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Sunday, December 2, 2012

[] Re: Pali language in Bangladesh .. [some historical background]

Here their is a case of Selective Retention..

The name you mention of as SARANANADA MOHATHERO..from SRI actually Monk from BURMA name SARAMEDHA MOHASTOBIR...I do believe Burma also use PALI to some extent in Buddhist prayer and Chants..

It States Saramedaha was invited by then the existing Hierarchy of Buddhist Monk in that part of India..I think he stays their for about 7 or 8 years...and leaves for Burma. He then comes back one more time with few other monks from Burma again as guest of the existing Monk Hierarchy..that part of India as it is known as Bangladesh.
This time it states a dispute arises between the visitor and the host..I believe on e that arrived with Saramedaha the second time around one was states one side was reformist and other was for status Quo..

It also states Saramedha and Gunomeju ordains few well may be 7 or 8 individual in Chittagong, Mohamuni Buddhist Monk..I think one of them is  my mothers fathers father LAL MOHAN MOHASTOBIR.
Well it goes to the point the split between the guest and the host expands, one side is thus accused of being FOREIGNER..that side is Sarmadaha side and other is as known as Bishudhanada side..

It is stated Bishuddhanada side expressed concern of that areas Buddhist coming under the influence of Foreign Entity..that is Burmese was heading that side..well that division still exist..what Bishuddhanada side will not mention of is they have always been under the influence of ..CHINA and their Maoist allies..well they are not considered being under the influence of Foreign Entity..

Here as I claim money was received by Gunomeju for his invention.. be builds the temple over looking the Chittagong DC Hill residence / office..that specific residence used to be TRIBAL KINGS palace at one those MOGHER MULLUOOK days...

Here comes the issue of NAZIR KRISHA CHAUDHURI an British Military men as it was still British India..he is the one from SATBARIA area..He was also a Judge in Court at Chittagong Nazir is his names the NAZIR HUT is named after...he also owned a TEA GARDEN at NAZIR HUT..

Well what I guess is not mentioned it is in those days Pali Dept was established in Chittagong College and its backed by British Vice Roy...

Though the dispute in the two side of monks is made known as over it coming under the influence of Foreign Entity that is Burmese..I think among many issue was existing side was into some what Hindu Influenced and thus many things over lapped..

Well here is the interesting thing..some of these difference eventually leads to formation of two is Known as MOHASTOBIR NIKAY other is known as SANGHARAJ NIKAY..
Despite the Hindu influence issue..they worked with I mean the Sangharaj Nikay side with the leaders of Hindu Community..they were with RAJA RAM MOHAN his effort to reform HINDU LAW ..this I think well guess what leads to wedding of RAJA RAM MOHANS Oldest son with NAZIR KRISHNA CHAUDURI..oldest Child/daughter JYOTIRMALA whose immediate youngest was My fathers mother England..
I think RAJA RAM MOHAN RAY are what you mention of..ARYAN issue..they are PERSIAN influenced that is language of IRANIAN..

Dharmobangsho was not Saramedha I am positive about that..the thing is the other side continued to cause problem for the SANGHARAJ NIKAY and they go after SARAMEDHA..Saramedha get to a point heads back to Burma as he leaves..he founds a temple close to Burma in Ramu area, their is a possibility he kind of got some kind of security assurance, Dharobongsho

The thing is Pursuit of Gunomeju and Lal Mohan and other continued..Lal Mohon had issues from days before.him.becoming Monk.. has was the surveyor  Surveyors have to work in Close alliance with court to settle dispute of land and property division....well that is the area of relation ship with Nazir Krishna who was Judge over..Land dispute court in Nazir Hut

lal mohan & his son Dinesh both were investigated for Child abuse issue..these are kind of harassment backed by other side..i think in both the instance they will be cleared...Lal mohan had problem with his wife.form get going of his wedding with Dineshes Burmese mother..he signed Confidentiality agreement ..

Well it is understood British were with Gunomeju they thru Himler had indirect employee employer relation ship..some of the things I mention developed of comes under directives from that side. those were assignments from their employers

More as I go..

From: SyedAslam <>
Sent: Saturday, December 1, 2012 10:03 PM
Subject: Pali language in Bangladesh .. [some historical background]

Mr. Debasish Barua


Both PALI and SANKSKRIT are Indo-Aryan or Indic languages, 
and by themselves are branches of  indo-European language family....

