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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Re: [] Bangladesh Mass dissatisfaction - A huge protest in the capital against an Islamist party and its leaders [Economist Report]

What is your definition of "lawful democracy " ? 
1.  The Hitlar's Nazi Pary is banned in Germany for it's crime against
humanity and war crimes .....The Nazi Pary and it's ideology is banned 
in most european countries....
The seperation of state and religion (secular state) is a fundamental basis 
of democracy. All people in a secular democratic country have equal rights irrespective of his/her religious orientation ....[No second class citizen
based on on religion or ethnicity]. The secular democratic states
have no conflict with any religion ; Freedom to practice religion
is also basic tenet of democracy ...
Freedom of speech is a basic human right, but it is not absolute:
European democracies have Holocaust denial laws: 
Austria,Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Czech Republic,France,Germany, 
Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland,Portugal,Romania,Spain, Switzerland, European Union , have
Holocaust denial laws that have been enforced with Iimprisonment  
jail terms ...

2. The voices to ban Jamaat-Shbir is due to it's past criminal acts [1971]:
  • Collaboration as party with Yahia ragime 
  • Oranizing armed gestapo Al-Bodor Bahini and murdering innocent people [aiding and abetting Pakistan Army's Geocide & mass-rapes in 1971]
Jamaat's Golam Azam is the Adolf Eichmann of Bangladesh !!!!
Golam Azam's crimes includes :
                 (i)   Crimes against Bangladesh 
                 (ii)  Crimes against humanity
                 (iii) Crime against Islam (for supporting and collaborating with  unIslamic 
and murderous Yahia regime after the night of 25th March 1971 for 9 months of
Genocides and attrocities  against the innocent people of occupied Bangladesh in 
the name of Islam). Above all Golam Azam is the Greatest Traitor, Gaddere Azam of 
all times in the history of Bangladesh .... He is worst than Uzbekistan-born Mir Jafor 
Ali Khan.  Golam is local born.  Golam Azam not only collaborated with a foreign 
occupation, he collaborated with an foreign occupation regime that was engaged in 
Mass-rapes and Genocide in Bangladesh !!

FYI, The military junta of Yahya Khan decided to call an election in an attempt 
to legitimize the occupation regime. So, on October 12, 1971 Yahya Khan 
declared that an election will be held from November 25 to December 9. 
On October 15, the Pakistani government suddenly declared that 15 
candidates were elected without any competition.   Gadder Ghulam Azam 
was one of those  winners "elected" unopposed. In this Yahia sponsored 
election Jamaat won 14 of the uncontested seats. According to the 
declaration of November 2 as many as 53 candidates were elected 
without any competition:
Ref:  'White Paper on The Crisis in East Pakistan', Government of Pakistan, 
August 5, 1971 [pg. 6-8] [ International Herald Tribune; November 4, 1971] . 
Secretly, Golam Azam was Killer General Aga Mohammad Yahia Khan's Prime 
Minister designate. However, the plan fell apart due to the victory and emergence 
of People's Republic of Bangladesh in mid-December 1971 .... The rest is history ,,,,,,

On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 2:08 PM, dina khan <> wrote:
lawful democracy does not allow of banning any body's opinion. every body either religious minded or secular minded has equal right to do lawful  politics   in the system of lawful democracy.
Are you thinking?
Whether Bangladesh will be a lawful country under lawful administration in the system of lawful democracy or Bangladesh remains lawless country  under dishonest administration in the corruption system of one person's ruling party democracy.?

From: SyedAslam <>
Sent: Saturday, 16 February 2013 6:50 PM
Subject: [] Bangladesh Mass dissatisfaction: A huge protest in the capital against an Islamist party and its leaders [Economist Report]



Mass dissatisfaction

A huge protest in the capital against an Islamist party and its leaders

Feb 16th 2013 | DHAKA |From the print edition
Broad change, or a tight noose?
THEY are the biggest rallies in Bangladesh for at least two decades. Hundreds of thousands of protesters gather peacefully each day in Dhaka, the capital, demanding vengeance against a bearded political figure, Abdul Quader Mollah. Their numbers swell daily: ordinary people furious that, despite his conviction for dreadful crimes during Bangladesh's war of independence in 1971, Mr Mollah faces only a life sentence.
The rallies began on February 5th after online activists called for protests at Shahbag, a busy intersection in central Dhaka. They want Mr Mollah and others on trial to face the death penalty. He was convicted by the International Crimes Tribunal, a local court set up by the government of Sheikh Hasina to prosecute men, largely from an Islamic opposition party, accused of murder, torture, rape and other wartime atrocities. When, somewhat unexpectedly, Mr Mollah was spared a death sentence, he was seen flicking supporters a V-for-victory sign. That smug gesture may have helped to provoke the outrage.
Shahbag has given its name to the protests, though some now dub it "new generation roundabout", hinting at broad aspirations for political change. Families attend, with toddlers sporting bandannas bearing slogans that call for the death penalty. Television coverage helps to draw the crowds. By February 15th, and Friday prayers, 500,000 people may gather. The sight of young, otherwise progressive Bangladeshis seeking capital punishment, through music, street theatre, chants and recitals, is both moving and unsettling. Almost no one pays heed to known flaws in the trial.
Both the ruling Awami League and, belatedly, the chief opposition, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), have fallen in with the protests. Senior politicians from the ruling party have attempted to co-opt the demonstrations, but their efforts to speak to the crowd were firmly rebuffed. Still, the League could get a boost. Sheikh Hasina honoured her promise to hold war-crimes trials. In parliament this week she also spoke up for the death penalty, saying that even impartial judges must listen to public opinion. Next, the parliament is expected, on February 17th, to amend the act behind the war-crimes court so that the government can appeal against verdicts. Mr Mollah's reprieve may be short-lived.
Matters are trickier for the BNP, which dallied for eight days before joining the protesters. It had more to lose, in particular a useful electoral alliance with the biggest Islamist party, the Jamaat-e-Islami, whose leaders comprise most of those on trial. In the end, so many BNP supporters went off to join the Shahbag protests that the party had no choice.
Protesters say that their movement is a narrow one against political Islam: in favour of secular government, they want Jamaat banned. A rampage by Jamaat's violent youth wing has done nothing to damp down such calls. The government, which has already brought back an explicitly secular constitution from 1972, may soon feel ready to move.
Yet, as with any big protests, further political demands may emerge. The protests could become a plea for broad change. Few like a political system dominated by a long, bitter fight between a pair of self-serving dynasties, those of Sheikh Hasina and the BNP's Khaleda Zia, and their stave-wielding followers. If that duopoly were broken up, many at Shahbag would celebrate.

