talking about. See Quran 36:51-52 above.
Imam Abu Hanifa's Fiqh has converted Islam into a frozen Hindu Shastra. (Tarjumanul Quran 1:136). [This one makes sense. SA]
About Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal: In reply to a question regarding Sir Allama Iqbal's critical view of questionable traditions, Maududi sarcastically states, "In the presence of other scholars, there is no need to know his views." (Reference same, Pg 170). Allama Iqbal was a scholar par excellence and one of the greatest exponents of the Quran through his world-renowned poetry. Any scholarly work in Urdu ignoring the great Allama speaks of the mental destitution of the writer. Also, he was a benefactor of Maududi, providing the jobless Mullah with an opportunity to work at Pathankot. Yet, we do not find a single reference to his sublime thoughts or top class poetry in Maududi's voluminous writings.
v     The more ancient the Mullah, the more authoritative he becomes.  A dead Mullah also becomes more revered and authoritative. The Quran warns against blind following of ancestors and equates it with disbelief. (5:104 and many other verses).
Pre-emptive Divorce: The Mullah-in-Chief of the 20th century blindly follows the ancient 'authorities', e.g.  Hanafi jurists: If a man utters "divorce" three times even before marriage, the woman he weds will be instantly divorced. (Reference same, Pg 188). How's that?
Dear reader, these were just a few glimpses of the brilliance of Maududi.  Only space limits us from presenting quite a few more gems. Let us finish with one more:
ADULT MALE SUCKLING ON FEMALE BREASTS: This is a horrible Hadithi joke. Bukhari writes that Hazrat Ayesha's goat had eaten up the date-leaf upon which were written two Quranic verses. This is supposed to have happened when there was chaos at home because of the demise of the Prophet (S). One of those verses was about stoning the 'Sheikh and Sheikhah', a mature or married man and woman, committing adultery. The other verse was about the grown-up men suckling on a young woman.
The goat-eaten, non-existent, "Ten Sucklings Verse" (the so-called Ayah Ridha'at) is a horrible joke. The 'Imams' of Hadith report that Hazrat Ayesha and Hazrat Maimoona used to advise women of an 'easy' way to admit unrelated men into their privacy. Let any grown up unrelated man suckle on the woman's breasts on ten different occasions and lo and behold! He becomes a Mahram (one who is a family member and can intrude into their privacy from then on). (Hadith 1934 Ibn Majah, 30:12 Malik's Muwatta about the 'criminal' goat). About foster mothers, the Quran clearly states:
4:23 The following women are prohibited for you in marriage: …… your foster-mothers who have ever nursed you, foster-sisters ……
The verse is obviously talking of babies and their foster mothers. Children become related to one another in a solemn bond of brotherhood or sisterhood by nursing from a common woman. The woman attains the honor of becoming their mother. According to Maududi, Imam Hanbal says that suckling on a woman on three occasions will confer the bond of suckling relationship on a child. But Imam Shafi'i differs saying that it has to be five times. However, to an aesthetically sound mind the principle is quite clear. But our jurists and Mullahs get entangled in silly disputes. 
On Pg 338 Vol 1 of his Tafhim, Mullah Maududi writes that although the jurists differ on the age of suckling, even if a grown up man suckles on a woman, he will enter into the bond of suckling! But the foolishness does not end here. Maududi asserts in Tarjumanul Quran that the amount of milk actually swallowed is of terrible importance. How much milk? Maududi frantically seeks help from Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik and comes up with a solution. Well, the amount is that which will be enough to break the fast of a fasting person. However, the three Mullahs fail to elaborate how much milk will be sufficient to break a fast. The Mullahs have neither the sense, nor the courage to reject Ahadith that insult human intelligence, such as this one of a grown up man suckling on a strange woman! Would the Mullahs advise this nonsense to their wives, sisters and daughters? Who knows if Maududi did that?
Ayatullah As-Syed Murtaza Hussain Nasir Ferozabadi, the compiler of "Life Events of Seven Sahaba" happily accepts the great insult but shows his 'sensitivity' by expressing his dismay on the reported judgment of Hazrat Ayesha and Hanbal for neglecting an important issue: "The man would have to handle the female breasts." Maududi is least concerned about it.
Oh, another question. What if a woman has no milk? "Imam" Abu Yousuf said: Sucking at BOTH the dry breasts of a woman will fulfill the Shari'ah law, provided it is done on ten different occasions. (Gharaib fil Tahqiq-il-Mazahib Wa Tafhimul Masaail, Vol 2 Pg 137).
v     Dear reader, our Imams and Mullahs are in the habit of answering questions that were never asked!  In fact, they invent hypothetical situations.   
Shabbir Ahmed, M.D. (Be sure to check out the new and old Forums!)

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