Pali belongs to the Prakit group, derived from dialect of Old Indo-Aryan
languages...Prakrti means common people and therefore the language used
by them was called Prakrta .... Bangla and other modern eastern Indian 
languages developed from Magadhi Prakrit. 

Secular Prakrit literature reflected the lives of ordinary people. 

Pali language and literature gradually developed from 600 BC to 500 AD. 
Gautam Buddha travelled widely across northern India, spreading his
message of non-violence and love and drawing converts to his religious 
ideals. The language the Buddha chose for his sermons was not SNASKRIT
the language of the Brahmins, but the common language of the ordinary 
person: Pali or PRAKIT.

Pali does not have a script of its own, but adopts the script of the region. 
Thus in Bengal Pali is written in BANGLA SCRIPT.

Buddhists in Bengal learn Pali as a religious language. At present Pali language
and literature are taught at Buddhist institutions as well as at colleges and 
universities in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh the study of Pali language and literature started primarily to 
meet religious needs. 

Initially, scholars did not feel the necessity of translating the Tripitaka into 
Bangla. Religious scholars, researchers and readers from home and abroad 
learned to study Pali in Devanagari and Roman letters. Subsequently, the 
study of the Tripitaka in Pali, using Bangla letters, started and is still 

Acharya Chandramohan substantially contributed to Pali education in 
Bengal by establishing the first Pali tol (school) at Mahamuni under 
Pahartali in Chittagong in 1885 with the financial support of  Zamindar 
Haragovinda Mutsuddi. 

The second Pali tol was established at the same place in 1902 by the
efforts of Sarananda, a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. Later on tols were 
started in villages such as Rajanagar, Satbaria, Mirzapur, and Unainpur. In 
1908 arrangements were made to teach Pali at Chittagong Collegiate 
School, and Dharmabangshs Mahasthavir ('Aggamahapandit') was 
appointed to teach.  Gradually opportunities were created to study Pali at 
the major schools of Chittagong. 

Thus, some more Pali tols were established in Chittagong during the first 
two decades of the 20th century. 

Pali was also introduced at the college level, and three colleges were 
given permission to teach Pali: PRESIDENVY COLLEGE and Vidyasagar 
College in Kolkata and CHITTAGONG COLLEGE. The scholars who 
taught at these colleges included Mahamahopadhyay Satish Chandra 
Vidyabhushan, Amulyacharan Ghosh, Nirad Ranjan Mutsuddi, 
Prankrishna Bhikkhu and Dharmavangsha Mahasthavir.

In 1899 a Pali department was opened at the UNIVERSITY OF 
CALCUTTA. Sir Asutosh Mookerjee pioneered the study of Pali in Kolkata. 
Pali Studies started at the University of Calcutta under his initiative.....

The study of Pali and the Tripitaka also developed in other 
educational institutions of Bengal and India. During this period 
Benimadhab Barua, Nalinaksha Dutta, Shailendranath Mitra, Bhagawan 
Chandra Mahasthavir, Anukul Chandra Bandyopadhyay, Prabhash Chandra 
Majumdar, Sukumar Sengupta, Kanailal Hazra, Shyamsundar 
Bandyopadhyay and Dharmadhar Mahasthavir taught Pali at Calcutta 
University. Some of them also translated Pali texts into Bangla. The study 
of Pali was also introduced in the UNIVERSITY OF DHAKA (1921), 

[Source: Internet]

Sent by: Syed Aslam

On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 12:44 PM, Debasish Barua <> wrote:
Now this is soar subject..Buddhist Text are in PALI...not SANKSKRIT..their is dispute with Bengali Scholars..where Language of Bangla origins from, well one school of thought says it was SANSKRIT other say it was PALI..the school founded by NAZIR KRISHNA in our rural home town is named MOHAMUNI ANGLO PALI HIGH SCHOOL..
Among the PALI side was Shere Bangla Abul Kasem Fazlul Haque..he was termed so even though Shere is Urdu term..I think in Bengali it goes like this BANGLAR BAAG..

He played instrumental role in marriage of my parents..he as student leader knew an who was Chittagong university Pali Professor..Babu Ranadhir is him influenced my father to go ahead with the wedding plan with my mother despite all the issue on the way of wedding..

Well that is one Pali Professor..the other side was MOHIM Babu..assume promod babu who were allied with Brandies..of US Supreme court..thus Louis I Kahn..and others..

