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Sunday, October 13, 2013

[] Why so much Poverty in world?

Following explains, why is so much Poverty in world and why USA and her White Race Rich Allied Countries are so rich.

Whole Monitory System of World is set up for USA and her White Race Richest Allied Countries to buy Raw Materials and other Foreign Products cheap with IMF Loans which they never pay back.
All Imports are actually free for them and still they do not want to pay Living Wages to people of rest of world.

Earlier I had posted, USA and her White Race Allies, ...
* ... are 12% of World Population, owe 82% of IMF Loans, while rest of the world owes only 18% ... according IMF's own Data.
* ... owe so much IMF Loans that they have reached 120% of their GDP, when rest of countries of world owe nothing compared to that ...  according IMF's own Record.
* ... keep subsidizing their Agricultural Products to bar Agricultural Imports from rest of world and IMF does not tell them anything.
On the other hand, IMF keeps pushing rest of the world to open up their Markets by Free Trade Agreements with WTO meaning, reduce Import Barriers and reduce Custom Duties on Imports so, they do not accumulate any Foreign Exchange and keep begging for Loans for empowerment of IMF. 
* .. instead of Import Tariffs, collect Fuel Surcharge and other Taxes on Petrol (Gasoline). In USA Fuel Surcharge is 40 to 76% and and in rich European countries Allied to USA its so much that Petrol Pumps are selling it for 5 times the Price of Crude Oil. On the other hand, IMF keeps pushing rest of the world to reduce and actually end all Import Tariffs because it does not have good Domestic Tax Collection System to do the same.
* ... instead of Import Tariffs, collect high Sales Tax and or Value Added Tax (VAT) on all Imports from rest of world. On the other hand, IMF keeps pushing rest of the world to reduce and actually end all Import Tariffs.
Other Info:

* In USA, even Sugar Mills and Honey Producers are subsidized to keep blocking their Import and IMF does not do nothing.
* If Imports hurt any Industry of USA and her rich Allies, 'Anti Dumping Custom Duties' are imposed on such Products and Exporting Country are accused of secretly subsidizing their Industry of those Products, while USA and her Rich Allies can keep subsidizing even their Automobile and Aircraft Industries by bailing them out and IMF never accuses them of anything.
* IMF keeps pressuring rest of countries of world begging for Loan to devalue their currency even if their IMF Loans are only 10% of their GDP, while Loans of USA and her Rich Allies have reached 120+% of their GDP and IMF does not order them any Monitory Reform, which proves, its job is to keep financing their Imports and keep making their Imports remain cheap.

Is all this good for Americans and Masses of US Rich Allies?
Not really because ...

* ... these IMF Policies are only good for the richest of world and accumulation of more and more in their Hands is proof of my this claim.
* ... Real Growth in Economy keeps shrinking. (Economy = Total Income of People. ... Growth = Increase in Income of people minus  new Money Printing and minus Population Growth) 
* ... it has caused massive Unemployment for them and there is no solution in sight.
* ... half of Americans do not earn enough Money to even pay any Taxes now.
* ... Real Unemployment has been constantly increasing Homelessness and Poverty.
* ... Underemployment and keeping Entitlements as low as possible has been increasing Poverty and shrinking Real Economy.
* ... Real Economic Growth has been stagnated by Austerity Measures in all Sectors, reduction in Taxes on Rich and increase in Taxes on average or poor masses to help the Rich become richer.
* ... GDP or Economic Growth is dependent on how much more Currency is printed, not on real growth of Economy.
* ...
Money is being created for USA and her Rich Allies by IMF out of Thin Air because they are being created by debiting accounts of countries, not by any real money. Proof of this is, IMF Books do not Balance. Total Money Loaned out $ 55 trillion. Total F.E. Reserves $ 8 trillion, Fake Money $ 47 trillion ... according to IMF's own Record.
* ... All Basic Principles of Economics have been shelved in this Money Printing and fake IMF Loan Money Creation System because IMF has been giving out Loans out of Money it does not have.

S U Turkman


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