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Saturday, May 3, 2014

[] Injustice with Sindh in Punjabi Pakistan

High and mighty

HOW is it that Sindh province, population 23% of Pakistan, produces 32% of Pakistan's GDP, 70% of its Natural Gas and 56% of its Oil, but it gets back less than it gives to Pakistan and only 50% of its schools have running Water?

Clearly, something is very wrong with this picture. This anomaly was due to the province's neglect or by the federal government Establishment. Though PPP, was a Sindh-based party it was powerless in against unelected Pak Establishment because it was not allowing even Non Punjabi Federal Ministers to get their Department Secretary replaced, forget about ordering their dismissal.

Sindh government is being deprived of funds and Pak Budget is evident of that. The fact is Punjabi Pakistan Military pulls the strings from behind the Curtain of its Staged Democracy and runs Pakistan through unelected Punjabi Civil Establishment in Islamabad. It never wants to stop stuffing Punjab on price of other Provinces and its looting of Pakistanis.

Pakistan Military has stolen half to 3/4th of Pakistan's yearly Budget for decades and now since it has declared some of its Branches as Civilian though they are still under its command like Rangers, Frontier Rifles, Weapons & Arms Manufacturing Factories, etc and it has been earning tons of money through its Commercial Business Monopolies, we do not see Military Budget as high as it used to be. Whatever Military Owned Business earn they pay no Tax and they do not turn over their Income to State Bank of Pakistan, while all Civilian Government Owned Businesses have to turn in their Profits to Government. In some cases, Military Pesonnel in it's Commercial Enterprises are getting paid out of Civilian Budget but their Income keeps going to Military. 


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