From: Debasish Barua <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Saturday, December 1, 2012 8:07 AM
Subject: Re: [] Re: Famous Scientist -

Mr Aslam 

Do bring up interesting issue of ASIATIC Society in England...Many things have changed in England as i get hint British them selves are caught in between left and right..well in England their are infact three major parties..TORIES, LABOR and LIBERAL on top if they ruled Hong Kong for 200 yr thus many Chinese their..well they also have Dalai Lama people too..may not believe all political parties are DEBORE the Diamond Merchant & Total Petroleum and Wealthy Communist..then their is EU issue.. 

England also has many racial issue to ethnicity to religious many ways would assume some where some leaders of British some how remained is indicative in investigate some prominent English that converted to ISLAM..well lets say Musician Cat Steven..if one read the narration how then Royals .. designated English and Hindus to protect them from being harmed as many did not of them was tied to METHODIST CHURCH..

Well as you mention In England their is one of the best collection of BUDDHIST STUDIES too..I guess then you throw in all the Barristers..and is as big of a melting pot as US is.. well their is part of my problem the battle of inheritance I am in some moved to England..

It is them and Salauddin Kader and French and Jews..& some of the scientist you mentioned of go thru Fazle Kadr archive..they hoped for 50/50 split in an oil inheritance..and carved out a stance with that find who ever designated it changed it to..100 for me as Prince Charles with lord Mt Batten Powell was involved in the mess..

To be honest both side of Bangladesh Hill tracts were funded by Chinese arms

Debasish Barua

From: SyedAslam <>
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2012 5:50 PM
Subject: [] Re: Famous Scientist -

Mr. Debasish Barua

How do you know Oppenheimer looked like your  GUNOMEJU ????
[ You said "Here it is how he looked like." On the top of Oppenheimer's picture in your post… ????
You put A.D. with out of context…. In reality A.D. means Anno Domini (AD or A.D.) is a designation used to label or number years after the death of Jesus Christ in Julian and Gregorian calendars.
The study of Sanskrit in the in the Western world began in the 17th century. In 1786 Sir William Jones (British Scholar) had founded The Asiatic Society He noted similarities between Sanskrit, Ancient Greek and Latin—an event which is often cited as the beginning of comparative linguistic, Indi-European studies, and Sanskrit philology. In 1789 Jones published a translation of  Kalidasa's The Recognition of Skuntala. 

J. Robert Oppenheimer in 1933 met the Indologist Arthur W. Ryder at University of California, Berkeley and learned Sanskrit. 
Oppenheimer read the Bhagavad Gita in the original language. Later he 
cited it as one of the most influential books to shape his philosophy of life, 
and his quotation from the Bhagavad Gita "Now, I am become Death, the 
destroyer of worlds." in reference to the Trinity Test (Manhattan Project) is 
Obviously, you are confused with various types of Radiations.
Specially, when you said "one of the side effect of radiation is sleepy ness. " 
You said: I think he is the only one that as part of research IDENTIFIED HOW AND MANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHEN RADIATION TAKES EFFECT>>THAT includes STRONG SMELL..STATIC ELECTRICITY..VIBRATION their is few more mention of things like of the side effect of radiation is sleepy ness.."

X-rays/Gamma-rays are not ordinary radiation …. These rays are very
High Frequency electromagnetic radiations (Gamma rays typically have frequencies above 10 exahertz (or >1019 Hz)). Gamma-rays are ionizing radiations, highly penitrating and severely damages biological cells ..... 
cell's DNA damage, cell death due to damaged DNA, increasing incidence of 
cancer) rather than burns, not just sleepyness as you say ......

High frequency Gamma-rays are produced, mainly by the disintegration 
of Radioactive atoms ….. The Nuclear chain reaction, that forms the basis 
of Atomic Bombs was first hypothesized  by Hungarian scientist  Leo 
Szilard … but he did not propose fission as the mechanism for his chain 
reaction, since the fission reaction was not yet discovered or even 
suspected. After Nuclear Fission  was discovered by others in 1938, 
Szilárd and EnricoFermi in 1939 searched for, and discovered, neutron 
multiplication in uranium, proving that a nuclear chain reaction by this 
mechanism was indeed possible. This discovery prompted the US 
initiative to emphasize nuclear research with the apprehension that Nazi 
Germany might be attempting to build an atomic bomb….

