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Thursday, February 21, 2013

[] Re: Stop dirty game with our young generation

Mr.Nazrul Islam's posting is a very sensible one and constructive.It is a leader like comments on this critical momment of Bangladesh.Some people goes with the flow though it is wrong for the country.Sensible people needs to work for the reconciliation and for the unity.We all needs to eliminate corrupt politicians,their cohorts and relatives from the all aspects of the management of the country.We need to clean up the corrupt law enforcement personals from the department.Justice system is a mess.Land record system is the root cause millions of dispute and fighting and cases.As a result millions of cases (criminal and civil).Loots of the government procurement procedure is nothing secret.Roads and highways has become so dengerous for robbery and indiscriminate killing ground.Rapes are common place.Billions of BDT looting from nationalised banks(Sonali,Janata and so on Banks)are wide spread.By printing more money inflashion goes up.No law and order in country.So we all irrespective of politics should work together for a peaceful future.Looters should be identified.Time line should start from 1757 A.D to 1857 A.D.1857 to 1947.1947 to 1971.1971 to 1975.1975 to present 2013.Jamati's corruptions and left wing parties corruptions are different than Awami thugs and BNP opportunists for sure.There were many left wing parties also opposed to Indian assisted creation of Bangladesh.Jamat also opposed breaking of Pakistan.But all kinds of leaders made billion of taka for themselves.Some of them made by looting directly(As an administrator of government Mills and factories),As a middle man for licence and permits.Some so called honest and pious leaders made as political assistance from foreign countries.They cried for help for their millions of worker's who has suffered under Awami misrule.But all they did were helped themselves to enrich themselves with Banks,Industriies,Embassy jobs,Scholarships and etc;.It is ethically wrong to accept Tax free cars and RAJUK plots by islamists.It was clearly bribe and a loot.There are authentic references from Ahadith that once a Jamat were sent to collect Jakat from a distance place.Leader of the Jamat brought the Jakat and seperated some gifts for himself.Prophet(s.M) gave the verdict that before you were assigned for the job you did not have any gift from no where.Also during Omar(R.A.)'s rule one of the governor(Syria)came to visit and he was wearing  Shoes or sandals.Omar(R.A)flogged him openly and questioned him when you were assigned to the job you did not have the abilty to have shoes.Shahbag movement is clearly was a diversion from the thousands of problem Bangladesh is facing.Still we should give the benefit of doubt to the young generation's efforts for seeking justice.They should ask for justice for all.They should not be selective.JSD and left wing leaders (many of them) has become multi millionares.Where as many dedicated workers were killed and tortured and languished in jail for a long period of time.Atleast forty thousands of them were killed(reference;statistics).So those leaders should be brought to justice too.Justice is not a one way street.
Mir Dost Mohammad Khan
(Former worker of pro-Islamic student movement,Founder Gen.Secy ofJCD,Ctg.And a former detinue 1980 to 1981).


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