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Monday, February 18, 2013

[] "Killing Islam in the name of Shahbagh Movement : BNP/ Jamaat is in a state of nervous breakdown !!!

  "Killing Islam in the name of Shahbagh Movement" 
   This slogan is in essence: "জাতের নামে বজ্জাতি সব,
    জাত জালিয়াত খেলছে জুয়া"    .....

"Killing Islam in the name of Shahbagh Movement", this is a propaganda jargon
that definitely proves, BNP/Jamaat is in a state of nervous breakdown and have
gone besark and trying to use their ultimate weapon "Islam is in danger", that
doesn't work .... it din't work the past ...   Muslim league tried it in early 
nineteen fifties,  Jamaate Islami and it's boss Yahia Khan tried in 1971 ... 
but that was a futile attempt then ,,,,, it will be futile now, it will be futile in 
future too. Jamaate Islami, the party of the war criminals can not fool the 
mass people of Bangladesh with "Kill Islam in the name of Shahbagh 
Movement" slogan ....rather it will  be dumped into the dustbin, like it's 
predecessor Muslim League has been !!!
"evOvwj RvwZ, a‡g©i bv‡g GB cyi‡bv †bvsiv †Ljv cÖZ¨vLvb Ki‡e .....
Õ71-G cvwK¯—vwb nvbv`vi evwnbx KZ…©K evOvwj RvwZi Dci BwZnv‡mi ee©‡ivwPZ gvbeZvwe‡ivax Aciva msNwUZ nq a‡g©i bv‡g| RvgvqvZ mvsMVwbKfv‡e nZ¨v, al©Y, jyccvU AwMœms‡hvM K‡i a‡g©i bv‡g| †Mvjvg Avhg, wbRvgx, mvC`x Avi gyRvwn`iv a‡g©i bv‡g MYnZ¨v Pvjvq, cvwK¯—vwb‡`i g`` †`q|

wKš' ag©cÖvY gvbyl a‡g©i bv‡g Gme AcKg©‡K cÖkÖq †`qwb eis cÖwZnZ K‡i‡Q| G Kvi‡YB 1971-Gi wW‡m¤^‡i gnvb gyw³hy‡× weR‡qi ci evsjv‡`‡ki Afz¨`q N‡U GK ag©wbi‡cÿ, Amv¤úÖ`vwqK ivóª wn‡m‡e|  ...."

"জামায়াতে ইসলাম— মেড ইন পাকিস্তান'",
"জামায়াতে ইসলাম —গো ব্যাক টু পাকিস্তান'"।

Dear All

What a sarcastic Joke: 
"Kill Islam or Support Shahbagh Movement "
[a clear display of religion-trading ....]

Any impartial observer of contemporary history can see
what has happened to  "Islamic Republic of Pakistan"
in it's 66 years of history ! 
Pakistan was created as a homeland for the Muslims and 
establish Islam ..... 

These religion-traders disguised with Islamic masks tried to play their
"Isllam in danger" card from the very inception of Pakistan !!!!
They tried to portray Language Movement as an Indian Agenda in early
nineteen fifties [Called the language movement activists are Bhoroter Dalals]
They tried the same with our democratic movements during 1950s and 
1960s as the work of the Bharoter dalals.....

Everyone knows, in 1971 our effort for Liberation of Bangladesh 
was termed as Agenda of India by Muslim Leaguers and Jamaatis'
 .... In 1971 Jamaate  Islami, essentially called the same thing 
"Support Babgladesh & Kill Islam" . 

Jamaat mobilized it's Islami Chattro  Sangho vis-a-vis armed Al-Bodor 
cadres by calling them to save Islam and in reality collaborated with 
Yahia Khan and the occupation regime  !!!!
.... . Jamaat with it's Al-bodor caders, aided and abetted the Genocide 
and Mass-rapes committed by  Pakistan Army. 

