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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[] Should the Zudhi Jassers of this World be Coddled? Should we Appease the so-called "Moderates"?

Dear Followers of Islam (moderate Muslim and fundamentalist Muslim or Islamist-definition attached below),

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a moderate Muslim leader who narrated  the documentary movie "The Third Jihad" - its 30 minute trailer is attached below,  is  considered as not enough and significant  moderate Muslim in Muslim world rather "  You (Eric Allen Bell - his critical article and opinions are attached below:) are correct in your thought of holding the moderates  accountable. The moderates provide cover to the radicals. After all they believe in and consult the same books or nearly the same (quran, hadith, Tafsir, sira ..."
So we, for the sake of world peace,  are to identify ourselves moderate or fundamentalist and take responsibilities of our observance, practice, sayings, teaching, and actions as it is distinctly present in Judaism (Orthodox 20%,  moderate 80% approximately),  Chritianity  (orthodox 20%, moderate 80% approximately), and Muslim (Orthodox or fundamentalist 80%, moderate 19.999%, and radicals 0.001%- approximately). Our radical Muslims are creating problems for both orthodox or fundamentalist and moderates, let us work together to identify the radicals like Osama Bin Laden and try to bring them under justice for the peace and rule of law and order in the world.
Definition of Moderate Muslim: American media uses the term moderate Muslim to indicate a Muslim who is either pro-western in her politics or is being self-critical in her discourse
Definition of  Fundamentalist Muslim or Islamist: (Islamist [ˈɪzləmɪst] adj ( Non-Christian Religions / Islam) supporting or advocating Islamic fundamentalism (Non-Christian Religions / Islam) a supporter or advocate of Islamic fundamentalism  Reference 2.  )
Reference 3: The Third Jihad:
Yours sincerely,
Golam F. Akhter, Bangladesh-USA Human Rights Coalition Inc.
M Zuhdi Jasser via

This guy Bell is getting more traction and the Facebook comments

(numbers) are worth noting the growing anti-Islam sentiment out there
poised against rational approaches. No, I'm not suggesting a response
but this is just FYI-// Best. Z


M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D

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Eric Allen Bell · 12,790 like this
Monday at 9:55pm · 
  • SHOULD THE ZUDHI JASSERS OF THIS WORLD BE CODDLED? SHOULD WE APPEASE THE SO-CALLED "MODERATES"? It does not take a majority of so-called "radicals" in order for Islam to continue to grow, to destroy human rights, take away liberty, and to infiltrate America. And EVERY SINGLE FOLLOWER OF MUHAMMAD, who is even a passive member makes Islamization possible. The "radicals" can not do much without the numbers are on their side. Everyone who is a follower of Islam should be so afraid of having their reputations ruined, their livelihood destroyed, their neighbors suspicious of them. American Muhammad-enthusiasts must be made to see, that here their self interest is more valuable to them than submission to Islam, here in America.

    Is this unfair? If you went on TV and made certain absolute statements of fact, say regarding rates of incarceration by race, and you did this often, what would happen to you? You would lose your reputation, your livelihood, people would be suspicious of you, etc. Even more so when in reality I speak out against Islam. Why should there be a double standard? Why do we hold the bar so low for certain groups of people? Why not hold them to the same unfair standard that we are held to? Do we think they are retarded, or inferior? If so, we should keep lowering the bar. But if we have faith in them, as human beings, we will hold the bar at the same level it is held for us.

    All followers of Muhammad must be held accountable for supporting the religion of terrorism. Islam is terrorism. Muhammad said, "I have been made victorious through terror". Muhammad is the highest moral example in Islam. There is no way to make that kind of crazy into something moderate. We can hold the followers of this evil mindset accountable without becoming bigots, without violating their civil rights, without breaking the law in any way. Just like a person who says that we need to control illegal immigration is brutally punished for saying so (in California big time), the same standard must hold true for those who claim to be a follower of the terrorist Muhammad. It HAS TO work both ways. We need to stop coddling these people like they are are children. Time to draw a line in the sand. Time for some tough love.

    - Eric
    • Neo Pop Art Sadly most muslims have not read the koran (not unlike christians), they only listen to imamas who speak out of both sides of their mouth. Anyone who follows a faith should read that faith's "holy" books. Eric is 100% corrent. Muhammad is a pedo who condones violence and lying. I was once married to a muslim, he didn't tell lies, he lived them.
    • Pierre Sternegård you are right!
    • Cheri Hill ban them from the USA ... we have done it before to the Japanese ... they must go ... no questions asked ...citizens or not ...
    • Henry Holder WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go, Eric!!!!!
    • Jason Rose Well said Eric! I did my own research into Islam after 9/11/2001, and came to the same conclusions you did. Glad to see you fighting the good fight!
    • Resist Islam You are correct in your thought of holding the moderates accountable. The moderates provide cover to the radicals. After all they believe in and consult the same books or nearly the same (quran, hadith, Tafsir, sira). I have had conversations with "...See More
    • Abel Ashes The Old Testament is just as vile as the Quran...lucky for us much of the worst ignored today.
    • Ken Younos //All followers of Muhammad must be held accountable for supporting the religion of terrorism. Islam is terrorism.//

      I agree absolutely, 200%.
    • Elvis Huampo Quispe Eric Illegal immigration does need to be controlled. Many open borders zealouts are alos all or nothing types. Very much like Islamist.
    • Eric Allen Bell Elvis Huampo Quispe - Ever spent much time in Southern California? Do a little research and see how our public schools are performing. Numerous schools are filled with kids who cannot speak English. If you had a child here, and could not afford public school, or to live in a very wealthy neighborhood, they would not be getting an education more than likely. But your taxes would be paying for it just the same.
    • Mike Viehl come to brooklyn ny .becoming a chinatown as well as a 3rd wrold dump.its a damn disgrace.chinese are everywhere as well as mexican and other illegals.and no one post office is totally chinese speaking workers.i am the foreigner here now.
    • Kevin Welsome Mike I'm from Brooklyn too and it's a shame what has happened to bklyn. But we're talking about Muslims here and I encourage everyone to engage Muslims ask them why they want to kill EVERYONE how can they follow the teachings of a pedophile make THEM U...See More
    • Steve Lovegrove IMO.. We need to reclaim our country as OURS.. A free nation, that has a constitution, a Bill of Rights, the ability to perssue life, liberty and happiness. To all those that oppose these ideals, GO THE FUCK HOME. We will not tolerate the islamificatio...See More
    • Tim Palmer not to change the subject, but, CHINESE really are just as bad.. in australia they control the heroin supply, and have turned whole towns into ''no go areas'' just as bad as muslims BUT WITHOUT SHARIA!!!.. is this communist collaboration with islam????
    • Steve Cox The Immigration of Muslims, PERIOD should stop immediately. We should do like the Japanese and send every one of them back to the s hole they came from. His county has no place for people who want only to overthrow the government. Islam is not a comparable with freedom, and without freedom, we have no country. Let them all pack sand, I've been over there, they can have I.
    • John Martin Tim Palmer writes: "CHINESE .. in australia ... have turned whole towns into ''no go areas".

      Name one such area.


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