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Monday, December 28, 2015

[] Freedom war and RAW

Freedom war and RAW
The following report is being discussed
বাংলাদেশ নিয়ে এক ভারতীয় গোয়েন্দা ( 'র' ) অফিসারের খোলামেলা বর্ণনা

​​1971 Bangladesh war: RAW heroes India forgot to honour

As to the above report, we have firm resolve to defeat the Chanakya policies of the South Block (offices of the PM, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of External Affairs) and the Chanakyapuri (enclave for majority of foreign embassies, and official residences for both politicians and civil servants) of Delhi. And we will certainly win in the end.

About the retired RAW officer's account of 1971 war, it is nothing but a blind self glorification and a gross distortion of history. To describe the 1971 war of Bangladesh, one has to consider (i) the analysis of the socio-economic and political conditions of the then Pakistan along with the issues of regional disparity and people's aspirations, (ii) the animosity between Pakistan and India, the wars between them, (iii) the super power rivalry between the US and the SU, where the US was aligned to Pakistan and the SU to India, (iv) the valiant Bangladesh patriotic people-army participation in the 1971 war, as opposed to the lackeys of India, and (v) other factors, such as Israel's military support to India, the International public and govt. support for Bangladesh, etc. 

Summing up, the independence war of Bangladesh in 1971 had three sides: (i) Pakistan-US, who wanted to crush the 'rebellion', (ii) India-Soviet, who wanted to divide and weaken Pakistan and establish their hegemony over Bangladesh, and (iii) the patriots of Bangladesh, both civilians and military, who wanted independence and not subordinations of the above two camps.

As to the actual war, the patriotic people-army freedom fighters, with India's help, almost defeated the Pakistan army in Bangladesh, so that the finishing was "a cake walk" by the Indian army, according to a commentator.



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