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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Re: [] Some Remedies I have come up with as solutions to many health problem

!. Pain in the arm : Drink Milk./ yogurt.i am still researching, this issue 
2.Constipation: Change what ever you are eating. Warm it before you eat. It all depends on what you eat and what stage...if it is cold or normal temperature it will cause stress when you go to rest room or toilet..and you will feel constipated. When constipated and repeated stress causes, all kind of inflammation in the areas when food leaves your body after digestion in the stomach. Initially it is I think called HEMORRHOID, This is kind of inflammation of it can get severe as these nerve breaks and bleeds..Aging some how same thing in the food you eat...I have not faced anything further then this..but I think this repetitive stress is what eventually diagnosed as present day called PROSTATE CANCER the thing is even if you go thru Chemo and radiation as long as your food stream has the same will be back to same thing..Warm Your Food or Drink liquids..even but still warm it in the microwave if you suspect it in the Drink..such as coffee tea or soda., water even..If you drink ice with soda or beverage..skip drinking with ICE...
If food is consumed with same thing and is not very hot..expect stomach pain...and this will continue as long as you eat drink same thing..on regular the same condition..NOT VERY WARM. This pain can get bad enough that..can be severe well that is eventually diagnosed as STOMACH CANCER same thing..even if you go thru Chemo or surgery good possibility of recurrence. as soon as first stomach pain appears..try not eating anything specially if with fever..may eat prepacked food or drink..again not the same thing..may be juice in carton..may even go with out eating anything for day or two
IF you drink very warm like Coffee or tea as we do..expect pain in the not eat drink anything for a day if possible pain will go away.. 


AUTO ACCIDENT FOOT PAIN>>SWELLING Follow above direction..

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Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 1:50 PM
Subject: Re: [] Hasina's Chittagong Massacre: Awami league corruption claim 25 lives in Chittagong on 24-11-12

What happened in Chittagong is anti Oli Ahmed elements are partially responsible for this..that does include Jamat..dispute with Oli is over many things  and the construction where this involved...I think the construction project was funded by OBAMA and his Korean Chief of World Bank backed by Obama...If Obama allies such as Oli and Rezaul get chance they will eradicate Awami league from politics what ever means they can..some of the elements that also contributed t to this are people that defected from Oli..and his LDP party..Oli though he has his own party..and all blame of corruption is on Awami League..the things is OBAMAS kind and Korean linked World bank where the actually controlling the project and thus all the corruption..OLI has been around for long is not only that Japanese issue..their is deep resentment towards Oli..Rezaul and I think my BNP loyalist Brother
and my aunts Husband BNP Youth coordinator Chinoo Mutsuddi  to Hill Tracts..dispute over many things that includes them in Xrated Movie business, Gay ties to having gay sex with last but not least an once awami leaguer Zafar Dr and optometrist whose wife switched to BNP then to be with General Ershad..they were involved in a assassination of a truck driver over hem sen lane during Zia rule..

Oli is also allied to Salauddin Kader Chowdhury..his drug running empire to many was just cumulative...many in USA does not know some of these things that includes some segment of US army..only if they knew who caused 9/11 and US casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq..they are their actual allies..Bangladesh Nationalist party..only few insider knows the truth..

From: Abid Bahar <>
To:;; notun Bangladesh <>; ovimot yahoogroups <>; NFB News from Bangladesh <>;; Dhaka Mails <>; Masud Ali <>; abid bahar <>
Sent: Sunday, December 9, 2012 10:59 PM
Subject: [] Hasina's Chittagong Massacre: Awami league corruption claim 25 lives in Chittagong on 24-11-12

Hasina's Chittagong Massacre: Awami league corruption claim 25 lives in Chittagong on 24-11-12!


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