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Monday, August 5, 2013

[] Fwd: Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington DC presents..... [1 Attachment]

[Attachment(s) from Kamal Ahmed included below]

A good group of friends of mine from Tagore Music Group is staging their next presentation a Musical on September 8th, Sunday. Please support and see the forwarded message for more info.
Thank you.

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Subject: Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington DC presents.....
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Hello Friends....
                  Hereby announcing the staging of Tagore Music Group's 2013 production so that you all can put it on your calendars: Sep 8, Sunday, 4:00pm sharp at the Jewish Community Center's Rockville location. 
 Please view the attachment for pertinent information about the program, and here's a short intro to the story....just to tickle your interest: 

It was the year 1658.
In Delhi, Emperor Shah Jahan's reign was coming to an end...his prowess having been vastly diminished with age. 
As a result, his four sons Dara Shikhoh, Shah Shuja, Aurangzeb and Murad Baksh began vying for the throne.
Shah Suja had been serving as Bengal's Governor for quite some time.
Hence, of the four brothers, he was the farthest away from Delhi.
This made him feel insecure.
Fearing that one of his greedy brothers will grab Delhi's throne before he could, Shuja declared himself Emperor and made an armed attempt at Delhi, only to be defeated by his oldest brother Dara Shikoh.
Later, Aurangzeb killed Dara Shikoh, threw his father, the aging Shah Jahan, into a prison cell, and ascended the throne.
This time when Shah Shuja marched towards Delhi against Aurangzeb, he was defeated once more.... by Aurangzeb's army chief Mir Zumla....who chased Shuja all the way back to Bengal and beyond. 
Finally, Shuja had to take refuge in Arakan (now a part of Burma).  
The King of Arakan promised to provide him ships which would sail Shuja and his family & a group of faithful attendants to the safety of Mecca. 
However, those ships were never provided. 
Eight months passed by and the Arakan King failed to keep his promise. It turned out he was disgruntled with Shah Shuja. He had wanted to marry Shuja's eldest daughter, but Shuja would not honor such a request. Shuja's daughter was Emperor Shah Jahan's grandchild....beautiful and highly educated. He could not possibly agree to marry her off to a pirate king of a small province. Hence the trust between Shuja & the King was broken.
There are many different versions as to what had actually transpired in Arakan in the year 1660.... and all of those accounts are tragic. Rabindranath's story, however, borrowing a bit of history and adding a bit of his own poetic imagination, details an unique version of the fate of Shuja and his daughters....... a version not to be missed.... especially since Tagore Music Group has threaded this story into a musical extravaganza with nine songs and dances....... We hope you'll join us. 

I suggest you buy the tickets in advance as space is limited and does tend to get filled quickly. Please send me a check made out to: 
Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington DC Inc (payee)

Mailing address:
 Bharati Mitra
14421 Kings Grant Street
North Potomac, MD 20878

General Admission Tickets are $15/per person. However, if you'd like to help out Tagore Music Group in covering the high costs of staging this show, please consider buying the Sponsorship Tickets at $50/per person. You'll get the best seats and shall be recognized in the play bill... and of course profusely thanked from the bottom of our hearts for being a supporter of the Arts. 

Please forward this email to your friends & acquaintances so that they too can experience this unique production. 

Bharati Mitra
on behalf of:
Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington DC
Art is the only way to run away without leaving home!

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