Your statement  "Back to AMAR Bose he is actually AMAR PALI..the man responsible for managing investments of SUBHASH BOSE and allies..among it is many of which is DAL HOUSY SQUARE where my father used to stay with his aunt..  "  ….. is out and out Bullshit ….. !!!!!

Amar Gopal Bose (অমর গোপাল বসু ; born November 2, 1929) is an American by birth, of Bengali ancestry .  He was only 13 years old and just entered the Abington Senior High School in Abington, Pennsylvania,, when SUBHASH  BOSE formed  his first Azad Hind Fauj (INA) in 1942......

Thanks for patience ...

Syed Aslam

FYI, Oppenheimer enrolled at Harvard, where he took an intense
program that ranged from math and sciences to philosophy and
Eastern religions and French and English literature. Among the
sciences, he preferred chemistry because it  "starts right at the heart
of things." He was granted advanced standing to work with experimental
physicist Percy Bridgeman. Oppenheimer graduated summa cum laude
with an Bachelor of Arts (A.B) degree from Harvard. Later, he studied
with Max Born at the University of Cöttingen in Germany, from which
he received his doctoral degree (1927). Before comming to Cöttingen, he
did some graduate research at the Cambridge University, U.K.

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 1:59 PM, Debasish Barua <> wrote:

Notice the Foot Note in my email. It is stated as A.D. usually that means after death. Now if you go thru names and many that was involved you will find..who else that other nasty name i have claimed it all starts with Discovery of GAMA Ray..
Inaddition among many things of GUNOMEJUS patent as known as a medicine man...among his other discoveries is TEA BAG (Sri Lanka is Tea Producing addition Bhutto was married to lady from guess where ISPAHANI the TEA MOGULs..) they sure do know..who the developer of TEA BAG thus the royalty to many thing..
Last but not least..their is this medicine sold thru..retail out lets..its name is NO DOZ..this medicine keeps you up at a minimum for few will not feel of the side effect of radiation is sleepy ness..well that is part of the issue of GUNOMEJUS origin of research..

I think he is the only one that as part of research IDENTIFIED HOW AND MANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHEN RADIATION TAKES EFFECT>>THAT includes STRONG SMELL..STATIC ELECTRICITY..VIBRATION their is few more mention of things like this..

Conduct patent search of NO DOZ you will come across GUNOMEJUS name and his now Bangladesh might have to go thru patent application..may not believe this much popular energy drinks are inspired by NO DOZ..only thing is NO DOZ after a day or two use will make your eye lids some discomfort..

One of the thing is..all others interested in Patent over looked his this discovery..they were after the much coveted discovery..

In addition about AMAR BOSE of BOSE RADIO..he is no one else but one of the lead follower of SUBASH BOSE...I have mentioned of DINESH you know why he was killed part due to..that is my mothers fathers, father..( he looked like ZENG ZAO MINH of CHINA A.D.).

From what I understand in those days..when he still was in Burma..US approached DINESH CHANDRA as he was British Postal service employee .in Burma thru British to investigate source of SUBASH BOSE funding of anti British activity is with Postal master jurisdiction to investigate wire fraud and etc..thus those days SUBASH BOSE activities and his loyalist were getting money thru Money orders..even abroad....The thing is Subash Bose was not only considered threat to British..he was considered threat to US..among many reasons why US Bombed JAPAN was SUBASH BOSE was in one of those two cities..the DOME LIKE STRUCTURE you see in one of the Bombed site was considered what Oppenheimer were racing up against..Japanese were going to develop it before US and thus use it a head of him..this after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and dragged US into Second World war..

Here is a Japanese Navy Movie ADMIRAL is in Japanese..story of a US Harvard educated Japanese Navy men..YAMAMOTO was the COMMAND of the JAPANESE NAVAL FLEET for I think PACIFIC COAST..may not believe this Pearl Harbor Pilots included KOREAN Pilots..

If you go thru the Japanese language movie..YAMAMOTO received more then one request from Japanese High Command to draw up a battle plan to attack US..he steadfastly refused.. every time..He responded backs attacking US would be colossal mistake ..story has it Japanese High Command repeatedly insisted..thus..HE EVEN INVOKED BUDDHA in his inner debate..he finally gave in and agreed to draw up pearl harbor battle plan..he came to understand dragging in US into the war would be the only way to end that war that was causing severe hard ship in Japan and the countries involved..

Back to AMAR Bose he is actually AMAR PALI..the man responsible for managing investments of SUBHASH BOSE and allies..among it is many of which is DAL HOUSY SQUARE where my father used to stay with his aunt..

