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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Re: [] Lal Mohan Mohasto bir and his father Mahavir issue

yakta chotro bojha gyalo? e ki ingriji re baba? Bangla e likhle khoti ki chilo. ekta desher lojjya jodi erokom ingriji lekha hoi.

On 11 July 2013 00:58, Debasish Barua <> wrote:

It seems some thing that have got LAL MOHAN MOHASTOBIR & His father in trouble is that one of them was considered father of EINESTINE...they both denied I understand it was actually RADHA KANTO and MARRIAM..that is the mother and father of Mohammad..and some how this issue link to TAGORE FAMILY..besides being Tagores friend Einestine..and some of Radha Kanto work backed by many such as Saladin Kaders ancestors..

If you talk to US Christians and want to know the difference between..Catholics and Other Christianity...some will tell you, it is over..MARRIAM or gets interesting side states we do not worship..Women as hint is MARY & CATHOLIC CHURCH other accuse other side of being GAY influenced..

Now their is this issue though Girish Chandra bought the land he did not have use of gold soon after..I think every thing him or his allies did have always been litigated and sued...thus they had to borrow money to built a dwelling...i think Girish Chandra had patent attorney..and thru them he knew who had interest in his patent as their where counter claim of patent rights..i think it is that source pointed as their used to be KABULI WALA in Chittagong thru them to approach KING of AFGHANISTAN ZAHIR hint was it will be a lower interest loan because it was considered they had to move from India because of RIOTS and etc..

Zahir Shah replied he did not have enough money to lend him so that he can built a house..Girish Chandra replied it will only be a two room house and brick just enough for is then Zahir Shah replied he would be able to do so..but the broker that did the land sale deal..will have to do the necessary paper I understand that loan was backed by US treasury..they agreed for the land deal broker to..the paper work and the loan was approved  well that broker is Kripa Sen Mohastobir a/k/ Obama..or Kripa I understand it was Zahir Shahs sister( that is also Marriam or connected to Marriam) with link to Girish Chandras wife was behind the bad thing stipulated in the mortgage deed registration..

Now this becomes an issue...when  Sheikh Mujib also got the money to buy the land in Faridpur it was also from Zahir Shah..who lended him the money..thus it became an issue when Sheikh Mujib sued the K rated industry over the deaths in Bangladesh war..his critics hinted basically it is the same lender that lended you the money..only thing is Sheikh Mujibs money was from GUNALAKARs $500,000.00..

Thus it did not have the negatives of our residence purchase deed..

Debasish Barua


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