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Sunday, September 20, 2015

[] Heartfelt Thanks to our Community Members from Prio Bangla Management Team for making "Prio Bangla Pathomela-2015" another successful and outstanding festival this year!!

Dear Community Members:
On behalf of Prio Bangla, Inc., we would like to express our sincere gratitude, appreciation and heartfelt "Thank You" to all members of the community, who extended their cordial support to us and came out in thousands to enjoy the day long 4th annual "Prio Bangla Street Festival 2015". Your participation from all over the DC metro area made this cultural extravaganza a huge success and we are greatly obliged for that.
A total of 55+ vendors participated and showcased their products in the street fair. These include- Realty, Insurance, Mortgage Companies, Law Firm, IT Company, Bankers, Jewelry, Mobile Phone, Clothings, Toys, Handcrafts, Art works, Theater Company, County's Transportation, Mainstream Politics Campaign and delicious foods.
We would like to specially extend our heartfelt thanks to our Chief Guest, H.E. Ambassador Mohammad Ziauddin and Special Guest, Mr. Monirul Islam Moni, MP (Jesor-2) for attending the event and  giving outstanding remarks. It was a great pleasure for Prio Bangla Management Team to present a plaque to them by Director, Jibak Barua and other members from the Prio Bangla Management team.
This street fair would not have been a reality without the generous support from our sponsors:
We would like to thank our 4 Grand Sponsors: Abu Hanip, CEO, PeopleNTech, Mr. Belayet Hossain, Chairman, Dhaka Home, Shah Feroze, Mass Mutual and Mr.Udoy Reddi, YUPPTV.
Our gratitude and special thanks goes to our Prime Media Partner ETV, Mrs. Asma Karim, CEO, Ekushey Television Ltd, USA, Mr. Fakrool Alam, Territory Coordinator, Ekushey Television Ltd., USA & Canada and Imran Ansari, Head of the news, ETV USA.
We also thank the following sponsors for their continuous support:
Patrick Gomez, Rise and Shine Construction, Inc., Abu Haq, American Nationwide Mortgage Co, Burhan U Ahmed, Chairman, Hometown Properties, LTD., Dr. Ashraf Chowdhury, North West Dental Care, Dr. Rakesh Mathur, Mathur Mediacl Practice, LLC, Masud Ahsan, QuickSell Realty, Dilal Ahmed,Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Mohammed Huq Rajib PR Partners in Real State, Kazi T. Islam, E&R Tax Solutions,Md. Salehuddin Yahya, ASRS Inc, Dalil Ahmed, Weichart Realtor, Abdul Mannan, Asia Halal Supermarket, Market, Arlington, Aladdin-A Bangladeshi Cuisine, Arlington, Asia Market, Arlington, VA, Raja&Rumpa, Ghorer Khabar, Arlington, Al-Hera Super Market Herndon, Bangla Bazar, Arlington and, M. Keneth Luhman, Jr, Haward Eales, Inc., Insurance and Bonds, Moahammed Ali, Agent, All State Insurance, Evolveall, Training and Growth Center. Our individual sponsors are: Attorney Mohammed Alamgir, Dr. Shahjahan Mahmud, Nurul Amin Nuru, Dr. Mr.Golam Farid Akter, Mr.Obaydul Haque, Mr.A J M Hossain and Mr. M. Nabi Baki
We also like to take this opportunity to thank the following individuals for their financial contributions, moral support and for sharing logistics and other resources with us:  Mr. Anise Khan, LLI Enterprise, Attorney Sudeep Bose, Jamil Khan (Sound Engineer), AJM Hossain, Obayedul Haque Obey, Rony Rahman, Nurul Amin Jahangir, Litu Chowdhury, Naryan Debnath, Ashlam Mollah, Sharafat Hssain Babu, Udoyon Barua, Mohammad Abdin, Dastagir Jhangir, Moznu Mia, Harun Chowdhury and many more.
Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for the proclamation and appreciation letter from Governor Terry McAuliffe and Secretary Levar Stoney,Commonwealth of Virginia, Senator Mark Warner (Virginia), Senator Tim Kaine (Virginia), Ambassador Mohammad Ziauddin, Washington, DC,  Congressman Donald S. Beyer, Jr. (the 8th District of Virginia) and Congressman Gerald E. Connolly (the 11 District of Virginia), Ambassador William Todd, on behalf of the Assistant Secretary of U.S. State Department, Arlington County Board Chair, Ms. Mary H. Hynes and four other Board members, Arlington Chief of Police Mr. M. Jay Farr and three Deputy Chiefs for providing outstanding support for the 4th annual Prio Bangla Street Festival. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Governor McAuliffe for his continuous announcement, that helped our event to be officially recognized from a "Fair" to a "Festival" since 2014. Now it is recognized as "Virginia State Bangla Festival".
Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our Honorable Guests:
Ms. Libby Garvey, Member, Arlington County Board, Ms. Lasley Pelzer, Special Event Manager, Arlington County, Lt. Ken Dennis ACPD / SOS, Arlington County Police Department, Mr. Gilbert G. Morton, USA State Department, Mr. Zaki Barziniji, Virginia State Governor Office and Mr. Steve Backer, Arlington Democrat leader.
We congratulate the following individuals for receiving Exceptional and Outstanding Community Service Award from Prio Bangla-   M. Jay Farr, Chief of Police, Arlington County Police Department (For Outstanding Leadership), Lt. Ken Dennis ACPD / SOS, Arlington County Police Department (For community Policing Services), Arlington County Board, Chair: Ms. Mary H. Hynes, Members: Mr. Jay Fisette, Ms. Libby Garvey, Mr. J. Walter Tejada and Mr. John E. Vihstadt ( for supporting Diversity Program in the County), Leslie Pelzer, Special event Manager, Arlington County Manager, Office of Special Events, Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation (For planning and executing the Prio Bangla Street festival 2015), Mrs, Asma Karim, CEO, Ekushey Television Ltd, USA and Mr. Fakrool Alam, Territory Coordinator, Ekushey Television Ltd., USA & Canada for supporting as the Prime Media partner for the Festival 2015, Abu Hanip, CEO and Founder, PeoplNTech for Community Service (for helping Bangladeshis, specially youths for developing their Career Path, Shah Feroze, MASS MUTUAL for Roll Model and Global Business Leaders, Mr. Belayet Hossain, Dhaka Home (Bangladeshi Origin Business Role Model).
Appreciation letter to Dr. Rakesh Mathur, Dr. Manash K. Das, Dr. Sandip Gupta and Dr. Ashraf Choudhury for their volunteer medical consultation services during 2015 Prio Bangla Street Festival. Attorney Justin Ervin and attorney Nabeel Kibria for providing volunteer legal advices. Thanks to our advisor Dr. Jafrul Hasan for coordinating and managing "PrioBangla Medical Advice" booth. We thank Ms. Hosne Jafrul, Mr. Yatra Coomer for providing a handful of resources and administrative support.
We congratulate all Bangladeshi Origin 2015 Graduates in Washington DC Metro Area!! We wish all the success for their better future, whether they are heading for pursuing their higher education or entering their professional career.  Special thanks to all parents who help them reach their goal. We also would like to thank the following individuals:-  Ashim Rana, Anthony Pius Gomes and Nupur Chowdhury. They have worked very hard to implement and execute the new Project-  "Prio Bangla Graduate Recognition Program". Our Invited Guest Speakers for the Graduate Recognition Ceremony were:-  Dr. Gholam Kibria (Virginia International University), Attorney Justin Ervin and Attorney Nabeel Kibria along few more young success professionals.   
Our multi-cultural groups deserve a big 'thank you', without them we could not celebrate our "Lets Celebrate the Cultural Diversity" moto. So we thank all our multi-Cultural groups for their outstanding participation and performances. The multicultural groups who have been partnering with us for the last 4 years are:-  Old Dominion Cloggers, Flowing Chinese Lilies, Mongolian Dance, Bolivian Dance, Los Quetzales Mexican Dance, Surbahar, Indian Group, Alluor DC, Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama, Tinkus Tiataco USA and Nrittyanjoli School of Dance.
Thanks to Nupur Chowdhury for preparing Ritavash Chowdhury to perform English Rap song using Bengali theme and Utchas Chowdhury to do a solo action for "Hungry Man". Also thanks to the Martial Arts group for their outstanding demo.
Local Performing Groups did a splendid job, their performances were the heart of the whole program. We could not reach the height of success without showcasing their talented performances. We like to thank all the performers, directors, choreographers and parents for their tireless time and efforts in preparing them and attending many rehearsals till the final day and finally help them present their fantastic show. The locals performing groups were:
Bangali-American Christian Association of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. (BACA) presents: Shur O Chhondo, Choreography by Cynthia Gomes, Performers: Cynthia Gomes, Shruti Gomes and Riya Corraya.
