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Monday, May 12, 2014

[] Let's Hold Hands for the 276 Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls

Dear Guest Name,


On behalf of Daily Positive (D+), an exclusive online media for positive news from Australia, I would like to invite you to participate at the Holding Hands For Our Girls campaign to show your support for 276 abducted Nigerian schoolgirls by local terrorist groups in Nigeria.


On 1 June 2014, 12.30 PM local time we request everyone around the world, irrespective of religious, racial and social background, to hold each other hands and upload a picture of the meeting on social media and hashtag it #BringBackOurGirls

hashtag it #BringBackOurGirls.

All you have to do:

1.       Hold hands of another person or persons, family members and friends

2.       Take a picture of your hands or full picture of you holding hands

3.       Upload them on your personal social media page

4.       Hashtag the picture #BringBackOurGirls

igerian rl by local terrorist groups in  

What: Holding Hands For Our Girls in support for the 276 Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls

When: Sunday, 1 June 2014, 12.30PM

Where: You can do it at your home, at work, at public places or wherever it is comfortable for you


For further details visit


Also help us to spread the message by posting about it on your social media and other contacts.


We look forward to receiving a favorable reply from you. Should there be any question, we can be reached at




Yours sincerely,


Dr. Arif Jubaer


Founder, Daily Positive (D+)

8-234 Cardigan St., Carlton,

Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3053


Tel: +61 411215302







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