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Friday, August 2, 2013


It seems their are many willing to die and then be exported over seas  and Grameen Bank get paid by unscrupulous elements..

Their are other way to get over seas with job..and etc that is it seems they are targeting in many of these cases NON MOSLEMS or less controversial fact the way I am discussing is even be better then Getting Visa by Marriage Petition and thus become naturalized...I think thing described below is less controversial and legal then the Business route of Dr Md Yunus

1..Many US companies have subsidiaries..or Business from other Country has subsidiaries.let say you know some in US has a Restaurant or a Grocery store.or Gas Station.or any business for that matter..see if any of them has any extension of business in Canada or Other Neighboring countries of USA such as Mexico..Cuba.Salvador, more or less Spanish country now if you can find a Big Company such as Japanese or Chinese or any European ..big or small I think these types of Business can help depending on your qualification one might chose whom ever one can get them placed..where..

2. I am pretty sure based on my work experience in US companies, they allow if the company has subsidiaries to bring people from where ever they are..that include I was working for Canadian Company in USA..I found out they brought many Canadians from their..well many of them where in another company they had a extension in Mexico and they had management from Mexico their..well many from US side went their when ever they needed them and many from Mexico came to US when ever they needed them..and they worked they got paid and everything same...thus you have a legal work Visa  and you will get all the benefit of being able to work and they will deduct social security too..and if employer has benefit will get that too ..I think these visa term are for certain length of time and thus will have to be renewed every when ever needed..if no problem with the employer..they will be more then willing to work with you..

Now their are many business from Bangladesh does business in USA..they seem to be wnting more of management skilled personnel...

Only thing is this way you do not get green card this is not employer HI Visa category..this is more like  I have an company and it has branch in USA..I need to send one of my manager their for a Year or Two..and he will be back..Grameen Bank way their is lost of scam  to have to have sex with business clients and other even men..I know, I can see some of the pain..the way I am  mentioning is far far better situation..who might be able to help..lets try this see if JAMAT affiliated..Employment Agency..

Good luck do not fall for Grameen Trap

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No use in teaching a Nazi like Burmese racist military regime!

In Burma, time for lecture should be over. It is time for action against the genocidal racist military working behind President Thein Sein. People uprooted now are in concentration camps. Government wants these people either to be killed by the mob led by monks or be vanished from the earth. US ambassador is giving good and impressive lectures, now Canadian and European countries also sending officials to lectures to these war criminals. Did they change to use police and the security personnel to stop the violations? No. Please check the following video:



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