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Thursday, January 31, 2013

[] Trial of Prof Ghulam Azam

Let's Hail Turkish President's Move and Follow Suit


Privacy is as much important in the life of a nation as in that of an individual. And it must be respected. Likewise, foreign interference in internal affairs of a nation is also undesirable. The world has condemned the undue and uncalled-for political and military interference of the United States in the affairs of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Iran, etc. at different points of time. But it does not mean that a nation does all it likes to suit its whims and inconsistencies as well as its Machiavellian plans and the outside world will remain a silent spectator.

The issue has come to the fore once again with Turkish President Abdullah Gul's letter to his Bangladesh counterpart Zillur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, calling for "clemency" for those accused of war crimes. According to reports, Gul in his 23 December letter said the accused, mostly belonging to Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and particularly its former chief Prof. Ghulam Azam should be pardoned as they are too old to stand the trial. The Turkish President also feared Bangladesh could witness a civil war and economic instability if they were handed down death penalties for the 1971 war crimes. A visit by a 14-member Turkish political delegation to Dhaka to witness the trial process has worsened further the bilateral relations between the two 'friendly nations'. The delegation could land in Dhaka to find the Sheikh Hasina administration unawares, using "on arrival visa" facility granted to Turkey by Dhaka in 2009 and Ankara thinks there is nothing wrong in it.

In 2010 Dhaka established an International Crimes Tribunal to investigate and administer justice regarding war crimes. The question is why such a tribunal was not established during the period between 1971, when the war rocked the region, and 2010, when it has been established. This question is enough to bring into light the clandestine motives of the powers that be in Bangladesh behind the establishment of this tribunal. Also, how it can be called 'international' when there is no member from outside the country and when there is total bar on foreign legal and human rights teams to visit the ICT and observe the trial which can well be called sham and bogus.

The apprehension of Turkish President that Bangladesh would witness socio-economic instability leading to civil war in the country is a foregone conclusion if the trial proceeds on the set lines. Therefore, it is not only the question of saving the life of 90-year old Prof. Ghulam Azam and his colleagues and co-accused but also saving Bangladesh in particular and the entire region in particular from falling into the catastrophe of civil war.

The bold measure taken by the Turkish President on moral and humanitarian grounds is exemplary and should be heartily welcomed. Other truth- and justice-loving Heads of States, including those of European and Gulf countries as well as media and human rights organisations are likely and ought to follow suit. New Delhi and other neighbouring nations of Bangladesh should also intervene to avert this catastrophe. This is the demand of truth and justice and Dhaka should also take it in right earnest.


This is an excellent response from Turkish President. What I find most appalling is the criminal silence of all Muslim Governments whenever injustice occurs. [With a few exceptions] Take the case of Israeli attacks against innocent Palestinians. Who raises the
issue on international media? Who demonstrates against Israeli brutality? Who condemns USA for imprisoning innocent people without trial in Gautanamo Bay?
Who protests against the Western Governments attempt to target Muslims? The
answer to all these questions is sadly that all Muslim Governments keep silent –
with certain exceptions.




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