Sent: Friday, November 30, 2012 11:53 AM
Subject: Re: Famous Scientist - who is "Gunomeju from Sri Lanka." ?????

Mr. Debasish Barua

That is a picture of J. Robert Oppenheimer, who led the Manhattan Project, the work of the scientists at Los Alamos that resulted in the first
artificial Nuclear Explosion [Atom Bomb] in New Mexico desert, on July
16, 1944. This site was code-nammed as TRINITY in mid-1944.
Oppenheimer had an inner conscious biting while working on the project.
Oppenheimer later recalled that, while witnessing the explosion, he thought
of a verse from Hindu  Holy  book Bhagabod Gita:
"I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." [Rudra the destroyer .....]  etc 

In any case, your posting of that picture was misleading and fake !!!!!
Please try to be honest and you must know that "honesty is the best policy "


Syed Aslam

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 9:57 AM, Debasish Barua <> wrote:
Their is attempt to wipe out GUNOMEJU's history..If you wish to find out more of him..go thru the history of CHITTAGONG BUDDHIST may also find him standing next to elephant in SRI LANKA Stamp..

Here it is how he looked like..


From: SyedAslam <>
To: Debasish Barua <>
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 9:06 PM
Subject: Famous Scientist - who is "Gunomeju from Sri Lanka."

Debasish Barua

Which Gunomeju you are talking about ???
Can elaborate on who is this great inventor 
"Gunomeju from Sri Lanka." ??
When did he live (year of birth etc. ) ???

What is his full name? What was his speciality ???
Can you give us some reference to the list of his publications
in peer-reviewed journal of science and technology??

Will appreciate your candid reply - unbiased, impartial and 
free from any prejudice & without partiality!

Syed Aslam

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 2:57 PM, Debasish Barua <> wrote:

I guess no one will take anything away from the achievements of these..Scientist except for in the foot is interesting Venkat Raman studied in Presidency college in Madras and taught in Calcutta Presidency College. I would be surprised some where their is Bose Connection as he mentions friends..and their is out side possibility my father who studied also in Calcutta Presidency College  came across some of them. He used to stay with his aunt that is The famed Jyotirmala..who was also incapable to bear child. I think they used to stay in Calcutta Apartment..of DAL HOUSY is interesting why he left from their and moved to MEDINI POOR to stay with his used to work in a Ration Shop. He fails BA ( geography major ) from Calcutta Board..he then returns to Chittagong and appears for BA exam again and passes....It is from that Ration Job earnings he bought part of a Land in Calcutta with his cousin, the oldest brother of all that reside in Panditiya Residence..just to give hint why He went to Medini Poor who else Dhiman Dr Hounding him..thus one clue is case is in Medinipoor..may be some Ration Shop employees..

In addition ..where this states..of.Tamil Nadu, may not believe it is one of the cause of 40 year war between Tamils and Gunomeju was from Sri Lanka.. interesting invokes Optics and some kind of seems like RAY GUN, The way I understand is the simple experiment in PHYSICS lab Taught in my high school..that covers deflection of is light source in one end and lenses on the light passes thru the takes a concentrated form...well it is the same principal this RAY GUN if any..difference is the rays are being passed thru a Metal TUBE with lenses being able to be strange way Light source, lenses all in one track like railway..

Debasish Barua

From: SyedAslam <>
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 12:58 AM
Subject: Famous Scientist - Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman

Famous Scientist - Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman

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The Nobel Prize in Physics 1930

Sir Venkata Raman


Inline image 1Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was born at Trichinopoly in Southern India on November 7th, 1888. His father was a lecturer in mathematics and physics so that from the first he was immersed in an academic atmosphere. He entered Presidency College, Madras, in 1902, and in 1904 passed his B.A. examination, winning the first place and the gold medal in physics; in 1907 he gained his M.A. degree, obtaining the highest distinctions.

His earliest researches in optics and acoustics - the two fields of investigation to which he has dedicated his entire career - were carried out while he was a student.

Since at that time a scientific career did not appear to present the best possibilities, Raman joined the Indian Finance Department in 1907; though the duties of his office took most of his time, Raman found opportunities for carrying on experimental research in the laboratory of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science at Calcutta (of which he became Honorary Secretary in 1919).

