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Thursday, February 20, 2014

[] Re: Upazella elections

I think all this BNP over confidence is the problem. So what is the BNP is up or down. The BAL is in power and not going anywhere for 5 years.  

On 20 February 2014 18:15, Jalal Uddin Khan <> wrote:
First round of elections: As always, BNP is up, BAL is down. If there were no BAL and admin and police interference, violence and tampering with the ballots, the BNP would have won about 65-70. Surprisingly, Jamat made a strong showing. In fact, Jamat has done better than BAL.

Hasanul Inu is shocked and dulled that Jamat won so many seats. Hasanul Inu would not have won even one single seat in his life if he did not join the BAL.

Hasanul's deputy Moinul Badal is in trouble. The self-proclaimed clean man is alleged to have taken possession of the Buddhist sites in Ctg.

Since Canada is deeply critical of the Jan 5 flawed thing and is therefore expressly calling for a new clean fair parliamentary election soon, BAL-Hey Hasanul-Hai Menon govt has stopped Blackberry in Bdesh. 

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