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Friday, March 1, 2013

[] Saudi Gazette - Letter to Sheikh Hasina

Islam prohibits Moslims from killing other Moslims but who said almost all Punjabi Military of Pakistan is Moslim?
It has killed more Moslims from Jordan to Bangladesh than any other Military of world in last 65 years and is still killing thousands of Pakis every year through its Employees called Taliban. Those greedy, power hungry Butchers should not be even called Moslims. It was them, who Z A Bhutto had gotten encouragement from. He knew, Military does not want justice by handing over power to elected leaders of Pakistan in East Pakistan, where majority of Pakistanis lived.

From: Engr. Shafiq Bhuiyan <>

Following were the comments about this letter:



7  Sazed Rahman



Advocacy by so called Dr.Ali Alghamdy to save a culprit is not acceptable at all.


11 Abu Baqr Siddique




In 1971 unarmed Bangladeshi people were slaughtered by the Pakistan Army and their Bangladeshi allies, e.g Jamaat, Razakar, Peace Committee. Lakhs of women were raped and killed, thousands of houses were burnt down. All these misdeeds were done in the name of Islam! Now that the government is trying to bring the culprits to justice, they are again on the propaganda in the name of Islam. The Muslim world should be united against the war criminals. The justice must b done. 42 years is not too late


12  Bangladeshi




It's not about Sheikh Hasina or her father. It's about what We(Bangladeshi citizen) wants. We want to punish the war criminals. In your article, there's some wrong information. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman never pardoned all the war criminals. It would be wise to write something before you know the original history. And they are not accepted as a Muslim Leader in Bangladesh. We all know that they are war criminals.If you are a true Muslim, you should also support this act.



13 Salehin


 Trying to save munafiq's in the name of Islam ?


Where was you in 1971 when millions of muslims were being brutally tortured by Pakistani's? & What these 'Muslim leader's were doing then? These ppl killed many innocent Muslims, raped woman in 1971 in the name of Islam. & u r trying to save these munafiq's? They use the veil of Islam, just to gain support of common ppl. & Spread evil. Not Islam.



14  ehsan rahman zia


Dr. Ali Alghamdy: Pls visit the Bangladesh War Memorial Museum sometime..We have got enough evidences relating to the 1971 war-crimes and your beloved ghulam azam's active involvements in planning/ executing it...i strongly believe, as a learned diplomat you would learn many new things, if u really consciously want to. thnx zia



15 Mallick



absolutely disagree with your letters motivation



16 Samantha Cox


 What happened in 1971...does it truly attest what Islam is??


Dr. Ali Alghamy, I must say that you disappointed me as being a Diplomat and especially being an educated person defending those who committed several heinous crimes in 1971 in the name of Islam ! Again, you proved that no matter how educated a person can be, the fundamentalist part of Muslim always kicks in people like you. It

 Please learn the facts and re-consider your understanding on those acts that were done by your friend- Ghulam Azam along with other Muslim leaders during the Liberation



17 Nazneen Alam



Gulam Azam is a killer and he should be hanged for his activities in 1971. He should not be shown any mercy as millions of innocent Bangladeshis were killed in the name of Islam. There were village after village where all men

 killed and the women and kids were

left to fend for themselves.



18 Md. Zakir Hossain


How can a Muslim try to save killers, rapists and their collaborators? How can a foreigner interfere a policy matter of other country? Huge false information used for ill-motive. Shame on you!!! You can't save these war criminals. They should be punished. It is the demand of People of Bangladesh.



19 Nazneen Alam



How dare you want this crimanl to be pardoned? His master mind projects of Al Badr, Al Shams and Razakars have killed millions of Men, wonen, and children in Bangladesh. There are village after village where no men were spared from killing .



20 Banglar Jawra


 Indecent Dr. Alghamdy


Your letter is devoid of any diplomatic decency. that is the level of Muslim diplomats from Saudi Arabia!!! We declare you as a personna non-grata already. How dare you write "DETRIMENTAL CONSEQUENCES" for our honourable PM in case the most heinous culprits against humanity are pardoned? When you people chop hands of a thief because of his theft- what support do you have from Quran / Hadith to forgive them? How deep is your knowledge in Religion? You must be assaulted soon.



