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Friday, May 16, 2014

[] Rule of Lw

Look, I agree with Mr. Motiur Rehman that these two Ladies have been Mainstay of BD Politics but its part of nature of Bangladeshis to become Personality Cult and they are 100% same as all people of world living between 20 and 30 degrees parallel north or south of Equator.
Look at map of world and you would find that my this statement is a fact. All people living between the above-mentioned degrees are either loyal their Monarchs and have Monarchies, loyal to their Dynasties, Pir (local Political or Religious or Ethnic or Cult leader) or certain Political Party.

BD is in northern Hemisphere so, start reading history of people living between those degrees from Far West, Mexico and keep going East until you find no countries reaching after China and Taiwan ...!
Now remember exact words ...!
If even 90% of a country is located between those degrees but not the land, where most of people of that country live, you have to ignore that country, for example almost all the countries of Northern Africa, where all the population lives north of 30 parallel. Now check ...!
Am I wrong?
Do not all people living in those degrees fall in the same category that I explained?

Now if you want ...
* ... to change nature of Bangladeshis,
* ... real Western Style Democracy,
* ... end of corruption etc ...
then, you have to dig BD out and ship it to 40 degrees north or south of Equator because this is where all that stuff exists on world map and nature of people living there is what you want it to be.

Any volunteers to dig BD out and ship it 40 degrees north or south to change nature of Bangladeshis ... ?

Moving BD between 30 and 40 degrees north or south would not help because countries between those degrees have Military Rule, Autocratic Dictatorships, etc all around the globe.
If more Pakistanis lived in West Pakistan north of 30 degrees than in East Pakistan, there would be no Bangladesh and you would be under Punjabi Military rule still just like West Pakistanis falsely calling themselves Pakistanis, when actually they Punjab-istanis.


1. In Mexico, when a Political Party losing Elections for 176 years had become a Cult that it had won.

2. In USA, Americans belong to 3 different kind of people with different natures but since majority of them live in its Industrial Region north of 40 degrees north, it has a Western Style Democracy but its facing serious problems right now as population south of 40 is increasing and its becoming a Kleptomaniac Democracy as its Supreme Court has now ruled that giant Business Empires are also People and have a right to over-rule the majority of Americans and Affirmative Action Program to help Minorities is illegal. 

3. In India, Population is also a mixture of 3 kinds of people but since majority lives in same region as BD, Mexican Phenomena exists and BJP has won twice because it has also become a Cult just like Mexican Opposition that had lost Elections for 176 years.

4. In China, Communist Party hierarchy can not be beaten just like in Mexico or India because majority of Chinese live in same region as Bangladeshis and Indians.  

S U Turkman )


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