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Monday, March 31, 2014



Letter: [Taking Issue with New Trend]

[From Shaikh Mohommed, London, England.]

Example of Outstanding Jew: Harold Pinter Says Blair is Criminal

Re: MALCOLM X KNEW  (Safar 3, 1426/March 14, 2005 #21) "one proof that all the civil rights posturing of so many Jews wasn't sincere."

My comment:  

There is a time and place for everything.  Old stories should be referred to only if they are relevant.  However, in this case, I feel that we should move on.   Hence, I offer no criticism on Malcolm X's comment.  

We should now focus on real problem facing the world.   One may ask what are the problems and the answers may vary from person to person.  

According to me, the root of all problems facing us is American Government's behaviour towards us all.  To put it bluntly, Washington has given to all and sundry that its objective is to control the resources of the whole world.

People throughout the world have taken up this challenge and in their own way are tackling up this issue i.e. attacking not only Bush but also his stooges.  Your readers already know who the stooges are in the Muslim world.

In passing let me bring to your readers' attention the behaviour of a prominent British Jew.  He is Harold Pinter.  I am not of course referring to other Jews like Noam Chomsky, or that Israeli General who resigned when asked to attack Lebanon.

Harold Pinter has put his whole life in fighting against tyranny by American Government and America's stooges and allies.

Please read on the following news item appearing in a London newspaper. If any of your readers are interested in finding more about Harold Pinter, they can visit

"Harold Pinter announced today that he has decided to abandon his career as a playwright in order to concentrate exclusively on politics. The 74-year-old dramatist has spent the bulk of his time in recent years as a passionate campaigner against the prime minister and the conflict in Iraq.

In an outstanding writing career that has spanned four decades, Pinter has produced some of modern ....and his announcement today will come as a blow to the many people in the theatre world who regard him as Britain's greatest living playwright. Pinter explained his decision in an interview with Mark Lawson, due to be aired on Radio 4's Front Row at 7.15pm this evening. 

"I've written 29 plays. Isn't that enough?" he asked. ....My energies are going in different directions - over the last few years I've made a number of political speeches at various locations and ceremonies ... I'm using a lot of energy more specifically about political states of affairs, which I think are very, very worrying as things stand." Last November Pinter was among a group of celebrity campaigners who called for the prime minister's impeachment.

  - Pinter takes final bow The Guardian February 28, 2005.  

Addressing the million march for peace , Playwright Harold Pinter claimed US barbarism would destroy the world and called on Tony Blair to resign. To cheers, he said: "It's a country run by a bunch of criminals with Tony Blair as a hired Christian thug." Daily Mirror 17 February 2003

One of Pinter's best quote which I like is "The crimes of the U.S. throughout the world have been systematic, constant, clinical, remorseless, and fully documented but nobody talks about them."

Shaikh Mohommad




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