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Saturday, February 16, 2013

[] We do not support to ban Jamat-Razakar-Shibir – logically and rationally . We fhave to ace them politically, legally - socially, personally, in media- web blogs!

Dear all,

Salam and adab.

We do not support to ban Jamat-Razakar-Shibir– logically and rationally.

It will be a suicidal step.

So, please think seriously again before saying this!

Better we face them politically and legally and in all places – socially, personally and also in media and web blogs!

Then automatically Jamat-Shibir-Razakar will be ruined and less effective!

Though they are expert in devastation, killings - but their public support (hardly 5 % vote they get), capacity and moral are low! They (Jamat-BNP-Razakar) cannot be winner!

Their supreme leader Go Azam never won in any public election in his whole life!

But BNP want Jamat to be banned by AL government – for their extreme political gain!

Because if Jamat-Razakar-Shibir is banned from politics – then most of the Jamat-Razakar-Shibir workers-supporters (except few top and marked leaders) will join BNP.

And they cannot be separately identified in BNP as Jamat-Shibir. They will be more active in BNP politics will make more destructive activities.

Same thing happened after our liberation, during 1972-1975

When Jamat-ICS were banned in Bangladesh after liberation - then most of the Jamat-Razakar-Shibir workers-supporters (except few top and marked leaders) joined and worked for JSD – though JSD's political philosophy - ideology was completely against Jamat's politics & philosophy - ideology.

But for

· their (Jamat-Razakar-Shibir) survival-existence and

· to make problem and unpopular AL government and

· to return Bangladesh towards Pakistan –

Most of the Jamat-Razakar-Shibir workers-supporters joined and actively worked for JSD and they were successful.

Then JSD flourished and was strong like anything - until Jamat-Shibir were with them.

When Jamat-Razakar-Shibir gained their minimum strength and base and withdraw their support & left JSD (starting from 1979 to 1983) – then JSD become less effective and to some extent existence less in politics of Bangladesh!

So, please do not ban Jamat-Shibir Razakar.

Sadhu Sabdhan,
জয় বাংলা , জয় বঙ্গবন্ধু

"Sustha thakon, nirapade thakon ebong valo thakon"


Engr. Shafiqur  Rahman Anu
New Zealand

N.B.: If any one is offended by content of this e-mail, please ignore & delete this e-mail. I also request you to inform me by an e- mail - to delete your name from my contact list.


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