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Thursday, May 1, 2014

[] Fw: Leader of mass never flee !!!!

On , Muhammad Ali <> wrote:
On Thursday, May 1, 2014 3:09 PM, Muhammad Ali <> wrote:
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman , the undisputed leader , the leaders of all the leaders , is an Institution by himself . We are so fortunate to have a leader like him . His farsightedness , pragmatic bold decisions have given us an Independent Country , a flag and a passport which Bengali had been deprived for thousands of years . 

Since Independence , Anti-Liberation forces have been trying their best to tarnish the image of Bangabandhu . They said that Bangabandhu didn't want Independence and for that reason he surrendered to Pakistan Army to become PM of Pakistan . What a childish talk and a lie ! If Bangabandhu desired to be PM of Pakistan , he could have achieved that long time ago as a sub-ordinate , foot-licking of the military autocratic ruler . It may be mentioned that Bangabandhu resigned from ministry to become party secretary in 1954 . 

Bangabandhu didn't flee in the darkness of March 25  '71, because 'popular mass leader never flee or surrender' . Following his direction ,  AL leaders and activists started arms struggle against the occupant Pakistan army . Later , they have to cross the border for safety and regrouping . Bangabandhu also send his deputy Tajuddin Ahmed to the Indian authority in the 1st week of March '71 for possible Indian support to fight the mighty Pakistan forces. Bangabandhu was in dialogue with Gen. Yahiah Khan and Bhutto in March '71 for transfer of power to the elected body on the basis of general election . If AL have formed govt. with implementation of 'Six points' , then we could have earned full autonomy without bloodshed . 

During our great liberation war though Bangabandhu was in captive but he was present in the hearts of freedom seeking Bengali's . His memorable speech of March 7 , '71 worked as an 'Energetic' to the fighting freedom fighters . Bangabandhu was so much in the mind of Bengali's that after surrender of heinous Pakistan forces , joy and festivities were not fulfilled until 'Greatest Bengali Leader of All Time' , returned to his homeland on January 10 , '72 .

We have witnessed the activities of  many Bengali leaders and politicians but no body is comparable with Bangabandhu. Unlike others , Bangabandhu had both 'Courage & Desire' to fight for the legitimate causes of the Bengali's . So , Bangabandhu means Bangladesh , Bangladesh means Bangabandhu . 'Late Bangabandhu' is more stronger and popular than 'Alive Bangabandhu' . All the 'Mis propaganda about Bangabandhu and our great liberation war' is making him more popular and acceptable to the new generation . 

Joy Bangla , Joy Bangabandhu ,

Dr. Muhammad Ali Manik ,
Vice President , US Awami League .


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