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Friday, September 20, 2013

[] What is 4th Dimension?

I know, we can not play time back and forward and may be no such Dimensions exist but I can explain, what Physical 3 Dimensions mean. 
1. If you consider some people, who can only see forward and backward and can not turn as 1st Dimension and ...
2. ... the 2nd Dimension should be the World of people, who can also see right and left can turn and ...
3. ... the 3rd Dimension should be the World of people, who can do everything the 2nd Object can but they also can see up and down. 

* In such case, if you speak to the People # 1 from right or left, they can not see you.
* If you Speak with People # 2 from any direction, they can see you except from above. So, if there is a gather of them and you pick one of them up real fast, he disappears for them because they can not see upwards.
*  You can tell, the Chosen One or the one you picked that you have appointed him your Prophet and put him back down.
*  As soon as you put him down, all would be able to see him again and it would be a miracle for them.

Now please think and tell me, what should be the 4th Dimension in this sequence that I explained above because I don't ...!
1. A round Ball has just one Surface.
2. Cut a ball in half, you have 2 Two Surface Half Balls.
3. Cut a Half Ball in half in to another half, you have 2 Three Surface Quarter Balls.
4. Cut a Quarter Ball in half again just like before from its round surface side, instead of slicing, you have 2 Four Surface 1/8th Balls.

But now you have reached your limit by creating more Surfaces because if you cut 1/8th of Ball again you create another 3 Surface object, not a 5 Surface Object. Don't ask me why.
So, you have to now think of doing something else to create a 5 Surface Object.

5. Take a Cube (6 surfaces). Slice it in to 2 Pyramids cutting it from all its corners. You have your 5 Surface Object.
6. Look at a Cube. It has 6 Surfaces.

Cutting a Cube in half from its corners caused creating of one lesser Surface object, when cutting the Ball from its only surface had cased increase before and continuously keep cutting round side of half Ball and Quarter had increased Surfaces. Why the Formula changed?
4th Dimension does not belong to all Plain Surface Family of Objects. It belongs to Family of Objects that have at least one Round Surface. 3rd Dimension that we live in. belongs to Round Surface Family according to Physics.
If we live in 3rd Dimension, why can't we figure out, what would be the 4th Dimension, then?
* If we consider Ants a 2nd Dimension Creature, we can definitely act as their God but we can not communicate with them to anoint one of them as their Prophet or Leader.
* All Creatures and Animals can crawl, walk or travel just like us but we can not fly and some Insects and Birds fly.
* Can we think, they belong to 4th Dimension? No because they have less Intelligence than us.
* What is the difference in lesser Creatures than us? Intelligence and Creatures are all Physical beings or just Physical deprived of Intellectual Capacity.
* More basic a Living Being, more Physical it is and lesser intelligence it has so, could it be that Viruses, Germs etc are living in 1st Dimension? Don't they either dominate, occupy, destroy or eat every other in their way to survive? Are they not just Living Matter? Yes they are and they are very Materialistic also.
* What did we notice in a Ball as an Example of Dimensions? All its Surface was round. Can we think, Round Surface means Physical Existence and fight for survival?
* Had not Round Surface reduced to half but remained bigger than Flat Surface, when we had cut a Ball in 2? Could it mean Flat Surface was Intelligence because 2nd Dimension Creatures or Ants kind of Creatures definitely have more Intelligence than than Viruses, Germs etc? So, does it not mean, they are less Materialistic but still since most of them are more Round Surface, they a overwhelmingly Materialist?
* Had not Round Surface halved again, when we cut a Half Ball in to a Quarter Ball? Had not the 2 Flat Surfaces become larger than Round Surface? Does it not mean Materialist Instincts should be lesser in 3rd Dimension and Intelligence should be more?
* If we consider the Flat Surfaces of Quarter Ball Intelligence, definitely Physical Aspect was reduced and Intelligence part had increased and this is what we are and supposed to be instead of being just Physical like Creatures of 1st Dimension and Tribal kind of Savage Intelligence of the 2nd Dimension Creatures.
* Have we acted like we have more Intelligence than Creatures of lesser Dimensions? Yes we have or our Civilization would not have advanced so much to dominate them and grow.
* Since the Round Surface exists in Quarter Ball, we are still Materialistic and are made of Matter and since 1/8th Ball also has Round Surface it means people in 4th Dimension are still made of Matter and they are not Non Physical Entities, however, they are a lot more Intelligent than us because Round Surface is overwhelmed by size of 3 Flat Surfaces of Intelligence. 
Where are people, who live in this 4th Dimension and why we can not see them and even Science has not discovered them so far?
Possible Answer:
May be they also live on this Planet but in a different Frequency and this is why we can not see them. Only once in a while we see their Vehicles as Flying Saucers because of some kind of Atmospheric or Earth's Magnetic Deviation. Who knows?
May they are the ones called by Allah in Qoraan 'Jinn'.
May be Human Souls, who become Sinless are not recycled or reincarnated.
May be such pious Souls are born in 4th Dimension, not in God's Paradise of Jews, Christians and Moslims.   
What about 5th Dimension then?

Answer: If it really exists, its not Physical or made of Matter. Its just Spiritual and does not exist because 5 Surface Objects do not have any Round Surface and all of their Surfaces are Flat unless we make one of Surfaces of them become round artificially. Have people in 4th Dimension succeeded in doing so?
We do not know.
S U Turkman


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