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Friday, October 24, 2014

[] Re: মৃত্যুর সম য়ও গোলাম আ যমের ‘রাজন ীতি’ !!!!!!

It seems Golam Azam is deceased..I hope some Member of his family is  mourning this day..and some hint may his politics or religion that point it may not matter even if he converted to Jewish faith or  advocated..Zionist long as he has right heir...any how thier is this issue many in their death bed may say things and some like Hassina assuarce no death incase you convert prior to death to Jewish Faith, well those are kind of what are called Deceptive trade practice to give some one false hope before death..well Jews also do not belive in after death..

Well News is Golam Azam death body may be sent to Pakistan...well May Dr Kamal A company him..well Ayub Khgan has been many places..his immigration never was questioned may he be in pecae may be in Kolilash or May be  near River Hoogly..

Debasish Barua



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