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Monday, September 9, 2013

[] September 6, 2013: Pakistan Army at the Gates of Delhi in Sept 1965?

Another aspect of India Pakistan relationship which is not mentioned.

India, sadly, has always tried to act as a bully.  We see the attitude of the Government
of India towards Kashmiris and others fighting for their rights.

Pakistan rightly supported Kashmir's struggle to such an extent that India had to
deploy soldiers to occupy Kashmir at enormous cost to India's economy.

Pakistan should have pursued its policy of supporting the Kashmir struggle.  Sadly,
Pakistan Government and the Army did not go all out to support Kashmir.  If they had,
today the map of India would be different.

Why Pakistan Government and the Army do not want a settlement of Kashmir?
The answer is simple.  Keep the issue alive so that the importance of Pakistan
Army to defend the borders can be highlighted and the Army would continue to
receive laurels for defending the country.

I remember when France was a colonial power, the struggle to liberate
gained ground.  Slowly one country after another succeeded in throwing out
the yoke of French rule.  In the process, we find one country was liberated and
help was given to others by the liberated country and hence the French rule
over North Africa ended.  I refer to Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. 

Even NOW Pakistan has a trump card i.e. it can help Kashmiris to liberate
from the yoke of Indian rule.  At one time, Pakistan Army was instrumental
in helping and training Kashmiris to liberate their country.  This stopped.  Who
stopped it and why.

Sadly the Government and Army is keeping quiet about Kashmir issue.

Shaikh Mohommad


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It has been  after a long time that 6th Sept has been celebrated in Pakistan.  It was dead through the Musharraf years - I wonder why??  6th Sep rebounded the gone by memories with very pleasant and highly emotional reminisences.      Having been through the war myself and in Dwarka operation  I recollect the morale of the officers and men - the like of which I never saw.     6th Sept of this year was again one of these days where I felt as a part of a great nation - very proud of myself as a Pakistani.    
Recalling 1965,    I was then  a S/Lt having been commissioned only an year earlier after a rigiour of over 3 1/2 years. The ship that I had been appointed was PNS Badr, commanded by the Senior most CO, Capt Sharrif - later Admiral Sharrif CNS of the Navy.  During June- August of that year we remained mostly at sea in support of the Runn of Kutch operation in which Pak army in the skirmishes that followed with the Indians gave an excellent account of herself. 
The Indians were forced to withdraw and begged for an arbitration to decide the ownership of the area which had been then disputed by Pakistan.
The time during the Kutch operations gave a good opportunity to the PN to prepare herself.     The training was intensive and the operations that we conducted during those days extremely bold and innovative. The close quarter maneuvering at high speeds was one of the areas that the navy became very proficient.  Come end August the Navy was at its peak of proficiency and efficiency. It looked like a battle hardened Navy.
It was at about 9 in the hours of themorning - then we were at Sea in our patrol area - I was on the bridge closed up for my watch, that we received a signal that "We are at War with India". When this was announced on the broadcast of the ship suddenly there was a loud Alla Ho Akbar that we heard from Quarters below.  I saw the sailors  thrilled and stimulated. Every now and then I heard the shout of "AllahO Akbar".  I in person felt elated and inspired  on reading the signal and was extremely eager to go in for an action. Shortly thereafter was the address by the then President of Pakistan General Ayub Khan.      His address was electric.      If any thing that had remained to boost up the morale of  the nation the address did it.
We had wanted to encounter the Indian Navy but it was an aimless search. Where the Indians were hiding? NHQ was contacted and instead pat came the reply to prepare for operation Dwarka.  I was later to discover that the Indians had been avoiding the encounter on one pretext or the other and Dwarka was to shame them so that they are forced to oblige us.      But hats off to the sagacity of the Indians -  who believed that there is always another day.    And thus our desire to see them face to face remained unfulfilled.
When the plan to attack Dwarak was announced on the broadcast what a thunderous Allah ho Akbar that was heard! Allah ho  Akbar after Allah ho Akbar - how long that continued I do not recollect- and then we got into formation and headed towards Dwarka.  I forgot to mention that after Kutch  operation our command had changed, both that of the ship and the fleet.
It was night of 8th Sept, that I recollect, that we had started approaching Dwarka. Sky was cloudy and the breeze was slightly nippy. I came down to my allocated station which was the Gun Direction room with a radar display in front .   This is the place where the Guns are directed for firing when due some reasons the Gunnery officer has to fire in 'through radar instead of visual. As we closed to about 15 miles rom Dwarka I saw two big contacts in the centre with another 12 of the smaller contacts around - what we call is in a circular screen, screening the two Hi value units of the of the Indian Navy i.e INS Dehli and INS Mysore.     In my mind it appeared that the Indians had found out our plans and have come full strength.   I recited the Kalma and started  mentally getting ready for the encounter that I had awaited so long.   But the dream went unfulfilled. As we came closer the contacts started to get merged and then I discovered that these were the echoes from the hills of Dwarka.   All was quiet as we approached steadily. Not a sound not a whimper - and as we drew - if I recollect correctly- to about 6 miles that the Guns opened up. Each Gun was to fire 50 rounds, and there were seven ships with a number of Guns on board.    Mean while the clouds came over and Allah Ho Akbar was rift with the sound of the gun blasting through. Round after round and then the formation turned smoothly to their given position after the  firing.
Till the end of war we craved for the Indians to come out, but they were least considerate to our desire.   The remaining war was without any action but not without thrill for through out we were agile, alert and ready on the look out for the enemy. It would be in order to give  due credit to the songs of Madame Noor Jahan  for the spirits that  got imbibed in to every soldier and the sailor. The role of our Min of foreign affairs also deserve to be praised then for their highly successful diplomatic gains.  In the UN there were only three nations that opposed us - Malaysia, Israel and vaguely perhaps it was Singapore.  All the rest of the World fully supported us. To an extent that Indonesia had sent their Missile boats to east Pakistan and the submarines to West Pakistan with Turkey and Iran helping us equally in various areas.
Now as I recollect 1965,  the way the nation was one and within six years how our political leadership because of their greed divided the nation and  has continued to do so is something extremely regrettable. What we won in 1965 we lost politically and thence militarily in 1971.
The 1965 causes a simmer in me when ever the years gone by reflect through the images of the past, the unforgettable songs and folklore by Madam and the love of the nation that I hold as the most valuable of the treasures. Let this not be destroyed by the likes of Hamid mir.
Lots of Love to all Pakistanis
Pakistan Zinda Bad   Painda Bad


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