Bornomala Shikkhangon presents: Jhanak  Jhanak, Choreograph by Smarony, Performers: Smarony, Nazia, Srabony and Mysha and Baul Presentation: Vocal: Mridul Rahman, Dholok: Shafiqul Islam (Bangladesh),  Mridongo: Salim Akter and  Zipsi-Suman Karmakar.
Ichamoti's Presentation:  "Banglar Roop", Choreograph by Alyssa Gomes and Coordinated by Collins Gomes. Performers: Alyssa Gomes, Gina Gomes, Proma Gomes, Jeffrey Gomes, Anamika Gomes, Pollobe Gomes, Diya Gomes , PJ Gomes, Mark Gomes, Raj Gomes, Janice Rodrick, Mohima Gonsalves , Aujita Rozario, Arko Gomes and Alice Rozario. Song presented by Mili Gomes.
Prio Bangla Performing Group presented a Cinematic Musical Dance Show: "Dhakar Pola - O Lolona".  Choreograph and Directed by: Nabia Hasan Bristi, Concept: Pryalal Karmakar, Performers: Bristi, Era, Sadia, Jerin, Priya, Zishan, Rocky, Forhad, Anik and Nobid.
Local Famous Singers: Ashim Rana, Rezaul Karim Sahin, Sah Feroze, Puley Rani Bala and Sanjida.
The main singer, prime attraction of our cultural program was Rizia Parveen, a famous singer from Bangladesh. She is a popular singer in Radio, TV and Film playback in Bangladesh. She presented an outstanding show with the most popular songs and enthralled the audience. We like to thank her for her great show that added to the success of our program.
Stage Management and Cultural Program: Ashim Rana, Anthony Pius Gomes, Puley R Bala and Damian Dias.
Sound System: Sayem, Mati Group, New York, Musician Group: Mati (NY), Members of Mati Group: Partho, Richard, Rakes, Monu and Rashu
We thank the following community organizations for their support: AABEA, ABCI, Arlington Arts, BAAI, BABA, BACA, BCA, BAGDC, BCCDI, Bornomala Shikkhangon, BSWDC, Children's Trust Fund, DCI, DHROOPAD, Drishtipat,, Ektara, Friends&Family, HealthTrans, Ichamoti, Nilachol, Optimist, Ora Egarojon, theatrEX Bangladesh, Tone&Tune, RongTuli, Udoyon, Virginia Buddha Bihar and many other local and international organizations, who have directly and indirectly contributed to the success of our street festival this year.
We also thank our media partners: News-Bangla, RadioBanglaDC, 2MinuteTV, DCBANGLADOTCOM, Bangladeshi, Ekhon Somoy,, Thikana, WashingtonBangla, BD Runner, Bangla Potrika, Prothom Alo,, and 25+ online news portal. Special thanks to Rafiqul Islam Akash and Subir Kashmir Pereira for promoting our news via news media before and after the events.
Thanks to Mr. Wahed Hossaini for coordinating the AARP and GO2VOTE van from State Voting Corporation and supporting us with other resources all year long.
Special thanks to the following individuals for contributing their valuable thoughts and write-ups including poems and articles in the Prio Bangla 2015 Street Festival Publication: Wahed Hossaini, Sudip Chakraborthy-theatrEX Bangladesh, Shah Feroze, Ashim Rana, Ritavash Chowdhury, Anis Ahmed (VoA), Anthony Pius Gomes, Subir Kashmir Pereira,  Santosh Barua, Mohammed Alamgir, Dr. Gautam Dutta, Fakir Selim (VoA),  M. Nabi Baki, Mizan Rahman,  Dr. Shajahan, Nalini Ranjan Bala, Damian Dias, Nurul Amin Nuru, Dastagir Jahangir, Obaydul Haque (Obey), AJM Hoassain and Maznu Mia.
Many thanks to Northern Virginia Bangladeshi Buddhist Community and the members of Virginia Budha Bihar for their unconditional supports. Thanks to the NILACHAL and Greater Washington Hindu Society for their colorful stalls showcasing and promoting at the street Festival. Special thanks to the BACA, BCA and Ichamati for their cultural contributions.
