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Sunday, April 20, 2014



I have come across to this site ( where a person
named Marshall Vian Summers has claimed being the messenger of God. He
claimed he got a huge revelation from God (so far 9000 pages) and no
other messengers of God before got such a huge revelations as modern
humankind are facing more challenges. I am not sure about his claim
but for your information just I have put here one chapter of his
revelation below.

It seems his arguments solve some mysteries which apparently cannot be
solved by Quran or Bible! For example, if God is kind, merciful and
can do everything why all those terrible earthquakes, Tsunamis,
floods, famine etc. are happening? Why does God want to burn the
disbelieves in hell forever while they committed crimes here for a
very limited period of time and many other similar types of questions!
Anyway, I would suggest you, have a look on the site and do not judge
so quickly! Life is not so easy anyway! Thank you and good luck!

Dr Musa Ali (PhD)

a revelation received by Marshall Vian Summers

There is a New Revelation about God, a Revelation that takes God out
of the ancient history of humanity, out of the conflicts and the
fantasies and the misunderstandings of humanity. This Revelation takes
God into the larger panorama of life in the universe called the
Greater Community.

You need this new understanding of God now because the God of the
ancients was a small God--a God of your world and of your time, a God
of your cultures, a God of your peoples in ancient time. But humanity
has outgrown this God, this human God, this angry God, this vengeful
God, this God that seems to be a projection of your personality and

It is not that the ancients are wrong. It is just that their
comprehension was limited. It is not that they created a God in their
own likeness; it is just that they could not comprehend a God that was
beyond their likeness.
The New Revelation presents God within a greater context, within the
context of intelligent life in the universe. This is not a human
context, for it is not a human universe that you are facing.

It is not a God that is preoccupied with this one world alone. It
is not a God that judges the way that you would judge or condemns the
way that you would condemn. It is not a God that needs praise and
worship, that must have obedience and adulation. That is the old God
of the tribe. That is the old God that favors one nation over another,
one people over another. That is an old idea of God.

But God has never been like this you see. For the God that people
have looked to and have worshipped, the God that people have
apprehended and misapprehended, has always been the God of the Greater
Community--the vast expanses of space, other dimensions of reality and
countless races of beings, so different from the human family.

This is the one God of the universe. Not a God of one world, one
people or one tribe. Not a God that thinks, acts or behaves the way
that human beings think, act and behave. This God is not limited to
one Revelation for humanity, for there have been successive
Revelations for humanity. Now there is a New Revelation for humanity
to prepare the human family for the great change that is coming to the
world and to prepare humanity for its future, destiny and encounter
with the Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

It will not be possible for you to think of God in the old ways if
you want to understand God's New Revelation for the world. You will
not be able to understand the reality and the significance of
intelligent life in the universe if you think of God in old ways. For
the old God was exclusive to humanity--a God of one nation, a God of
one people, a God of one's race, a God of one world alone. That is why
the old God was too limited and too much discerned in the likeness of
humanity alone [for people] to comprehend God's real nature and
purpose, even here in this world.

The old God took people to war. The old God seemed to have no
concern for the welfare of people and nations that God did not favor.
The old God was used by kings, monarchs and nations to justify and to
amplify their nation's grievances and ambitions. The old God seemed to
delight in punishing humanity for the inevitable errors that humanity
would make in its separated state living in this world. The whole
notion of Heaven and Hell is built around the belief and the
assumptions about the old God.

The new God, the God of the Greater Community, the God of a
greater reality than your own requires a redefinition of all of these
things. For God's reality is so very different than how God has been
considered and believed in, in the past.
God does not favor one nation over another. God does not lead peoples
to war. God does not will one nation's victory over another nation or
one people's conquest of another people. God does not will for natural
disasters, plagues, illness or catastrophes.

You can blame these things on the old God, but not on the new God.
For God has set into motion the forces of nature, evolution, and
geologic change since the beginning of time, and that is all running
itself now. God is intelligent. God does not have to run every little
thing. God does not have to move the blood through your veins or
operate your millions of cells. God does not have to run the weather
of the world. God does not have to run the nations of the world or the
economies of the world. It is all set in motion. It was set in motion
at the beginning of time.

