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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[] Congratulations to BUFLA-President Shiper Chowdhury


Bangladesh Unity Federation of Los Angeles


BUFLA is a Federation of many different Bangladeshi organizations of greater Los Angeles area in California, USA,


Bangladesh Day Parade 2015

was organized by BUFLA in Los Angeles, California, USA


on the occasion of

Bangladesh Independence Day


Spectacular Parade and Festival

held on March 28-29, 2015



Here are some of the links to the news items on Bangladesh Day Parade and Festival in Los Angeles, CA USA organized by BUFLA on March 28-29, 2015:


Opening Ceremony links:






Parade and Festival Links:








March 31, 2015


Dear BUFLA-President Shiper Chowdhury Bhai,


As-Salaamu 'Alaikum.


Congratulations to you and to your entire BUFLA-Cabinet and the BUFLA-Team and BUFLA-Family for presenting to our greater Los Angeles community such a wonderful Bangladesh Day Parade and Festival at a lofty height, nearing the standard of Rose parade, last weekend on March 28-29, 2015, which has now been broadcast to the world for them to see and enjoy and admire.


Congratulations for your wonderful leadership as BUFLA-President during 2013-2015. This was the first time that a BUFLA-President has served for two years in the history of BUFLA, and you have performed remarkably well in your term. We also congratulate your Cabinet members for working together so well and for achieving so much for our community through the BUFLA platform of Unity. The BUFLA-C-Plus, BUFLA-EC, BUFLA-AC, BUFLA-BOT, BUFLA-Charity Committee and many other volunteers and Standing committee members have given their valuable times and efforts and creative ideas, and they all joined you and your cabinet throughout the last two years to lift up Bangladesh through the BUFLA platform of Unity. We congratulate them all and we salute them all. Congratulations to you and to your entire BUFLA Team and BUFLA Family to present such a wonderful Bangladesh Day Parade and Festival last weekend on March 28-29, 2015.


You as a BUFLA-President have clearly demonstrated a very unique style of leadership. You are very pleasant and modest, and you have a very strong good-will, and at the same time you are very determined and focused inside, to achieve certain specific goals, and you achieve those goals in a very harmonious way, overcoming any obstacles in a very peaceful and accommodating way. Here are a few examples:


1.  BUFLA Office is a big milestone in your term. We were surprised to see that you called an EC meeting of BUFLA in late 2013 with only one item on the Agenda and that item was "BUFLA-Office".  We remember how you presented your "BUFLA-Office" case to the EC, how you guided the discussions for some hours and got the strong approval of the EC to go for the Office, and how you finally got the Office. The BUFLA-Office is now a very peaceful place, and this beautiful Office has lifted up the identity of BUFLA, where BUFLA holds its various meetings and the community can use it for various purposes, and it has opened the potentials for many more purposes for the benefit of the community.


2.  Bangladesh Day Parade is the signature of BUFLA. You wanted to present a good Parade and Festival to our community and you have done it so very well on March 28-29, 2015. It was the finest Parade yet for BUFLA with all the beautiful Floats, Marching Bands, Horses, Horse Carriages, Motor cycles, Dhols, Big Flag of Bangladesh, Banners, Placards, Golf cars, colorfully dressed adults youths and children participants and so many other beauties of the Parade. The parade got shinier with the Dignitaries like the highly accomplished personality of Bangladesh Shykh Seraj as the Parade Marshall, LA-City Council President Herb Wesson as the Honorable guest, the distinguished promoter of humanity Rais Bhuiyan, Congressman Brad Sherman's Representative, CSUN Professor Phillis Herman and others at the Parade, and LA-Mayors Representative and Consul General Sultana Laila Hossain at the Festival. The Festival was indeed festive with excellent Opening ceremony and beautiful performances of songs and dances and bands, and some special speeches on the stage, children's recitation and art competition and their prize distribution, BUFLA-Seminar, so many booths with Foods and jewelery and clothing and some organizational specialty booths, and of course a very large crowd of our community members. It was a successful grand Festival, it was a Mega-Festival.


3.  You wanted the Parade Route to be the longest yet, starting from Normandie on 3rd street, going all the way to Virgil Middle school via Vermont Avenue, and it was done. That was a big step up for the Bangladesh Day Parade.


4.  BUFLA-Website is an item that you wanted it to be modernized, which was echoed by Ziaul Islam. So, it was done with the countless hours of talented expertise and hard work by Dr. Shah Alam. The BUFLA Website is now a state-of-the art Website with enormous resources for the community, with the Web address at:,


5.  BUFLA Second Amendment Ratification was another big milestone in your term and you did put in every necessary help and support to make that happen and it happened. The Second Amendment of BUFLA Constitution is now decorating the BUFLA Website along with the previous documents of the original BUFLA Constitution and the First Amendment.


