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Monday, February 18, 2013

[] Re: Killing Islam in the name of Shahbagh Movement

  1. Student's and teacher's politics  are destroying education atmosphere in school colleges and universities are creating  in Bangladesh quality less knowledge less educated  people who are  corrupt politicians  corrupt government employees  has made  Bangladesh   a lawless country.
  2.  Innocent people are now jobless food less and being homeless sleeping in night at footpath railway platform in Bangladesh.
  3. A lot people are moving around the world for food and shelter and some are being dead in fire at Middle East and other places.
  4. Hungry people for food and shelter when crossing the border of Bangladesh are hanging--- on Indian Border NET. being killed by Indian BSF''s bullets
  5. Some are dying in deep sea when going by boat to other country for food and shelter
  6. But the children of corrupt people   either politicians or Government employees are very happy on getting lot illegal money from their corrupt parents  and  they are doing  looting  works for  earning  more public money  and doing chandabaji tender baji  as more powerful  children of   powerful corrupt  politicians and government employees in Bangladesh.
  7. Their activities are the causes of  increasing every thing high prices such electricity bill  water bill  house rent  and  rice per kg from 50 paisa to 5o taka and hiking  high prices  are creating disasters for jobless, innocent  people  throughout Bangladesh.   

From: "" <>
Sent: Tuesday, 19 February 2013 3:54 PM
Subject: Fw: Killing Islam in the name of Shahbagh Movement

Bangladesh Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee's (GHADANIK) hidden Mission. Please read carefully...
GHADANIK executes AGENDA to kill Islam Gradually in the following ways:
1. Non Muslims write and communicate with fake Muslim identities in various email groups and blogs;
2. Inciting young Muslims to hate Islam through publishing articles in the outside agency controlled and operated blog,; Thaba Baba:;
3. Help and promote young Muslims to write against Islam:;
4. Taking away Islam from the constitution of Bangladesh;
5. Eliminating Islamic education from school curriculum;
6. Attacking women who wear Hijabs;
7. Banning women to wear Hijabs in various institutions;
8. Branding Islam as a bad religion in the name of war criminals and Jamat/Shibir;
9. Attacking Muslim worshipers inside mosques during their prayers and prohibiting them from praying;
10. Killing innocent Muslims secretly and openly to eliminate Islam by eliminating Muslim population, Todays' "CNN Report: Bangladesh burning: Police shot dead 7 protesters:"
11. Bringing fear to the Muslim people so that they will not identify themselves as Muslim in Bangladesh; listen to Bongo Bir Kader Siddiqui's heartbroken remarks
12. Attacking bearded Muslim in presence of police in Bangladesh like the way Muslims were treated before the 1947;
13. Bringing fear to the pious Muslims from wearing Islamic dress and go out of home with beards;
14. Showing Saudi Arabian Islamic dress as criminal outfits at the Shahbag movement;
15. Destroy Islamic banks and financial institutions to let operate other Banks and instructions smoothly that have proven records of massive corruptions, money laundering and criminal activities nationally and internationally.
16. Spreading Indian porn to the school children through various electronic devices in Bangladesh;
17. Spreading un-Islamic cultures in Bangladesh through various Indian cable televisions;
18. Make Bangladesh as a second Kashmir to rule 90% Muslim populated country by minorities; 
19. Not taking legal actions to the Awami and Chatra League workers who raped thousands of girls and killed hundreds of thousand people since 1971 and let criminals go free as innocent persons;
20. Spreading various types of narcotic and drug products in Bangladesh to break moralities that are supplied by Indian agencies;
21. Contributing money and drugs to the young Muslims to take the wrong paths and commit crimes;
and more... 
Thanks for your reading and understanding.


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