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Thursday, April 24, 2014

[] RE: Must Read --- heart broken with the the true story of how coward was our Jaatir PITA-- bongo bondhu.

Mr. or Ms. I do not know who you are but you smell like Shah Deeldar. May be you and the Deeldar are two faces of the same coin. 
You misconstrue the argument. Argument was not about strategy. Argument is about facts. Mujib said "I will be termed as traitor, I can not announce declaration of independence". We all are talking about dishonesty on the part of Awami psychophants, who contend that Sheikh in fact did announce independence just before his arrest (they not only say untrue, but they made it through Court a stupid judgement, because they can not trust on their own fabricated version). The fabrication of stories on declaration is in fact a punishable offense. If the strategy was to save people.  Lets stick to it, period.
In Dhaka, that day (26th of March) at least 6000 people were brutally killed by the Butcher Tikka which included many babies. Once again, I emphasize on the word babies. 
You are right that "I tends to believe without the revolt by army, police and EPR on set of liberation war
it didn't any chance of success". To galvanize freedom fighting, a declaration was needed and that declaration came from an unknown but brave Major. That has to be recognized, wheather he claims that or not. That's all. There were many political majors present at that time including Tajuddin Ahmed but they all became minor in front of that unknown Major.

Shahadat Suhrawardy

Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 18:02:42 -0700
Subject: Re: Must Read --- heart broken with the the true story of how coward was our Jaatir PITA-- bongo bondhu.

 If leaving people defenseless and surrendering was part of the strategy for liberation war,
then those who are trying to defend or not finding faulting with the ground realities of
unfettered access for massacre should answer the question if "glory of leaders are more
important than lives the population, that includes toddler, and babies". Even Tajuddinn
strategy is in question, did he had any plan to defend the population, just signing declaration
would not had provided even any semblance of defense for population they were professing
to fight for. He was a honest man so are many of us and that should not absolves him of
responsibilities for putting unarmed civilian at fore font of the liberation. He is no less
incompetent for the role than Mujib was; I will call spade a spade when that is in the

Now, I tends to believe without the revolt by army, police and EPR on set of liberation war
it didn't any chance of success but life of tens of thousand babies were guaranteed to perish
under most cruel circumstances. Trying to glamorize or avoid criticizing the politician is very
irresponsible on part of any true educated when this appropriate.

India got involved only when the revolt galvanize the liberation war and the gave the fight
the critical mass Indra need to side openly with mukti B, Bdeshi should be grateful to mukti
mukti bahini and indian soldier who lost their lives in that war. Judging population and
army by one standard and judging leaders of favorite political party with another standard
is not acceptable.

  The book by Ms Taj is a very welcome development and commend courage. 
On Thursday, April 24, 2014 10:43 AM, Shahadat Hussaini <> wrote:
What Sharmin said that is the truth, and only truth on Sheikh Mujib on the declaration part. We had been telling all along same thing. But the Cowards do not adhere to the facts.
The people who are fabricating and fabricated on telegram, telex, Boldha Garden, EPR, are all belong to devil's family. Sheikh knew, when he came back from Pakistan, with a Pakistani passport, that his sychophants has fabricated some ediotic stuffs that does not make any sense and relevancy with he was thinking of at that time. Therefore, Sheikh is a co'hort of the same idiotic propaganda his psycophants had been doing. He will be responsible for this in the History of Bangladesh for all time to come. That is the reason, he will not get as honor as he should get in annals of Bangladesh history (true). 1972-1975 actions will also get into considerations. 
Shahadat Suhrawardy 

Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 11:51:17 -0400
Subject: Re: Must Read --- heart broken with the the true story of how coward was our Jaatir PITA-- bongo bondhu.

No doubt Sharmeen Ahmed is an eloquent speaker with many great democratic thoughts. However, Bangladesh has never been an American Jeffersonian country if we do a quick reality check in regards to our educational quality or our no-love for democracy ( I mean it). The killings and cheating have been with us since the get go. Democracy is not some magic pill that can be force fed to our people and we reach for some nirvana status of a true Jeffersonian democracy. The points raised by Ms. Ahmed are very valid but who are our true democrats? People, who did not hesitate to kill their opponents when it suited them? At this point, our choice is no better than choosing between two devils, who are equally corrupt, dictatorial and murderous.

It is totally pointless to criticize Mujib for not signing the declaration of independence paper because it would not have changed any ground reality of that time. If anybody thinks he or she was braver than Mujib in their little hiding holes in 1971, I say, we had enough of such scoundrels and we need no more. A mere declaration would not have made Pakistanis and Razakars to lay down their weapons and head for their homeland. The war was fought and own by Muktis and Indian army.  And, that is our reality.

I do have profound respect for Taj. Tragically, he was born in a wrong country and that is why his murderers are still at large. Forces like Sharmeen need to be heard. We need more such good people.


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