6.  It was your vision to give greater independence to the BUFLA Standing Committees. That enhanced the role of various Standing committees particularly in case of BUFLA-Charity Committee, Dignitaries Committee, Seminar Committee etc. As a result, the BUFLA-Charity Committee themselves organized the grand Health Clinic and fair, they managed their own budget and finance for the Health-fair program, and in addition, they organized several fund raising events in the BUFLA-Office for several charitable circumstances including the help for several bereaved families, blanket distribution for poor and needy people in Bangladesh, food distribution to the needy and homeless of our local community through the LA-Mission, distribution of many used clothes to the needy and homeless of our local community through the LA-Mission, etc. The BUFLA-Charity committee is now thinking about more new avenues to help the community.


7.  BUFLA Souvenir is an item that you wanted to make it distinctly better this time, and you have done just that, by putting together an Editorial Board of talents including Ahmed Bashir, Saiful Alam Chowdhury and Farhana Sayed, who worked very hard to make it happen the way you wanted it. They built this Souvenir on top of the foundation that was created by the Souvenir Committee members including Dr. Shah Alam, Saleh Kibria, Nazrul Alam, Syed Zabul Ahmed. The roles of Shafiul Alam Babu in the Souvenir printing and last minute editing is unparallel. Mamun Riazi's art, Syed M Hossain Babu's cover page, Saeed Saifur Rahman's graphics and the cooperative help of Saif Ahmed were very valuable for the Souvenir.


8.  BUFLA Fund raising dinner was one of the finest programs last month at a beautiful place, and we all enjoyed it very much.


9.  With your pleasant personality, focused leadership and good-willed vision, several new organizations and community leaders have joined BUFLA and this Federation is now stronger and broader than when you took office of the BUFLA-President. Your leadership has lifted up our local community, our motherland Bangladesh and our homeland USA.


10.  BUFLA-Family spirit was highlighted with high spirit in the community when you introduced your BUFLA-GS Abul Hasnat Rayhan on the stage, had him give the BUFLA Award to Shykh Seraj, had him accept the Award from Shykh Seraj for BUFLA, and when Shykh Seraj requested the entire big crowd audience to stand up in silence to say du'a for Rayhan's wife who left us for eternity the weekend before.


11.  Moushumi Barua from Channel-I was the shining MC for these two days that you arranged for the Bangladesh Day Parade and Festival, and she did a superb job as MC.  Toufik Ahmed as the Cameraman and narrator from Channel-I was a very valuable addition to the Shykh Seraj team from Bangladesh (Channel-I).




Many volunteers did so much that it is hard to list those all. However, a few of those must be mentioned as follows:


(1)  Shafiul Alam Babu told me at 3:30 AM on Sunday night at Virgil school venue that his feet was so tired after long hours of work for BUFLA that he could not keep standing, but he asked me to go home and sleep, and he will watch the cleaning persons who were steam-cleaning the venue floor. So, I came home at 4 AM, leaving behind Babu-VP, Jashim Ahmed, Nazrul Alam, Ashraf and Tuhin. Mohammad Ali also came back there late at night to verify the steam-cleaning progress of the Virgil venue floor. Babu-VP also could not work for those 3 days and took financial loss to help BUFLA activities.


(2)  Babu-CS (Cultural Secretary)  did a lot of hard work to put together the cultural program for 2 days, and he spent many hours of those 2 days on the stage or near the stage, on constant alert, to keep the program moving forward as smoothly as possible.


(3)  Jashim Ashrafi Ahmed took care of so many things that I cannot list them all, and the same is for Enamul Hamid. In addition, Mohammad Ali, Ziaul Islam, Ashraf  and many others took care of many important items.


(4)  Anjuman Ara Sheulee is everybody's respected Bhabi and BUFLA cannot run without her. She took care of all the finance transactions in a very friendly way.


(5)  Abul Hasnat Rayhan presented himself as a very decent GS of BUFLA with many hours of hard work throughout his term. Faruq Howlader and Layek Ahmed also served their roles as cabinet officers very sincerely and very well.


(6)  Ziaul Islam worked very well with Moushumi Barua on the stage as MC to fill in for Abul Hasnat Rayhan, whom we missed very much.


(7)  The team of Ex-Presidents of BUFA including Dr. MA Hashem, Khandaker Alam, Jashim Ashrafi Ahmed, Shamsuddin Manik and Denny Tayyib have done enormous help to BUFLA in many different ways. I saw Dr. Hashem in bright-hot sunlight putting together the 3 Flags for the opening ceremony with the help of some volunteers.


(8)  BUFLA-AC Chair Col Omar Huda has put together an Advisory Council consisting of several talented personalities of our community.


(9)  BUFLA-BOT has maintained a very honorable position in BUFLA and they have done a very clean job in the BUFLA election process.


(10)  Monwar Hossain took great care of the many kids and their Art-and-Recitation competitions and the distribution of prizes to the kids on the stage.


(11)  Ilias Sikder and Sentu has been very helpful for BUFLA. Sentu's wife Mimi did an excellent job as MC for part of the program.


(12)  Anisur Rahman took up the pro-active role to organize the BUFLA-Seminar and it was a decent and successful Seminar on a very important topic involving the youths and parents and their good relationships. The speakers of the seminar included a welcome speech by the BUFLA-President, followed by a strong team of speakers including Rais Bhuiyan, Saleh Kibria, Kamrun Nahar Islam and Rahmatullah Asif, along with two guests Moazzem Chowdhury and Omar Huda.