God watches over the world and all worlds, calling to the
separated to return, calling through the avenues of religion, calling
through the avenue of conscience, calling through the avenue of true
love and recognition.

The God of the universe does not care what your religious beliefs
are so long as they can assist you in bringing you to the deeper
Knowledge that God has placed within you--a deeper intelligence that
God has placed within you to guide you, to protect you and to lead you
to a greater service and contribution in the world.

The old God was dominated by religious institutions. If you did
not support those institutions and believe in their ideology, it was
considered you would be sent to Hell, that you were affronting God.

God does not care about these things. The beliefs and
fascinations, obsessions and fantasies of humanity are not what move
God. It is the deeper movement of the heart and the conscience. It is
the act of selfless giving. It is the act of forgiveness and the
desire to contribute beyond one's own personal needs and preferences.
It is the recognition of one to another. It is an enemy becoming a
friend. It is the healing of the natural world that has been
despoiled. These are the things that move the Lord of the universe.

If you are to understand humanity's destiny and future within a
Greater Community of life in the universe, if you are to understand
how to prepare for the Great Waves of change that are coming to the
world, then you must have a new experience and understanding of the

If you cling to the old ideas and the old definitions, you will
not understand what humanity is facing and how to prepare. You will
think it is the end of time. You will think it is the great
punishment. You will think it is the final battle--all these kinds of
things that seem to indicate a grand finale to the human experience.

Humanity is but leaving one stage of its development and entering
another. It is a great transition from a world of tribal societies and
warring factions to a more united and powerful humanity--a humanity
that can live, function and remain free within a Greater Community of
life, a humanity that can face Intervention from other races in the
universe and can establish its own rules of engagement here, a united
humanity that can learn to live within the boundaries and limited
resources of this world without driving them into oblivion and

A united humanity will need a new experience and understanding of
the Divine if it is to make this great transition and to avoid the
ever-growing temptation towards conflict, competition and war. Facing
a world of declining resources, a world of environmental destruction,
a world of violent weather and growing economic instability, you will
need to have a greater experience of the Divine and particularly of
the power of Knowledge within yourself. It is at this deeper level
beneath the surface of your intellect that God will touch you and move
you by the very force of attraction of the Divine.

You cannot comprehend God with your intellect. You cannot reduce
God down into a rational principle. You must see that God is not
operating all the functions of the world, for these were set in motion
at the beginning of time.
There is no conflict here between creation and evolution. There is
really no conflict between religion and science. They are all born out
of the same reality, the same need to comprehend life, the same need
to correct human error and to establish a safe and secure future for
the human family.

Religion and science are corrupted by the same forces--the desire for
individual power, the domination of one group over another,
institutions fighting for supremacy. They are both orthodox in their
own right, and both tend to be limited and self-defensive.

Instead of trying to connect the past with the present and the
future, it is best to let the past go, to see that humanity's
understanding of the Divine is an evolutionary process in and of
itself. If you try to connect the future with the past, you will
either deny the future or you will have to change your understanding
of the past.

Ancient prophecies will not be fulfilled. The Messiah will not
return to the world. It is now the time for Knowledge to emerge. It is
the era of human cooperation and human responsibility.

No one great leader is going to come and lead humanity into a
glorious future. No one individual is going to come and settle all the
scores and take revenge upon the wicked. That is the old idea of God.
It is no longer relevant, and it was never really true to begin with.
It is the desire of people for a final resolution to the conundrums of
life, to the questions of life and to the problems of life.

You were sent into the world to make a contribution here, a
specific contribution concerning certain people in certain situations.
Do not think that you understand these yet. Do not yet assume that you
are fully involved in these yet. Do not think that by believing in a
religious ideology that you are going to be saved. For if you do not
do what you came here to do, if you do not engage with those who you
are meant to engage with and to contribute your gifts, belief alone
will not bridge the gap and end the separation between you and God.

To reunite with God, you have to become more like what God really
created in you. God has placed Knowledge within you to guide you and
to redeem you. Beliefs are secondary and often stand in the way of
this redemption.