Great Appreciation to Maruf Raihan, a young designer of Studio Biporit, Dhaka for designing the graphics for Prio Bangla Street Festival 2015 Publication, stage background and beautiful graphics for the wings. Special thanks to Ashim Rana for designing many colorful posters and design our Deshoj Awards seal, all appreciation letters and certificates.
Special thanks to the following email and social groups (fb) for helping us with the release and post of our flyers, commercials, announcements and news for this event:-
 ALAPON, BAAI News, BABA, BCCDIComunity_News, DHROOPAD, Aponjon (221) only, Bornomala, Shurubitan, News-Bangla, DCBANGLA,, and Prio Bangla.
We appreciate the following community activists, who have delivered the key note speeches for the festival-  Attorney Mohammed Alamgir, M. Nabi Baki, Nurul Amin Nuru and Harun Chowdhury (Journalist).
Thank you so much Rajib Barua, Biplab Dutta, Shibly Shiraj, Columbia Pike Documentary Project Team and many professional individuals for capturing our colorful moments with their magic hands. Also we are so grateful to the 3 Start Media team members, Nuruzzaman Hamid, Shaheen Howlader and H.M. Sohel Ali for recording and editing the whole program.
Our youth team members deserve big thanks for wonderful, unique and very attractive the street decoration. We express our sincere appreciation for our youth team, who along with our management team worked tirelessly the night prior to the event till 4:30 am to prepare the event venue and till 3:30 am the day after to clean up the whole street. The team members are:
Amit Barua, Rocky Barua, Rubel Barua, Nishi Barua, Mohammed Raju, Dabanshu Chowdhury, Shawn Islam, Riyad Al Hayat, Shomrat Delowar Babu, Mohammad Ershad, Khan Abdul Muhib, Z Don Ezaz, Sumit Mistry, Shuman Karmakar, Shadman Islam, Syed Rafi, Fahim Islam, Wahidul Islam Mitul, Syed Ferdous Iqbal Khan Abdul Muhib, Rabiul Islam Raju,Sarbajit Das(Turja),Joy Shahidul, Hasanul Amin, Habib, Kamrul Hasan, Anik Barua, Babul Islam, Joyjit Das(Turka), M. Nabi Baki, Juwel Barua, M.H. Rashid(Harun), Sahadat Hosain, Rajib Barua, Amanullah Aman, Tarun Barua, Rupantar Barua, Hosain, Imran, Pranesh Halder, Dastagir Jahangir, MEMBERS OF Prio Bangla Panther cricket team, Prio Bangla Soccer team, Prio Bangla Flag Football team and Prio Bangla Basketball team and many members from other Cricket teams: Duronto Tigers, VA Tigers, Centurion, Rupantor and Gorjon.. 
We would also like to thank all the community activists and organization members for their presence and support.
This program implementation would have been possible without our Management, Executive and Advisor team as follows:
Management Leadership Team: Pryalal Karmakar, Shibly Shiraj, Jibak Barua, Farhana Hanip, Patrick Gomes Rumpa Barua, Amirul Islam Romy, Zahid Ahmed Russell, Anthony Pius Gomes, Damian N. Dias, Khaled Chowdhury, Nupur Chowdhury, Banibrata Ghosh and Salim Akter,
Executive Leadership: Mousumi Fatema Shiraj, Puley R Karmakar, Pijush Barua, Mitali Gomes, Dipti Barua, Nabia Hassan Bristi, Tushar Chowdhury Ratan, Dulal Roy, Rocky Barua and Shawn Islam
Organization Development Leaders: Ashim Rana, Wahed Hussaini, Dr. Rakesh Mathur and Dr. Sukhamaya Bain.
Media Executive: Safi Delwar Kajol (News-Bangla), Mr.Abdus Sattar (Ekhon Somoy), Biplab Dutta(ATN Bangla) and Mr. Babul D. Nokrek, Arifur Rahman Swapan, Subir Kashmir Pereira, Bappa Barua, Harun Chowdhury, Rafiqul Islam Akash and Dastagir Jahangir
Youth Leadership Team: Adnan Hasan, Sudip Barua, Sumaya Akter Smarony, Sadia Akter Srabony, Sushmita Chowdhury, Sushan Barua, Nishita Barua, Utchas Barua, Niloy Barua, Rudra Barua, Debanshu Chowdhury, Sumeda Barua, Dibakor Chowdhury, Sudip Barua, Fahim Hasan, Suman Karmakar, Saikat Barua, Sumit Mistry, Mithun Roy, Amit Barua, Mithun Barua, Partha Barua, Ashim Barua, Sajib Barua, Rana Barua, Liton Barua, Ujjal Barua, Faruque Ahmed, Khan Abdul Muhib, Rocky Barua, Nazmul Kabir, Rubel Barua, Naser Uddin (Mojnu), Syed Rafi, Molla Omar Faruq Jewel, Sajib Barua, Shaon Islam, Rezwan Aziz and Tamal Barua.
