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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

[] Taj Hashmi's call to ban Jamaat

Taj Hashmi's call to ban Jamaat
Forwarding to you my following comment on Taj Hashmi's call for proscription of Jamaat, as published in the Paris Vision News:

(Please click to read my comment in the Paris Vision News 1 December 2014)
My comment is as follows: 

Monday, 01 December 2014   

Taj Hashmi's call for proscription of Jamaat

By Zoglul Husain
The Daily Star published, on 24 November 2014, an op-ed:  What should Bangladesh do with Jamaat? By Taj Hashmi (, in which the writer said, 'I strongly believe that the proscription of the Jamaat in Bangladesh is essential'. The Daily Naya Diganta published a rebuttal by Abul Farah Masum,  ইসলামি রাজনীতি নিষিদ্ধের দাবি ও তাজ হাশমি , আবুল ফারাহ মাসুম, ২৮ নভেম্বর ২০১৪ 

As the issue is being debated, my brief comment on the subject is as follows: 
Taj Hashmi, in a semi-public forum, claimed that he is not a part of any conspiracy, and that he is strongly opposed to Indian hegemonism, Israeli hegemonism and expansionism, Awami-BKSALi fascism, and US imperialism. He also says that his call for proscription of Jamaat may not have been a right call. 
I have no reason to doubt his sincerity, but I have also seen people joining the enemy camp with all sincerity. For example, the CPB joined the BKSAL in 1975, many of its members with all sincerity, but what they actually did, in the opinion of many, was downright national treachery. A large number of the leftists in Bangladesh, knowingly or unknowingly, served Indian hegemonism, and hence became lackeys of India, in the name of fighting imperialism and fundamentalism. Can the CPB wash off their hands of the killings and the fascist tyranny of Mujib regime? They cannot!
I think Taj Hashmi's above call is a wrong call at a wrong time. I also think his stand against 'militant Islam' is fundamentally wrong (again a wrong call at a wrong time) and it served the purpose  of the Neocon-CIA-Mossad-RAW combine. He may have fallen in their propaganda trap unknowingly. In the view of many, the 9/11 2001 event was a false-flag operation, though a gigantic one, by the CIA-Mossad conspiracy, using some Muslims as patsies, to start the Afghan war in 2001, and Bush said, he  would need to attack about 60 countries, though he did not name the countries, but no doubt most of these would have been Muslim countries, if he had his ways, on the false theory of 'clash of civilisations' in order to promote the 'US military industrial complex' and stick to their policy of 'permanent war' for domination and plunder. Bush's wishes were, however, thwarted by the valiant Afghans and the Iraqis.    
We saw that Taj Hashmi fell for their propaganda and, in 2003, he indirectly joined Bush (according to Bush's declaration of either with us or against us), while many of us were against Bush's policy of imperialism from the start. 

On 7 August 2003, the mukto-mona published his article, as follows:
By: Taj Hashmi
Joint-Convener of the Movement, "No-to-Political Islam"
This is an utterly wrong position and it only served the purpose of the Neocon-CIA-Mossad-RAW combine. I think he needs to review his entire position on these.
In my view, our present top priority is: (i) to oppose Indian hegemonism and BKSAL fascism, and (ii) to support the movement for freedom, democracy, justice, human rights and harmonious development of the country. 
There are people, who are blind to the killings of 30 thousand patriots by the Mujib regime, and the BKSAL fascism of Mujib and the present Hasina govt. In the Mujib regime's man-made famine in 1974, 500, 000 people perished directly, and another one million in the after effect. There are people, who are blind to these. 
The military crack-down of 1971 was a plan of Yahya-Kissinger, to which both Mujib and Bhutto collaborated, and of course so did the JI. We are totally opposed to war crimes and crimes against humanity. But we are also totally opposed to injustice in the name of justice. We have diplomatic relations with the US and Pakistan, in spite of what they did in 1971. Diplomatic relations were restored in the world after WWII. Bhutto was given cordial reception by Mujib in 1974. And of course, Mujib was made the leader of Bangladesh, and made the 'father of the nation', by the BAL as puppets of India.
Zia allowed both AL and JI to function in BD politics, when he introduced multi-party democracy, but Zia was assassinated in an Indian plot. When JI was an ally along with AL in the Ershad govt., where were the proponents of proscription of JI? And when in 1996, Hasina govt obtained a narrow majority with the alliance of JI, where were they?
Whose agenda are the kangaroo courts and the Skype courts in the name of ICT, since 2008? Whose agenda is the present proposition of proscription of JI? Whose agenda were 2008 and 2014 predetermined elections? So, is the proposition of the above proscription a principled position, or something else?
The Indian govt. is a terrorist govt. right from 1947. The RSS and the BJP have been involved in thousands of communal riots, according to reports. There are people, who have always accused the Congress of connivance and even of collaboration with these riots. So, why aren't these parties proscribed? Please see the list of the banned organisations in India:
In the US, a Democrat President, Truman, authorised dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, one of the worst war crimes in history. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties committed war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout the world. Where are the human rights supporters when big powers trample humanity? All the colonialists and the neo-colonialists committed most horrible crimes against humanity. Where are these human rights supporters about these crimes? The US and their allies recently perpetrated genocides in Afghanistan and Iraq. Where are these human rights supporters about these?  
I briefly expressed my views about 'Islamic' terrorism, which was published in the Paris Vision News, 'Islamic' terrorism ? By Zoglul Husain, 12 October 2014 ( . 
So, my views are quite different from those, who are engaged in the propagation of the Neocon-CIA-Mossad-RAW views about Islam, and the combine's false flag operations, such as 9/11 2001, and the 'Islamic' organisations they created, such as the 'ISIS', the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, etc.






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