Thinking that your religion is the one true religion will stand in
the way of your redemption. Condemning other nations, peoples and
religions will prevent you from receiving this redemption. Being
self-righteous and the defender of your faith will blind you and you
will turn your back to God. You must have the courage and the faith in
the Divine to think of God anew, to realize your responsibilities here
and to recognize that you were sent into the world to be a
contributor, not a judge or a critic.

Here you must realize that God has initiated all the world's
religions, and they have all been changed by people, even radically
changed. To correct the errors of the past, to renew the true faith,
and to bring forth the great truth of the ancient religions in their
pure form, God has sent a New Revelation into the world, not to
replace the religions of the world, but to clarify them and to give
them new strength and power and a greater unity with one another.

It is not just a correction, however. It is a preparation for a
future that will be unlike the past. You are facing a non-human
universe. You are facing environmental destruction and ever-growing
instability and insecurity in the world. You are facing a world of
declining resources, a world where an ever-growing population will
have to drink from a slowly shrinking well.

You may pray to God to save you, but God has sent you here to save
the world, to play your small but essential part in this.

It is not the end of time. It is a great transition. It is not the
end of the world. It is a great reckoning and a new time of
Revelation. Many things will come to an end. Many ways of life will
have to be altered. Human understanding will have to change. Human
responsibility will have to grow. Human compassion will have to grow.
Human forgiveness will have to grow. It will seem like the end of
time, like the whole world is coming down on you, a time of
cataclysmic change and upheaval. But it is really a time for humanity
to grow up, to become wise and to prepare for its future.

Only God knows what is coming over the horizon, and only God can
prepare you for this completely. You may recognize certain solutions
to aspects of the world's problems, but you cannot prepare yourself
for the Great Waves of change or for your encounter with intelligent
life in the universe.

God has sent a New Revelation into the world to prepare humanity
for its future, to warn humanity of the great dangers within the world
and beyond the world and to bless humanity with the power and the
presence of Knowledge that has been placed as a deeper strength within
each person so that humanity will choose peace over war, cooperation
over division, resolution over the loss of confidence, freedom over
capitulation and responsibility over weakness. This is not the
providence of a few inspired individuals or a few small groups working
to support the human family. It will have to be something that will
have to reach far and wide.

Not everyone will have to receive and believe in the New Message
from God, but it must reach enough people to have its impact here, to
provide a new awareness and experience of the Divine in your life and
the deeper movement of your life.

Here you will have to let go of your notions of Heaven and Hell
and your belief in a final judgment day and all of these things, for
they will not fit with the greater reality that you are entering.

If you follow Knowledge, you will become closer to God. If you
deny Knowledge and follow your fears and ambitions, you will become
further away from God. If you contribute your gifts in the world, you
will not need to come here again. You will have completed this cycle
of your evolution and development.

God is not going to just bring you back to Heaven. God is going to
put you to work in the universe, in the reality of the separated. You
have many present tasks and many future tasks. You do not run away
from this into Heaven, for there is much work to do, you see. God does
not waste this opportunity. Your redemption must be a source of
inspiration for others and must continue to have a resonating and
positive effect on life in the universe.

No one will be sent to Hell, but people are already living in
Hell, being separated from God--the Hell of their own fearful
imagination, the Hell of their self-hatred and hatred of others, the
Hell of their circumstances, the Hell of their isolation. Yes, there
are worse Hells than this, but God will not send you there.

If you are left out of God's grace and power, God's providence and
God's guidance, then your Hell will deepen and can seem to be endless.
But it is not endless, for God has placed Knowledge within you, and
eventually you will come to realize that you must follow this
Knowledge, you must accept this Knowledge and that only Knowledge can
take you from the Hell of your separation, from your isolation and
from your own grievances and self-denial.

In the end, God will win everyone back, even the most wicked. They
will just have to work longer to redeem themselves. They will have to
give more to counteract their harmful impacts upon others. Here kings
will have to be water carriers and till the fields. Here tyrants will
have to sweep the streets.

