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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[] '5 Pillars' more important than Basics of Islam?

Where Allah had said in Qoraan, there were 5 Pillars of Islam { ... TauheeD (there is just one God), Nmaaz (SlawT), Rozaa (Fasting), ZkaaT (Charity), Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) ... } that it sits on?
Where did our Prophet say this?
If Islam sits high on Pillars of Rituals and Traditions instead of Character Building Foundation of Basics then isn't a hard to reach religion and just like other Rituals and Tradition Based religions.

Are not Basics of Islam like not lying, not cheating, not becoming false witness, not agreeing with wrong, not tolerating wrong, not stealing, not someone let steal, not robbing, not assisting in Robbery, not extorting money, not helping anyone extort money, not taking Bribes, not offering Bribes, not coveting, not raping, not assisting some Rapist, not killing, not assisting someone to kill, etc?

Have not Moslims moved away from Allah's original Commands by believing in these counterfeit 5 Pillars of Mollaas and by believing they are more important than Foundation or the Basics of Islam that Allah gave them?

Have Moslims graduated from the Basics of Islam so, now they do not have to follow them and just 5 Pillars are enough, while they remain Characterless people like 'Koffaar' that their Prophet had fought against were?
If Rituals and Traditions are supposed to be Islam, why was Islam created?
Had not 'Koffaar', ...
* ... also worshiped 'Allah'?
* ... Jews and Christian did Fasting (Roza)?
* ... Jews and Christian give 'KhairaaT' like we do now?
* ... celebrated both Eids?
* ... performed Hajj?
So, what's the difference between the people, who Allah had called 'Koffaar' in Qoraan and present day Moslims besides that they believe that Prophet Mohammad was Prophet of Allah and they had not?
Can any Scholar of Islam, Imam, Preacher or Mollaa answer this question?


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