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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Re: [] Re: Famous Scientist - Jagdish Chandra Bose ...

I am basing my conclusions based on things I heard of in my school days. I also studied in a Catholic school in Bangladesh where we as it was Board mandated in text book called SOBUJ SATHI. I may even be able to locate the class room I read Bose biography was one of those class room next to St Placid Schools Canteen. I also did see the picture in the email where it demonstrate his model of recent web search as I am searching this patent issue..

Earlier Mr Sayeed blew off my mentioning of MODHUSHUDHAN with relates to this as he stated MODHUSUDHAN was much earlier then J. C be honest their is a long story why MODHUSUDHAN became MICHAEL..he also knew SUKANTO the Other Poet. Who was from FARIDPUR,not far from where Sheikh Mujib is from. SUKANTO used to edit a a Communist News Paper..we all know how young SUKANTO was when he died..

I think this is the crucks of the matter what Communist would go to destroy CAPITALISM as it is known as..part of how SUKANTO died though J.C Bose may not be directly related to SUBHASH or AMAR..I think at least SUBASH was influenced by Communist Movement...thus many in our continent are known as left wing politicians that are hope Lesley against many is these Communist Business that contributed to Sukantos death, and un knowingly Modhusudhon played role in that death, he found out what killed Sukanto was his wealthy parents main business..Sukanto was staying in Calcutta with his mothers relatives..thus  as it is also known in case of MODHUSHUDHAN went into as many do in soul searching..

Interesting J.C Bose did not wish to file for patent..may wonder why..does any one in his estate know how and what and etc that inspired him to develop what he made as it is described the difference in time period..between Bose Demo and Modhushudhan Demo..some how I believe version I heard of week apart is more to the truth..I think actual models had give and take between both thru same circle of friends..

I Think among many Things Bose issue with many things fueled the anti British activism..if not J C Bose himself..his wife or family  or friends..specially Subash Bose it will be insane not to know of Subash Bose as he was of that era..Subash Bose was married to an AUSTRIAN female .. Israelis love Subash as they fought the British too..I think Subash Bose wife being Jewish was bigger factor..

It is more amazing of story the death of DINESH CHANDRA..what lead up to it...and the same pursuit that eventually lead to HIROSIMA / is the continuous  development of same GAMA RAY as it involves heat and SUBASH BOSE went to JAPAN..thru AFGHANISTAN with the purpose to get help from JAPANESE ARMY to dispose of British of India..this Japan issue is more old issue for GUNOMEJU why he had to leave Sri is the pursuit..

Any how one things is for sure..I think how to make the prototype was all dictated in the coded telex..I think it will undisputed the J C BOSE will get the credit..for deciphering, the Morris Coded telex sent by Dinesh directed by his father.. 

as I understand if you can contribute to a line in song that sells will be entitled to that amount of song proceed ..thus Bose will get the compensation for his work...unless some one else..has other claims..

About this OLI issue, in some ways I believe it Modhusudhan came to know of JC Boses intent who else the home town rival of Indu Bhushan in relation is In law the other principal Shudhagshu Bimal Barua found out..

Debasish Barua

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Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2012 6:32 PM
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Jagdish Chandra Bose

What happens if you take a rich magistrate's son and make him learn in a village school sitting besides the sons of servants and fishermen? He'll hear tales of birds and animals that make him curious about Nature. And that makes him one of India's first scientists - Jagdish Chandra Bose.

Early days

Jagdish Chandra was born on November 30, 1858. He was educated first at the village school in Faridpur, where his father was a magistrate, Bhagwan Chandra Bose. Later he went to Hare and St. Xavier's, Calcutta's leading English-medium schools. In 1875, he was admitted to St. Xavier's College, Calcutta, and graduated in 1879.

There he met Father Eugene Lafont, who was very interested in promoting modern science in India. He later went to the UK, where he got degrees from the universities of Cambridge and London. He also met Prafulla Chandra Ray, another pioneer of Indian science.

He came back and was made a Professor of Physics at Presidency College on the Viceroy's recommendation. However, the principal and other faculty, who were White, were very racially biased against him and gave only an acting appointment. They denied him any laboratory facilities, but he carried on his research work, buying equipment with his own salary.

Bose's Radio

In 1895, J.C. Bose made a public demonstration, in presence of the Lt. Governor of Bengal, of wireless radio. However, his discovery was mostly ignored, and the credit went to Guglielmo Marconi, who made a demonstration in 1897. However, scientists around the world now acknowledge him as the true pioneer. (There's another Bose - Amar Bose - who is also famous for advances in speaker and radio technology, but he's not related to J.C. Bose. And despite similar names, J.C. Bose isn't related to Netaji S.C. Bose either.)

One of the things you need for a successful radio transmission is a 'coherer', which is needed to detect radio waves. Though Bose had invented one, he was unwilling to patent it. He thought science was for the benefit of humankind, and one should not make money from it. However, under pressure from his friends, he finally submitted a patent application to the US patent office, (even today, US patents are among the most important patents). On 29 March 1904 he became the first Indian to get a US patent, for his "detector for electrical disturbances".

Between his experiments, Bose also found time to write science fiction in Bengali. His famous story Polatok Tufan describes how a cyclone was stopped using a bottle of hair oil (Since it's known that oil stills the surface of water by changing surface tension).

Research into Plant Intelligence

J.C. Bose switched his attention to plants, and how they respond to stimuli. How do they respond to the sun's movement through the day? How do they react to wounds, pesticides, insects etc? He discovered that electrical signals passed between plant cells, making him wonder whether they had a nervous system. He invented a machine called the crescograph to study all this. He also discovered that they grew well if exposed to pleasant music!

Bose's crescograph:
Though J.C. Bose wrote three books on the subject, like the radio, his research was ignored. One of the reasons was that discovery of plant hormones (chemical signallers) shifted a lot of attention away from electrical impulses. However, his findings are now back in vogue, as new research into electro-static signals in plants have proved him right.


J.C. Bose was knighted in 1917 and became an FRS in 1920. In 1958, on his Birth Centenary, the Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search Scholarship was created to "select students with special aptitude for science and providing a scheme for counselling, conserving and helping this most precious resource, namely, human talent, which is necessary for building up the nation, by award of scholarship and otherwise". As a pioneer, J.C. Bose has remained an inspiration to thousands of Indian students aspiring to a career in science.