People are impatient. They want a judgment day. They want
everything to be finished. They do not want to have to live with great
questions, great unresolved questions. They want God to punish others
that they themselves cannot or will not punish. They think they know
what justice is. And that is why the old God is filled with revenge
and anger and repudiation that people are forced to believe in with
the threat of death and Hell. That is a primitive way of looking at
life. It is an ignorant way of looking at life. It does not account
for the reality of the Divine or the reality of your Divine nature and

God will call everyone back eventually, but eventually could be a
long time from now. In the interim, you suffer; you live in darkness
and confusion. You do not realize your power, your value or the
greater strength of Knowledge within you. It (Knowledge) is waiting to
be discovered, and it is trying to save you even at this moment.

If humanity is to escape great collapse in the future, if you are
to escape domination by other races in the universe, you must now
listen and gain a new and greater understanding of the Divine presence
and power in your life, the real nature of human destiny and what will
be required of peoples, groups and nations to choose wisely in the
face of a changing world.

Here your old beliefs are clarified and purified. Here you do not
abandon the great traditions. Instead, you see their connection with
one another and the great value and wisdom that is at the very heart
of their teaching.

Yet your cosmology will change because you are entering the
Greater Community. Your religion now cannot be a religion of one world
alone or one people alone. It will have to be a Greater Community
religion--a God of the universe, a spirituality of the universe, that
which unites you and connects you with one another despite your
differing views and interpretations.

Fight against this and you fight against God's will and purpose
for humanity. Repudiate this and you repudiate your future, your
evolution and the primary education you must receive at this time.
Lash out against God's New Revelation and you will further distance
yourself from the power and presence of God in your life. They are all
connected, these Revelations, but you must see their pure thread and
content to understand this.

So much of what people believe in is purely a human creation--the
stories, the miracles, the tradition of stories and miracles--human
creation. That God created the world in a few days--a human creation,
the attempt by a limited understanding to comprehend the reality and
the mystery of Creation. It is like asking a five-year-old to talk
about the evolution of the world. They can only do it in such simple
language, simple stories and a simple timeframe. They cannot yet
comprehend the expanse, the immensity and complexity of what they are
looking at.

As you expand your awareness and your understanding, you gain a
greater comprehension of the Divine and the miracle of Creation and
the even greater miracle of redemption.

Here the new God is the old God, unveiled and clarified, not
closed in ancient understandings or ancient mythologies. For there is
only one God and that is God of all the universes, God of all the
races. God has a Plan of redemption for each one, and each one is
reclaimed through Knowledge, for God has put Knowledge in each one.

Most races in the universe are far less free than humanity is at
this time. Many races are suffering under subjugation by other races
or have become entirely secular and technological in their emphasis.
Yet there is still a Plan of redemption for them all. But can you say
what this is? Of course not. Can you define God's Will and Plan for
the universe? Of course not. Can you even comprehend a Greater
Community of intelligent life--a billion, billion, billion races, and
many more beyond this?

Here instead of trying to make life fit into your ideology, to
make everything squeeze into your limited understanding, you begin to
follow the power and the presence of Knowledge within you. This
reveals God's Presence and Plan for your life, and you realize that
beyond the intellect, there is a greater dimension to your existence
and that the intellect must serve this.

Here you cease to proclaim that you know God's Will, and you
become humble, and you allow God's Will for you and for this time to
be revealed. If your intention is pure, you will follow something
without coming to great conclusions, without proclaiming yourself and
without formulating a new ideology that is really a human creation.

Knowledge knows where you are going. Knowledge knows what is
coming over the horizon. Knowledge is trying to protect and prepare
you even at this moment. But you are not yet aware of the power and
presence of Knowledge within yourself sufficiently to hear its
messages, to heed its warnings and to receive its guidance. That is
why God's New Revelation provides the Steps to Knowledge, so that you
can gain access to this deeper reality and this deeper current of your

Humanity cannot save itself now. It cannot come up with one
solution for the Great Waves of change. It does not know how to
prepare itself for a universe of intelligent life--a competitive
environment on a scale you cannot even imagine. That is why there is a
New Message from God in the world, to provide the Revelation, to
provide the warning, to provide the encouragement and to provide the

Here you must become a person who can function in the Greater
Community, a person who can think in terms of the whole world, a
person who is not limited and constrained by a previous understanding
that is far too limited and insufficient to enable you to perceive
your changing circumstances and the great challenges that are coming.