(13)  Saleh Kibria has done many good things for BUFLA over the years starting from the founding days. He is still helping BUFLA in ways that are not visible to many of us.


(14)  The Media personnel did an excellent job including Toufik Ahmed of Channel I, Abdus Samad of LA-BanglaTimes, Moshoorul Huda of BDUSAnews24, Babu-CS of ATN, and others.


(15)  Moazzem Hossain Chowdhury was the grand sponsor of this event, and additionally he also took care of some of the dignitaries as guests. He was actually more than a grand sponsor, he was the source of strength and inspiration for all of us.


(16)  Belayet Hossain of Dhaka Homes was the platinum sponsor for this event and his cooperative help and support is very valuable.


(17)  We are very grateful to all the dignitaries, all the sponsors, and the vendors, all the participants in the Parade and the Festival, all the artists in the cultural programs and seminar and children's program, and we are dearly thankful to the entire community for all the help and support to enrich our community and to lift up Bangladesh.


(18)  If I missed anyone to be recognized and appreciated, then I apologize. Please forgive me.


 I have also included below, the BUFLA-Mission and the BUFLA-Anthem for the community to see the pathway for BUFLA. We are requesting all of you to please read it and please give us your suggestions to improve our BUFLA Mission and BUFLA-Pathway to enrich our community and to lift up our motherland Bangladesh and our homeland USA.


With best regards,


Dr. Mahbub Khan

California, USA





BUFLA Mission:


1. To enhance the symbol of unity among the healthy diversity of our Bangladesh community in the greater Los Angeles area. This symbol of unity is very precious for ourselves, as well as for our children and grand children, so that they can see good examples in ourselves.

2. Promote Unity, Harmony and Discipline in our Bangladeshi Community of the Greater Los Angeles Area in California, and beyond, through Mutual Respect, Modesty, and sincere Goodwill.

3. To symbolize effective unity through: 

(a) a resourceful Website,
(b) an annual joint event of celebration, and
(c) to address certain special needs of the community through a set of talented Standing Committees.
(d) Enrich the Community through various Community Development Projects, and Quality Education.

(e) To maintain a BUFLA office 

(f) To establish a Community Center


4. To help promote all organizations and their programs and events in a relatively more synchronized way, including the Web-posting of Organizational events in the Community Calendar of BUFLA Website.


5. To perform and promote Charitable activities for the people of USA, Bangladesh and other countries through various means including Blanket distribution to the needy in winter, distribution of clothes and other necessary items to the needy and homeless, feeding the homeless and needy,  distribution of computers and other educational items to the needy students, hold and maintain community Health Clinic and Fair to educate the community and to serve the patients in the community, offer financial help and moral help to families in distress due to the loss of loved ones, burial expense help for any needy family, offer humanitarian help and moral help to the victims of any natural disasters or accidents, make BUFLA a true friend in need for all in various charitable circumstances, etc.

6.  To develop and offer various types of community development projects and services including the following:

(a)  Legal services of various kinds to the community

(b)  Immigration services to the community

(c)  Routine Health care services

(d)  Offer Job training classes

(e) Offer Tutoring services for the students

(f) Offer Citizenship exam preparation classes.

(g) Hold BUFLA Family Night programs, Iftar parties and other social events

(h)  Publish an Annual Souvenir on the occasion of the Parade

(i) Offer Family Counselling, including arranging a shelter for the victim in case of family violence.

(j)  Offer various types of educational classes including (i) STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics  (ii) Computer classes,  (iii) Language classes including Bengali, Arabic and English (iv) Cultural classes including Songs and Dances,  (v) Religious classes, (vi) Art classes, (vii) Cooking classes, (viii) Sewing classes, (ix) Exercise classes, (x) Health care awareness and practice classes, (xi) Debate sessions for youths and adults, (xii) Seminars on various educational topics by learned speakers, (xiii) Etc.


7.  To develop and offer Marriage Match services to our Youths through BUFLA Website and other means.


8. To enhance the network, synergy and mutual benefit of our enormously multi-talented community and extensively resourceful community, through mutual respect and goodwill.

9. Uplift Bangladesh in front of the Mainstream American Society.

10. Transform our Community into a Distinguished Community with Higher Quality Education, and Higher Values.

11. To stand tall and united as a vibrant community, with modesty and strengths, in front of the broader Society of this great Nation.

12. Display a Spectacular Annual Bangladesh Independence Day Parade on the last weekend (Sunday) of every March, on the Big Roads of Los Angeles, California, USA.




(Promoting Unity)


Please watch and listen to the Beautiful BUFLA-Anthem at the following link in YouTube.


This Link is also posted on BUFLA Website 

at and


Here are the first few lines of the BUFLA Anthem promoting Unity


You may have an opinion that is different than mine

You may have a job that is different than mine

Your religion and race may be different than mine

We are the people of one free country with one flag

And holding that flag we sing the song of Unity

We are BUFLA

We are BUFLA

We are BUFLA






With best regards,


Dr. Mahbub Khan

California, USA



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