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Sunday, August 4, 2013



Abid Bahar

When reading the article, "BUDDHIST EXTREMISM?" by, I felt like Hitler was quoting from his Meinkamp while speaking to his audience about Jewish "wickedness" and his followers were responding to him that he is right and realistic.

In addition to the arguments in the article, more alarming are the comments about the article inspiring Buddhist extremism to commit genocide of Muslims in Burma.

So I am asking, if there is Hitler in the room, please stand up!

Well I can see the speaker is Hitler himself and there are many of his followers in the audience, some are even from Burma carrying the 969 Swastika symbol..

True, in the world of ours there are still wicked forces that in the name of Buddhist, Christian or Islamic civilization reduces everything to religion, culture or race and recommends the solution in genocide of most ordinary people.

Several Corrections to right the wrong historical errors presented by the author:
(1) Compared to the expanding Europe in the new world, where only Christianity was allowed to survive, until the middle of the 20th century, (natives had no choice), Christianity, Judaism even atheism survived in all over Middle East. Jews and Christians were important ministers in Bagdad, Egypt and Cordova. When the British occupied Delhi, to their surprise they found that Hindus were majority. Spain's Cordova under Muslim rule produced Jewish philosopher Mymonades and others and still has been celebrated as the cradle of Jewish renaissance. 

(2) Muslim civilizations had no Holocaust or tragedies like Spanish inquisition or witch hunting. In fact Harzel, the founder of Zionism, who had a warrant of arrest against him in Europe found asylum in Ottoman Istanbul only.

(3) Now about Burma, those Rakhine that left Burma to escape the Burmese occupation of Arakan took shelter in the British Bengal now enjoys full citizenship of Bangladesh. But Rohingya, the indigenous people of Arakan (in the name of Buddhist civilization) faces genocide.

(4) Islam in Malaysia and Indonesia were not spread by sword, it was by Sufi mystics. It followed the same pattern that Christianity is spreading today in Burma and elsewhere.

(5) More importantly, after the Western influence in India and South East Asia, we see Islam stopped spreading and in fact Christianity is in the rise. By now Islamic civilization lost India, Palestine, Spain, Portugal, East European countries and East Turkman in China.

(6)About Thailand, even the Southern part of Thailand was a Malayan Muslim Sultanate occupied byThailand with Portuguge help.
The truth of the matter is that extremists like the present author, there are extremists everywhere fueling the flames of fire with prejudices until they find themselves burned by the fire they themselves had ignited against humanity with falsehood.


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