Here the New Revelation opens doors, expands your awareness and
perception, liberates you from old ideas that would never allow you to
see the present and the future, frees you from condemnation and brings
back to you the mystery and the power of your life and greater purpose
in the world.

God has a greater Plan for the human family, but this Plan can
only be followed individually through Knowledge, through cooperation
and recognition between peoples, through environmental responsibility,
through accountability to the human family and through humility and
simplicity--without arrogance, without condemnation and without

These are all a human invention, and they are not limited to
humanity alone. Such tendencies exist throughout the universe. It is
the result of separation, the great separation from God that set in
motion the creation and the expansion of the physical universe.

The physical universe is but a small part of God's Creation. But
this remains for you to learn, and you have a greater journey and a
destiny here. But you have to allow your mind to expand, your eyes to
open and your ears to hear if you are to gain this greater preparation
and understanding.

The old religions, if they are held in contempt of one another,
have really become obsolete and will become increasingly so in the
future. Now you must see Jesus within the Greater Community and
Mohammad and the Buddha and all the great saints and emissaries in a
larger context, in a greater series of Revelations--each bringing
humanity closer to world civilization and to greater cooperation and a
deeper experience of the conscience that God has placed within you. In
this sense, all religions are ecumenical. They are all meant to
support one another instead of compete and denounce one another.

Gods Will is for humanity to unite, to preserve the world and to
prepare for its future in the Greater Community--a future where
humanity's freedom will be challenged repeatedly, a future where
humanity will be seduced by the offers of alien technology, a future
with many hazards, but a future where humanity must maintain human
freedom and sovereignty within this world. Lose this and you lose
everything--all the accomplishments of humanity.

Only God's New Revelation can show you these things, for they were
not part of God's previous Revelations. Humanity did not need to know
of the Greater Community, and humanity was not facing a world in
decline in previous eras. But now you are facing these things, and you
must prepare, and that is why an emissary was sent into the world
bringing a New Message from God. He is not a savior. He is not
magnificent. He is simple and humble. He is the Messenger.

Once again, humanity is challenged with a New Revelation. Can it
receive this? Can it comprehend this? Can it accept this, or will it
fight and struggle and denounce and continue its violent and ignorant
ways? Will the human intellect still try to replace the power of
Knowledge within the individual? Will religion grow and expand, or
will it contract and become self-defensive? Will people be able to
change, to have a real change of heart to prepare them for the future
and to assure them a greater life and a greater security in the world?
These are questions that only people can answer.

The Revelation is upon you because the great needs are upon you.
God has more to say to the human family and has provided a New
Revelation and a new way forward. This has come from the new God--new
only to your understanding, for there is only one God and that God is
neither new nor old, but has always been. It is humanity's
understanding that must evolve now and a New Revelation has been given
to make this possible.

The Revelation was given in the face of great necessity, for
humanity is not recognizing the Great Waves of change and is not
responding to the presence of forces from the Greater Community who
are in the world to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity.

Humanity is not responding and cannot prepare itself in time and
that is why the Revelation has been given. It is also being given to
uplift humanity's understanding of its spiritual nature and reality to
the level of Knowledge, where there are no conflicts and
contentiousness between people. For Knowledge cannot be in opposition
to itself. Your greater spiritual reality and identity were created in
harmony with all others. It is only the arrogance of human presumption
and the overriding presence of fear and competition that drive people
away from their true nature and purpose here.

Be of good cheer for a great Message is being sent into the world
from the Creator of all life in the universe. Have great confidence
that the power and presence of Knowledge is within you, and as you
learn to take the Steps to Knowledge, you will find its power, grace
and guidance for yourself and for others. You will see that you truly
were created by God and sent into the world for a greater purpose and
that you have a greater destiny beyond this world and a greater future
within and beyond the boundaries of time.



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[* Moderator�s Note - CHOTTALA is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political and non-discriminatory organization.

