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Saturday, October 12, 2013

[] Bastian of Terrorism, Pakistan

Thank you for asking me this my self-professed 'ShagirD' (Pupil). If you really believe I am your 'MorshiD' (correct pronunciation meaning Educational Teacher) please believe me that I have gotten paid a lot by Allah that you believe in and swear by.
I asked Allah if you were going to be reincarnated a Moslim or not and one of His Messenger came in my dream and told me, you would be reincarnated as a Christian Priest so, please forgive me for keep ignoring you because I have no interest in a future Christian Priest because I am a Moslim, not a fake like you. Please stop calling me your 'Murshad' because this word has no meaning except for in your Punjabi Language, the language of one of the world's most Illiterate people. 

From: Muhammad Latif Chaudhery <>

How much you earned by writing this my Murshad?

Muhammad Latif Chaudhery
Senior citizen.
Lahore, Pakistan.

On 10/12/2013 2:20 AM, S Turkman wrote:

In Pakistan, its impossible that you can start a Terrorist Training Camp without knowledge of ISI therefore, though ISI and Pak Military have never admitted running a JehaaDi Training Camp, such Camp exist and some Young men in Jails in the West have have admitted that they were trained by Pak Military Officers. When USA asked ISI about it. It said, "They can not be 'in service' Military Officers. They must be 'rogue' retired Officers if they are not faking to be Military Officers". (Ref: Newsweek)

* When Gen. Musharraf had laughed in a TV Speech or Interview saying, "We are told that JehaaDi Camps of Taliban exist in Pakistan but we can not find them. If USA knows, where they are, why it does not tell us?"; USA had provided Satellite Pictures of 41 Taliban Camps to him immediately. Next day Pakistan Military said, "When we raided them, we did not find any Taliban there. They were empty". It meant, Taliban were told to leave by Gen. Musharraf and or were provided alternate accommodation overnight. (Ref: New York Times, Newsweek, Guardian London)

* India has pointed out to a lot of JehaaDi Camps ran by Pakistan Army near Indian Kashmir Border but Pakistan has always claimed they are not run by Pakistan Army. (Ref: Govt. of India's published statements)

* Its a known fact, Mollaa Omar and his whole Team had gone underground after they had fled Afghanistan and a Retired Colonel of Pak Army had started running Taliban. Pakistan has admitted some of Mollaa Omar associates have been in her custody but not Mollaa Omar. (Ref: A Close Associate of Mollaa Omar has been recently released by Pakistan)
* After USA provided Audio Tapes of the Kabul Indian Embassy Bombers and IDs to Pak Military it put the blame on some Rogue Military Officers acting without permission of High Command but nobody faced any court-martial for that. (Ref: Newsweek and Guardian)
* The same was repeated, when irrefutable Evidence of ISI involvement in Mumbai 2008 attacks was provided. (Ref: Newsweek, Times and Guardian)
* Pak Military did not admit Osama was being sheltered by it only a mile away from its largest Military Academy in its Garrison Town 50 miles air distance from Capital Islamabad but a Retired Major, who worked for CIA to keep a vigil on Osama's suspected Mansion was sentenced to Jail in Pakistan (Ref: Pak Media, World Media) like he had cooperated with a country that has been at war against Pakistan but neither Pak Military nor Civilian Governments staged by it have ever admitted that Islamic Republic of Pakistan is at war with USA.  

The way so called by ISI, 'Rogue Retired Military Officer's Secret Sneak Attack Terrorist Training Camp Program' Works:
1. You can not take off from some country and expect to get training. If you do that they would deport you back unless its convinced that you are not a Spy. (Ref: Some such Young Moslims have been deported back to their European Countries)

2. You have to be referred by some Al Qaeda, ISI or some other JehaaDi Group Operative to get training and they would call and check if from that Operative to make sure you are not a Spy.

3. In some cases, the Recruiter arranges for you Airline Ticket to Pakistan and you get some Pocket Money also. (Ref: Some American Youth in US Jail had no money but they had ended up traveling to Pakistan)

4. You can be in Independent Lone would be Terrorist or affiliated to any JehaaDi Group, it doesn't matter but your reference would be checked once you land in Pakistan.  

5. If you are a former Pakistani now living abroad, who had attended Pak Military Cadet School its easier to get in. (Ref: Mumbai Bombing 2008 Scouts Tahoor Rana and Dawood Gilani a.k.a. David Headley in US Jail. Mr. Gilani is a Cousin of former Pak Prime Minister Gilani and his half Brother was an Associate of his on Pak Govt. Pay Roll, when Mumbai Attacks took place)

6. If you are a former Pakistani now living abroad and your father is Pak Military or is Retired Military Man Cadet after confirmation from him, its very easy to get in. (Ref: Son of a retired Pak Vice Air Marshal was failed Madison Square Bomber, in US Jail)
So, you see some Rogue ISI Officers, Former Army Officers, Al Qaeda, Taliban and other JehaaDi Groups exist in Pakistan and some of them have made Pakistan Training Ground for JehaaDi Terrorists and poor 700,000 strong Pak Army should not be blamed for their dirty work. Pak Military should not be blamed for not anything against them despite receiving more than $ 20 billion in US Military Charity to take care of them because its not still enough Military Hardware.

Pakistan can only control Terrorism with latest advance US Drone Attack Technology. Pak Military has been asking for it for a while but 'Kaafir' Enemy of Islam, USA does not want to provide that to Pakistan. What can poor Pakistan Pak Military do? 


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