Above all Golam Azam is the greatest Traitor, Gaddere Azam of all times in the history of Bangladesh .... Golam Azam is worst than  Mir Jafor Ali Khan who was born in Uzbekistan. Golam is local born.  Golam Azam not only collaborated with a foreign occupation, he collaborated with an foreign occupation regime that was engaged in Mass-rapes and Genocide in Bangladesh !! 

[ It may be mentioned here that Yahia Khan declared an byelection from 
November 25 to December 9 , 1971. Gaddre Azam, the then Jamaat chief
 Ghulam Azam was declared elected "unopposed" as a MNA ..... Jamaat
Justified this & it's collaboration with Pakistan Army  in the name of saving 
Islam too"  !!! ]

All these Jamaati tactics didn't work in our past history. 
The "Islam in danger"  wouldn't work in Bangladesh
It  will never work ....  "Kill Islam or Support Shahbagh" slogan is bound to fail ...  
These only shows that the Religion-trader Jamaaate Islami  and it's supporters are 
in a  nervous breakdown stage ...  Soon, Jammat will die with a whimper not with a bang .... and
that will happen in our life time !!!!

FYI, Our religion Islam and  the religion-trader Jamaate Islami are two different 
things. Jamaate  Islami wears Islamic lebash to deceive the common believers ..
Jamaate Islami is জামাত-ই-মুনাফেক !!!
  • hy×vcivaxiv civwRZ n‡eB

  • MYRvMi‡Yi wei"‡× ag© wb‡q Avevi †mB cyi‡bv †Ljv

  • wa°vi I MY‡ivl †_‡K evuP‡Z Rvgvqv‡Zi †KŠkj e`j||bvbvb e¨vbv‡i cxi gvkv‡qL‡`i bvg e¨envi K‡i gv‡V bvg‡Q:

Syed Aslam

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 10:39 PM, Mohiuddin Anwar <> wrote:

---------- Forwarded Message ----------
From: A Ahmed <>

Subject: [Dahuk]: Killing Islam in the name of Shahbagh Movement
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 12:50:30 -0800 (PST)
Bangladesh Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee's (GHADANIK) hidden Mission. Please read carefully...
GHADANIK executes AGENDA to kill Islam Gradually in the following ways:
1. Non Muslims write and communicate with fake Muslim identities in various email groups and blogs;
2. Inciting young Muslims to hate Islam through publishing articles in the outside agency controlled and operated blog; Thaba Baba:;
4. Taking away Islam from the constitution of Bangladesh;
5. Eliminating Islamic education from school curriculum;
6. Attacking women who wear Hijabs;
7. Banning women to wear Hijabs in various institutions;
8. Branding Islam as a bad religion in the name of war criminals and Jamat/Shibir;
9. Attacking Muslim worshipers inside mosques during their prayers and prohibiting them from praying;
10. Killing innocent Muslims secretly and openly to eliminate Islam by eliminating Muslim population, Todays' "CNN Report: Bangladesh burning: Police shot dead 7 protesters:"
11. Bringing fear to the Muslim people so that they will not identify themselves as Muslim in Bangladesh;
12. Attacking bearded Muslim in presence of police in Bangladesh like the way Muslims were treated before the 1947;
13. Bringing fear to the pious Muslims from wearing Islamic dress and go out of home with beards;
14. Showing Saudi Arabian Islamic dress as criminal outfits at the Shahbag movement;
15. Destroy Islamic banks and financial institutions to let operate other Banks and instructions smoothly that have proven records of massive corruptions, money laundering and criminal activities nationally and internationally.
16. Spreading Indian porn to the school children through various electronic devices in Bangladesh;
17. Spreading un-Islamic cultures in Bangladesh through various Indian cable televisions;
18. Make Bangladesh as a second Kashmir to rule 90% Muslim populated country by minorities; 
19. Not taking legal actions to the Awami and Chatra League workers who raped thousands of girls and killed hundreds of thousand people since 1971 and let criminals go free as innocent persons;
20. Spreading various types of narcotic and drug products in Bangladesh to break moralities that are supplied by Indian agencies;
21. Contributing money and drugs to the young Muslims to take the wrong paths and commit crimes;
and more... 
Thanks for your reading and understanding.




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