* Disclaimer: Any posting to the CHOTTALA are the opinion of the author. Authors of the messages to the CHOTTALA are responsible for the accuracy of their information and the conformance of their material with applicable copyright and other laws. Many people will read your post, and it will be archived for a very long time. The act of posting to the CHOTTALA indicates the subscriber's agreement to accept the adjudications of the moderator]


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তাপস নিঃশ্বাস বায়ে মুমূর্ষুরে উড়ায়ে' দিতে প্রভাতের অলোকচ্ছটায় আবহমান এ বাংলার দিক-দিগšত উদ্ভাসিত করে ভোরের নতুন সূর্যোদয়ের সাথে সাথে এসেছে বাংলা বছরে নতুন দিন। আকাশ-বাতাস ও প্রকৃতিকে অগ্নিস্নানে শূচি করে তুলতে আবার এসেছে বৈশাখ। 'দূরের পলাতক বলাকার ঝাঁকে' হারিয়ে গেল ১৪২০। নুতন বছরের আজি এ ঊষার পুণ্য লগনে' বাঙালীর কায়মনো প্রার্থনা : যা কিছু ক্লেদ, গ্লানি পাপ, মূঢতা, যা কিছু জীর্ণ-শীর্ণ-দীর্ণ, যা কিছু পুরাতন তা বৈশাখের রুদ্র দহনে পুড়ে হোক ছাই। বৎসরের আবর্জনা দূর হয়ে যাক যাক। বর্ষবরণের উৎসবের আমেজে মুখরিত আজ বাংলার চারদিক। নতুনের আবাহনে কবিগুরুর সেই চিরায়ত সুর বাঙালীর প্রাণে প্রাণে অনুরণন তুলবে : এসো হে বৈশাখ এসো এসো হে . . .।


কবিগুরু রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের প্রকৃতি নির্ভর এই গানের সুরের মূর্ছনায় গত ১৯ এপ্রিল শনিবার হাজারো প্রবাসী বাংলাদেশীর উপস্থিতি ও প্রানবন্ত অংশগ্রহনে অনুষ্ঠিত হল বাংলা বর্ষবরন উৎসব ১৪২১। অনুষ্ঠানে প্রধান অতিথি হিসাবে উপস্থিত ছিলেন যুক্তরাষ্ট্রে নিযুক্ত মান্যবর রাষ্ট্রদূত আকরামুল কাদের। এছাড়াও বিশেষ অতিথি হিসাবে উপস্থিত ছিলেন রাষ্ট্রদূত সহধর্মীনী রিফাত সুলতানা কাদের, ও ডেপুটি মিশন প্রধান আবদুল মুহিত।


অনুষ্ঠানের শুরুতেই মঞ্চে সঙ্গীত পরিবেশন করেন প্রবাসের জনপ্রিয় ব্যান্ডদল বিবাগী। ব্যান্ডদলটি পরপর তিনটি জনপ্রিয় গান পরিবেশন করে উপস্থিত দর্শকদের মুগ্ধ করেন। ব্যান্ড দল বিবাগীর সদস্যরা হলেন ক্যানি, তুর্ঘো, শাফি ও নাফি। এরপর মঞ্চে নৃত্য পরিবেশন করেন মেরিল্যান্ড আগত রোজারিও ও তার দল। নৃত্য পরিবেশন করেন সিনথিয়া ও তার দল এবং প্রিয়াংকা। নৃত্য পরিবেশন শেষে যুক্তরাষ্ট্র প্রবাসের সদ্য প্রয়াত তিন বিশিষ্ট ব্যক্তিবর্গের রূহের মাফেরাত কামনায় এক মিনিট নিরাবতা পালন করা হয়। সদ্য প্রয়াত তিন বিশিষ্ট ব্যক্তিরা হলেন ড. আবদুর রাজ্জাক (ওয়াশিংটন ডিসি), মানবাধীকার কর্মী রতন বড়ূয়া (নিউইয়র্ক) এবং শিল্পী ঠাকুর রাসেল (নিউইয়র্ক)।