In 1917 he was offered the newly endowed Palit Chair of Physics at Calcutta University, and decided to accept it. After 15 years at Calcutta he became Professor at the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore (1933-1948), and since 1948 he is Director of the Raman Institute of Research at Bangalore, established and endowed by himself. He also founded the Indian Journal of Physics in 1926, of which he is the Editor. Raman sponsored the establishment of the Indian Academy of Sciences and has served as President since its inception. He also initiated the Proceedings of that academy, in which much of his work has been published, and is President of the Current Science Association, Bangalore, which publishes Current Science (India).

Some of Raman's early memoirs appeared as Bulletins of the Indian Associationfor the Cultivation of Science (Bull. 6 and 11, dealing with the "Maintenance of Vibrations"; Bull. 15, 1918, dealing with the theory of the musical instruments of the violin family). He contributed an article on the theory of musical instruments to the 8th Volume of the Handbuch der Physik, 1928. In 1922 he published his work on the "Molecular Diffraction of Light", the first of a series of investigations with his collaborators which ultimately led to his discovery, on the 28th of February, 1928, of the radiation effect which bears his name ("A new radiation", Indian J. Phys., 2 (1928) 387), and which gained him the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Other investigations carried out by Raman were: his experimental and theoretical studies on the diffraction of light by acoustic waves of ultrasonic and hypersonic frequencies (published 1934-1942), and those on the effects produced by X-rays on infrared vibrations in crystals exposed to ordinary light. In 1948 Raman, through studying the spectroscopic behaviour of crystals, approached in a new manner fundamental problems of crystal dynamics. His laboratory has been dealing with the structure and properties of diamond, the structure and optical behaviour of numerous iridescent substances (labradorite, pearly felspar, agate, opal, and pearls).

Among his other interests have been the optics of colloids, electrical and magnetic anisotropy, and the physiology of human vision.

Raman has been honoured with a large number of honorary doctorates and memberships of scientific societies. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society early in his career (1924), and was knighted in 1929.
From Nobel Lectures, Physics 1922-1941, Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam, 1965
This autobiography/biography was written at the time of the award and first published in the book series Les Prix Nobel. It was later edited and republished inNobel Lectures. To cite this document, always state the source as shown above.
Sir Venkata Raman died on November 21, 1970.
Copyright © The Nobel Foundation 1930
MLA style: "Venkata Raman - Biography". 28 Nov 2012
C.V. Raman
Initially, the IACS was able only to give free public lectures. Nevertheless, these were well-attended by the public. Scientists like J.C Bose & Fr. Lafont gave lectures. But M.L. Sircar was disappointed that young people did not come forward to do real research.
In 1907, a 19-year old officer in the Accountant General's department walked into the IACS premises, wanting to do some research in physics. A.L. Sircar, who was then the head there, enthusiastically accepted him. This was CV Raman, who went on to win the Nobel Prize in 1930.
Though Raman was appointed a professor in 1917 in the University of Calcutta, he preferred to do his research in IACS. And it was there; in 1928 that he discovered the famous Raman Effect.
Inline image 2
In the beginning, CV Raman had no good instruments. He used sunlight as a source of light, and his own eyes as a detector. Yet he got his results published in Nature, the world's most prestigious scientific journal. Impressed, the industrialist GD Birla bought him a spectrograph.
Nobel Prize for Physics
Born at Thiruvanaikkaval in Tamil Nadu, Raman studied at Presidency College, Madras. Later, he served as Professor of Physics at Calcutta University. C.V. Raman won the Nobel Prize for an important research in the field of optics (light). Raman had found that diffused light contained rays of other wavelengths-what is now popularly known as Raman Effect. His theory explains why the frequency of light passing through a transparent medium changes. 

Inline image 1
The Nobel Prize for Medicine
Dr. Khorana was born in Raipur, Punjab (now in Pakistan). He went abroad to get his doctorate in Chemistry and later settled there. It was his study of the human genetic code and the role it plays in protein synthesis that got him the Nobel Prize.

Inline image 2
The Nobel Prize for Physics
Dr S. Chandrashekar, is an Indian-born astrophysicist (a branch of astronomy or the study of space). After studying at the Presidency College in Madras, Dr. Chandrashekhar went to the United States for work and settled there. He has written many books on his field Astrophysics and 
Stellar Dynamics. He developed a theory on white dwarf stars forecasts the limit of mass that dwarf stars can have. This limit is known as the Chandrashekar Limit. His theory also explains the final stages of the evolution of stars. 


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