General Advisor: Mr. Anis Khan, Dr. Saiful Khandaker, Mr. Wahed Hossaini, Mr. Mustofa Hussain Mukul, Mr. Abu Soloiman, Dr. Bashir Ahmed, Mr. Mohammed Alamgir, Ms. Rosemary Mitu Gonsalves, Mr. Clifford Gonsalves, Mr. Hares Sayed, Mr. Parvez Hossain, Dr. Sultan Ahmed, and Mr. Deb Bhattacharjee (Joy).
Medical Resource: Dr. Jafrul Hasan and Dr. Rakesh Mathur.
Medical Advice Line and Free Clinics: Dr. Utpal Dutta, Dr. Dr. Manash Das, Dr. Provat Das, Dr. Samuel Walter, Dr. Tapu Ahmed, Dr. Imtiaz Zaman and Dr. Ashraf Choudhury, Dr. Shameem Huq, Dr. Syed Mahtabuddin Ahmed, Dr. Khairul M. Emran,  Dr. Manash K. Das, Dr. Ahmad Khan, Dr. Sandip Gupta  and Dr. Marium Parveen.
Nurse Practitioner: Mrs. Provati Rosario.
Account: Dickson Annor (Fed Govt.) and Kazi T. Islam (E&R Solution).
Legal: Attorney Sudeep Bose, Attorney Tasneem Ahmed, Attorney Suresh Pruthy, Attorney  Justin Ervin and Attorney Nabeel Kibria and Mr. M. Mujumder (Immigration Specialist) 
Career Development and Job Seminars:  Mr. Abu Hanip, Dr. Emarat Hossain Panna and Ms. Mushk Ahmed
Student Internship: Dr. Shankar Saha and Mr. Scott Tyskowski
Senior Disability Benefits: Dr. Sukhamaya Bain, Mr. Bimal Halder, Mr. Nalini R. Bala
Web and Technical: Mr. M. Adam and  Mr. John Amodea
Cultural Exchange: Dr. Shankar Saha, Naznin Akter, Suvro Hasan, Rama Ghosh, Adel Ahmed, Shuvo Rozario, Litu Chowdhury, Danis Rozario, Mohammed Rahman (Tushar), Collins Gomes, and Bindiya Bhattacharjee
Production Advisor: Sudep Chakroborthy (Dhaka University)
Grant Resource and Charitable Services: Yetra Coomar and Dr. Nazrul Islam
Prio Bangla Life Media Partner: News-Bangla-Mr. Safi Delwar Kajol and Radio Bangla DC.Net-Arifur Rahman Swapan
Finance: Sah Feroz (Mass Mutual), Paresh Saha (Metlife), Pranesh Halder
Veteran Disability: Mr. Lewis Scott (Marine Veteran), Mohamed Hasan (Army Veteran), Yatradeo Coomar (Navy Veteran) and Pryalal Karmakar (Marine Veteran)
Military Career Advice: Adam O'neil (U.S. Marine Corps), Pascoe Garth (U.S. Marine Corps), Luis Quttelle (U.S. Marine Corps)
Student Stipend/School Search and Scholarship: Mr. Rahul Mitra and Mr. Rahat Sultan      
And, of course, wonderful performance by the Emcee: Fakir Selim from Voice of America and the new generation young talent, Chowkash Ghosh.
Last but not least, we thank the countless volunteers and performers without whom this would not have been possible at all.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
Lastly, we cordially invite the community members to attend our next annual indoor event CHATURANGA-A Musical Dance Drama-"Shoota Shonkho"  on Saturday, 21st May, 2016 at Thomas Jefferson Middle School Theater, Arlington, VA.
And the tentative date for our next year's Street Festival is Saturday, 10 September 2016 at the same location.
Again, our heartiest thanks and gratitude to you all out there for your continued support and that's our strength and motivation to move forward!
PrioBangla Management Team
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