এরপর মঞ্চে পরিবেশন করা হয় দলীয় নৃত্য। রোজমেরী মিতু গোনজালভেজ এর পরিচালনায় ও কোরিওগ্রাফিতে অনুষ্ঠিত এই দলীয় নৃত্যে অংশগ্রহন করে ক্রিষ্টিনা, ষ্টেফানি, এলেন, এগনেস, ইভানা, অনিমা, সকুর্ণ, রিধা, অনুপমা, কারিনা, সুবর্ণা, টিনা, ঐষি, নিষিতা, রূপন্তি ও পুষ্পিতা।


দলীয় নৃত্য শেষে সঙ্গীত পরিবেশন করে টগর, উৎপল বড়–য়া ও সুকান্ত বড়–য়া। এরপর মঞ্চে বর্ষবরনের কবিতা আবৃতি করেন প্রবাসের বিশিষ্ট আবৃতিকার ড. জাফরুল হাসান। কবিতা আবৃতি শেষে মঞ্চে এসে নববর্ষের শুভেচ্ছা বক্তব্য রাখেন অনুষ্ঠানের প্রধান অতিথি রাষ্ট্রদূত আকরামুল কাদের। এই সময় মঞ্চে উপস্থিত ছিলেন রিফাত সুলতানা কাদের, ফ্রেন্ডস এন্ড ফ্যামেলির কর্মকর্তা আবু রুমি, শামসুন পারভিন, আকতার হোসেন, ফাহমিদা শম্পা, নুরুল আমিন নুরু সহ অন্যান্য কর্মকর্তাবৃন্দ।


রাষ্ট্রদূত আকরামুল কাদের এর নববর্ষের শুভেচ্ছা শেষে মঞ্চে সমবেত কন্ঠে পরিবেশিত হয় কবিগুরু রবী ঠাকুরের প্রকৃতি প্রেম নির্ভর এবং বৈশাখের চীরন্তন সঙ্গীত "এসো হে বৈশাখ…"। আবু রুমির পরিচালনায় এতে অংশগ্রহন করেন রাষ্ট্রদূত আকরামুল কাদের, রিফাত সুলতানা কাদের, ডেপুটি মিশন প্রধন আবদুল মুহিত, বিসিসিডিআই সভাপতি শামীম চৌধুরী, শামসুন পারভিন, ফাহমিদা শম্পা, বুলবুল আক্তার, শামশিষ সুহাষ, ড. জাফরুল হাসান, শিব্বীর আহমেদ, সাবরিনা চৌধুরী ডোনা, আরিফুর রহমান স্বপন, সাবরিনা রহমান, আবদুস সাত্তার, শরাফত হোসাইন বাবু সহ অন্যান্যরা।


এরপর মঞ্চে নৃত্য পরিবেশন করে বাংলাদেশ বুড্ডিষ্ট কমিউনিটি। নৃত্যটির কোরিওগ্রাফি করেন বনাণী বড়ূয়া এবং নৃত্যে অংশগ্রহন করে নিভা বড়ূয়া, লাকি বড়ূয়া, অদিতি বড়–য়া, রিফি বড়ূয়া, উর্মিলা বড়ূয়া, রিতা বড়–য়া, মিমি বড়–য়া, বাধন বড়–য়া, অতষি বড়–য়া, অবন্তি বড়–য়া, সুস্মিতা বড়–য়া, কৌশিক বড়–য়া, অংকিতা বড়–য়া, সুসান্তিকা বড়–য়া, পরাগ বড়–য়া, স্বপ্নিল বড়–য়া, সুস্ময় বড়–য়া, দিবিয়া বড়–য়া, ও আনন্দ বড়–য়া।


বাংলাদেশ বুড্ডিষ্ট কমিউনিটি নৃত্য শেষে মঞ্চে আবারো নৃত্য পরিবেশন করে সুরবিতানের শিল্পীবৃন্দ। নৃত্যটি পরিচালনা করেন বুলবুল আক্তার। এরপর মঞ্চে একে একে সঙ্গীত পরিবেশন করে মেট্র বউল নামে পরিচিত মোহাম্মদ জাফর, আমন্ত্রীত শিল্পী ক্লোজ আপওয়ান তারকা শিল্পী পলাশ রয় এবং বাংলাদেশ টেলিভিশন ও বেতার শিল্পী অনিমা ডি কষ্টা। এরপর মঞ্চে র‌্যাফেল ড্র লটারি অনুষ্ঠিত হয়। ইতিহাদ এয়ারওয়েজ কর্মকর্তাদের পরিচালনায় অনুষ্ঠিত এই র‌্যাফেল ড্র এর মাধ্যমে দুটি ওয়াশিংটন-ঢাকা-ওয়াশিংটন বিমান টিকেট প্রদান করা হয়।