21 Mushtaq Ahmed


 Do not spread proganda to save the criminals


The article provides all the wrong information, lies against historical facts in order to save war criminals. You can find a to-the-point rebuttal of this article at



22 True Story


 Looking back


Assalamualaikum, Thank you for thinking from far. Let us solve our problems


On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 11:44 AM, Abul Kalam Azad <> wrote:

Letter to Sheikh Hasina

Last Updated : Wednesday, May 16, 2012 5:46 PM
By Dr. Ali Alghamdy
Your Excellency, let me introduce myself to you as a Saudi diplomat who visited Bangladesh before it became independent. I was dispatched in the 1960s by the Saudi government to Chittagong to issue Bangladeshi pilgrims Haj visas. In the 1980s I returned to Bangladesh as a plenipotentiary at the Saudi Embassy in Dhaka.
After retirement, a group of people who love Bangladesh decided to form the Saudi-Bangladeshi Friendship Association in Jeddah. Our objective was to strengthen bilateral relations and help the Bangladesh workforce in the Kingdom. I was honored to be appointed the secretary general of the association. As founders, we did not have any material interests — we just wanted to enhance the relations between the Kingdom and the world's third largest Muslim country.
I was honored to meet your father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Karachi, specifically at the Round-Table Conference which was held at the behest of President Ayub Khan. The reception was held by G. M. Sayed, Pakistani politician, and I was one of the invitees. I met your father there and was impressed by his charisma and eloquence.
I was honored also to meet you when I was assigned to the Saudi Embassy in Dhaka. During the rule of General Hussein Muhammad Ershad, I followed your activities.
I still vividly remember the day when opposition leaders were arrested and when policemen approached you to arrest you. You said: "Do not touch me, I'm a Muslim woman." This incident depicted the fact that you are a God-fearing Muslim woman. Besides, you were always keen to perform Umrah whenever you had a chance.
For all these reasons, I would like you to read the following points with mercy and justice.
1. You know very well the difficult circumstances your father faced following his release from prison and return to Dhaka where he took over as Prime Minister and worked hard to solve the problems from which the country was suffering. He issued several laws including the war crimes law by which 195 Pakistani military officers were convicted. The law did not include any Bangladeshi civilian or politician. Besides, the 195 officers were later pardoned, thus your father won the praise and admiration of the entire Muslim world. At the time, he made his famous statement: "I want the world to know that Bangladeshis can forgive and forget."
2. At the time of your father's tenure, the government passed a law incriminating those who collaborated with the Pakistani army. Although over 100,000 individuals were arrested, none of them were politicians. Your father decided to pardon and release them. Throughout his tenure, he never leveled charges against any politician. When you became the Prime Minister following the 1996 elections, you did the same. You did not accuse nor did you arrest anyone for war crimes or collaboration with the Pakistani military. You did not do that because your father was decisive about this matter and he pardoned all the individuals involved.
3. Everyone was surprised when the wise decisions taken by your father were annulled and the issue of war crimes surfaced again. Some consider the revocation of these decisions as disrespect to your father, which is an unacceptable matter. Among those who opposed such revocation was the opposition party and your former government.
4. Nothing can justify the unjust decision to arrest Muslim leaders who were not arrested during your father's tenure and yours as well. This decision does not bring any good to the country; on the contrary, it divides people and stirs up trouble, a matter which has direct detrimental consequences to you as the leader of the world's third largest Muslim country. As someone who loves Bangladesh and its people, I would like to say that many Muslim leaders all over the Muslim world are upset about the arrest of Muslim groups and leaders such as Professor Ghulam Azam who was accused of charges that no one would believe. He was charged with things that were done 40 years ago. He was not charged with them at the time.
5. I hope that you will reconsider the decision of arresting those Muslim groups and leaders without justification for such arrests. For the sake of your father who did not arrest anyone on similar charges at the time, please order the release of those arrested as such a decision will win you people's appreciation and will be a way of showing your deep love for your late father.
Dr. Ali Alghamdy is a former Saudi diplomat who specializes in Southeast Asian affairs. He can be reached at

"Sustha thakon, nirapade thakon ebong valo thakon"


Engr. Shafiqur  Rahman Anu
New Zealand

N.B.: If any one is offended by content of this e-mail, please ignore & delete this e-mail. I also request you to inform me by an e- mail - to delete your name from my contact list.


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