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Monday, March 3, 2014

[] Re: Database Training & Job Placement – Sunday March 9 @9:00 AM by Data Group

Data Group
..:: We know Database/SharePoint better than anyone ::..
Learn Database, Database Clustering, & SharePoint From Data Group
Training includes: Training/Knowledge you need, Interview Prep, Resume, Reference, Job Placement, & DBA Certification
Data Group is starting new Job/Career Oriented Training on following Subjects:
Class 1: Database Administration & Programming: 9 AM, Sunday, March 9, 2014
Start Date: Sunday, March 9, 2014
Time: 9 AM - 12 PM - Free Class
Our Features:
* Attend class in USA campus or Bangladesh Campus (While you are in Bangladesh)
* Online - Take our classes online from anywhere - It is Live and Interactive
* No Computer/IT background needed
* It is a Free Session: We invite all to attend this Free Class
* You have a Question, we have an answer. So, please come with questions
* We provide one-to-one/Private tutoring regardless your location
* Real World Lab Environment available 24X7. You can access from anywhere/Home
* Interview, Resume Preparation, & References
* We use our own Text Books
* Help for working DBAs and Students: 3 Dedicated DBAs to help working DBAs and Students via Phone, Email, Live Chat, and Remote Desktop
* Software: Free - We provide software
Job Placement: We provide job after training - Guaranteed
* Internship/ Job Placement: Available for Data Group Students, and for any college and universities
General Course Information:
Total Projects/Labs: 177 Real Life Projects and LABS with Mentor/Supervisor
Our Class Environment:  CLOUD, RAC Server, SAN, Data Center, VPN/RDC, SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle, MySQL, Bugzilla, ZenTrack, CMS, App Servers, Apps in .net, ASP, PHP and Java/JSP
College Credit: Earn your College Credit from Data Group
USA Campus:
Data Group, USA
5600 General Washington Dr., Alexandria, VA 22312
Phone: 703-203-2325, 703-599-7766, 703-310-4949
Bangladesh Campus: 
Micro Village Communications Inc./Data Group, USA
House 15, Road 5, Sector 7, Uttara, Dhaka
Tel: 791-4894, M: 0177-987-1460
Teachers Qualification:
* Our teachers are CS (Computer Science) Graduate from Renowned US University
* Our teacher is working as an Executive with the most prestigious Government Organization
* Our teacher is IT Leader, IT Expert, Certified, and Cross Trained Professional
(Oracle/SQL Server/MySQL/DB2/Sybase/SharePoint/MSC, LINUX/Windows Admin, Software Engineer/ Web Developer/Admin, Certified Java Programmer)
For details, please contact:
Phone: 703-203-2325, 703-599-7766, 703-310-4949
Zakir Hossain, CEO/President, Data Group
                                     Chief of IT Operations, USAID, Washington DC
Phone: 703-203-2325/703-310-4949


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