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hyMvš—i wi‡cvU© : 
hy×vcivax‡`i m‡e©v"P kvw¯—i `vwe‡Z ivRavbxi kvnev‡M Pjgvb QvÎ-RbZvi MYRvMiY‡K ÔhweMZ `yB `k‡Ki g‡a¨ evsjv‡`‡k me‡P‡q eo mgv‡ek e‡j gš—e¨ K‡i‡Q jÛbwfwËK mvgwqKx `¨ BK‡bvwg÷| ......       Details at:


15 Feb 2013   07:48:32 PM   Friday BdST  

ফাঁসির দাবিতে ফুঁসছে শাহবাগ

ইশতিয়াক হুসাইন, সেরাজুল ইসলাম সিরাজ, ইসমাইল হোসেন, সাজেদা সুইটি
গণজাগরণ চত্বর থেকে: ফুঁসছে শাহবাগ, চরম ক্রোধে সোচ্চার, একটাই দাবি সবার- 'ফাঁসি'। যুদ্ধাপরাধীদের ফাঁসির দাবিতে শাহবাগের বিশাল জনস্রোত ফুঁসছে।
....................................... সব আন্দোলন ও প্রতিবাদের একটাই লক্ষ্য- যুদ্ধাপরাধীদের ফাঁসি।
বাংলাদেশ সময়: ১৯৩৬ ঘন্টা, ফেব্রুয়ারি ১৫, ২০১৩
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জামায়াত-শিবির রাজিবকে হত্যা করেছে: ইমরান এইচ সরকার

রহমান মাসুদ ও মফিজুল সাদিক

নবজাগরণ মঞ্চ ৯ দিন

নীরবতার শক্তি দেখাল বাংলাদেশ

নিজস্ব প্রতিবেদক | তারিখ: ১৩-০২-২০১৩
মিছিল-স্লোগানে প্রকম্পিত শাহবাগের প্রজন্ম চত্বরে গতকাল বিকেল চারটা বাজতেই নেমে এল নিস্তব্ধতা। 
মিছিল-স্লোগানে প্রকম্পিত শাহবাগের প্রজন্ম চত্বরে গতকাল বিকেল চারটা বাজতেই নেমে এল নিস্তব্ধতা। উপস্থিত লাখো মানুষ। কারও মুখে কোনো কথা নেই, শুধু হাতগুলো ওপরে তোলা। মানবতাবিরোধী অপরাধে অভিযুক্ত ব্যক্তিদের ফাঁসির দাবিতে টেকনাফ থেকে তেঁতুলিয়া পর্যন্ত শাহবাগের তরুণদের ডাকে প্রতিবাদী মানুষ তিন মিনিট নীরবতা পালন করেন
ছবি: জিয়া ইসলাম
তিন মিনিটের স্তদ্ধতায় জেগে উঠলো দেশ

এ এক প্রতিবাদী নিরবতা। নিরবতা যে কত বড় শক্তি তা দেখলো বাংলাদেশ দেখলো বিশ্ব। আজ বিকেল ৪টা থেকে তিন মিনিটের জন্য স্তদ্ধ হয়ে গেল শাহবাগ ও এর আশপাশের এলাকা। গোটা দেশেই নেমে এসেছিলো এই নিস্তব্ধতা। 
শাহবাগের মঞ্চে নিরবতায় ছিলের পররাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী ডা. দীপু মনি, শিক্ষামন্ত্রী নুরুল ইসলাম নাহিদ, তথ্য মন্ত্রী হাসানুল হক ইনু, সিপিবি সভাপতি মুজাহিদুল ইসলাম সেলিম, ডাকসুর সাবেক ভিপি মাহফুজা খানম, সংস্কৃতি ব্যক্তিত্ব রামেন্দু মজুমদার প্রমুখ। ..... Read details at:

গনজোয়ারে ভাসছে দেশ
আজ তিন মিনিট দাঁড়িয়ে থাকবে বাংলাদেশ


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