অনুষ্ঠানের ষ্পন্সর হিসাবে সহযোগীতা করেছে ফ্রন্টটেক – গ্র্যান্ড স্পন্সর, ইতিহাদ এয়ারওয়েজ – এক্সিকিউটিভ স্পন্সর, পার্টনার রিয়েল ষ্টেট – রাজিব হক, বাংলাবাজার, এশিয়া হালাল, মোহাম্মদ আলী – ন্যাশনওয়াইড ইন্সুরেন্স, ঢাকা হোম – মোহাম্মদ বেলায়েত হোসেন, কাজী টি ইসলাম – ই এন্ড আর ট্যাক্স সল্যুশান, দিলাল আহমেদ – ফেয়ারওয়ে, আবু হক, ও রাজা – ঘরের খাবার। এছাড়াও অনুষ্ঠানে প্রায় ৬০টির মত ষ্টল বসে। ষ্টলগুলোর মধ্যে উল্লেখযোগ্য শাড়ী, চুড়ি, গয়না, গার্মেন্টস, খেলনা সহ বিভিন্ন ধরনের খাবারের দোকান। অনুষ্ঠানে মঞ্চ নিয়ন্ত্রন, নিরাপত্তা ও ষ্টল ব্যবস্থাপনায় ছিলেন আবু রুমি, আক্তার হোসাইন, নুরুল আমীন নুরু, মজনু মিয়া ও সুমন।


অনুষ্ঠানে শব্দ নিয়ন্ত্রনে ছিলেন শিশির ও প্রান্তিক, মিউজিক : কিবোর্ড – সৌমি, ড্রাম – ক্যানী, অক্টোপ্যাড – প্রান্তিক, লিড গিটার – শফি, বেইজ গিটার – তুর্ঘো, ও তবলায় – আশীষ বড়–য়া। এছাড়াও সহযোগিতায়: অনিক, আকিব, বাপ্পি, সামির, হাজী, খোকন, সেনা ও মোস্তফা। অনুষ্ঠানের উপস্থাপনায় ছিলেন ভয়েস অব আমেরিকার বিশিস্ট সাংবাদিক সাবরিনা চৌধুরী ডোনা ও লেখক সাংবাদিক শিব্বীর আহমেদ।


বাঙালি জীবনের অসাম্প্রদায়িক, সার্বজনীন একটি উৎসব হল পহেলা বৈশাখ, বর্ষবরণের দিন, শুভ নববর্ষ। এদিনটি প্রতিটি বাঙালির জীবনে নিয়ে আসে উৎসব আমেজ আর ফুরফুরে বাতাসের দিন বসšত। আলপনা আঁকা শাড়ি আর পাঞ্জাবি ছাড়া যেন এদিনটিকে আর পালন করাই যায় না। সাথে লাল সবুজ আর সাদার মিশেলে হাতে, গালে ফুলকি আঁকা এখন হাল ফ্যাশন হয়ে দাড়িয়েছে। প্রতি বছরই ক্রমশ বাড়ছে বর্ষবরণের আমেজ। দিনভর আয়োজন আর পরিবেশনা শেষে বাঙালির বর্ষবরনের এই আমেজকে বুকে ধারন করেই সন্ধ্যা ৬টায় সবার প্রতি কৃতজ্ঞতা জানিয়ে অনুষ্ঠানের সমাপ্তি ঘোষনা করেন ফ্রেন্ডস ফ্যামেলির কর্মকর্তা আবু রুমি ও আক্তার হোসাইন। খবরের সাথে ছবিগুলোয় সহযোগীতা করেছেন বিপ্লব দত্ত ও কামরুল ইসলাম কামাল।


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