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Thursday, July 11, 2013


It seems root of most of Bangladesh War Casualty is tied to BAIN CAPITAL..and this BAIN CAPITAL is tied to the root...the Mortgage Deed signed by my ancestors when they went to build the house in Chittagong. It seems Girish Chandra Barua went along with what his wife insisted on..2 things..if the House  was ever sold (1) she will get half the proceed of the sale of the House..rumor as though I am here, the house has been sold and Business or Temple tide to Thailand paid quite bit for the house thus  Girish Chadra's wife is due half the proceed..I think other half was, that is Girish Chandras to belong to AMIT..

Now the Mutual Fund tied to the Mortgage I think is separate issue..Let me put it this way US treasury will not allow you to do any business any where in the world unless..and you try to borrow money from them..or any one because most of the lenders and Banks when ever they lead money even of they do not tell you , on their one they find some one to go along on the loans that is in case the loan is defaulted..basically they arrange a co signer and those co signer find co signers  and it seems US Govt is the most aggressive other may be more worst..and they stipulate this SEX Industry as the co signer..and it seems BAIN CAPITAL..well in Chitagonian language it means..In Laws or BAYIEN..that is the relation ship..if my so married your daughter..

It seems Girish Chandra had to make some decision he may have not known the far reaching implication of that Mutual fund being tied to that Mortgage deed then..

First of all that is some things his Patent Buyer stipulated...second of was some thing the Brahman tied to next door Horri Hor Dutta stipulated too as I understand Brahman was in the side with Buddha when he died where as Brahmin was with Buddhas wife..son their was some good relations with the Brahman..I have seen and known the Brahman , I think his name is KALPO TORU BRAHMAN he is the one that made my THIKUCHI or seems KOLPOTORU knew of the agreed upon name of AMIT between  Girish Chandra and his his other wife whose descendant all of us are of that residence in Chittagong..It seems St Placid was their and it Principal was among the one instructing this..Last but not least their was this law then and still may case an individual has more then one wife..his first wife and the descendant from First wife will be the one that will inherit the major portion of the inheritance if any if not all of it..and hint is this law was made while back and Radha Kanto had the biggest say in instituting that law..I think one exception was if the first wife apportioned of any other Inheritor was I think Crucial for Girish Chandra to get the name..AMIT in their as ..they where his real inheritor..where as if not good chance SURJA SEN may be the other one as he is Rahul..end up with the inheritance..even at that these are CONTRACTS law..special subject in Law..

Now it is thus matter of interest who is the fund manager of BAIN CAPITAL..I think it was meant like this RADHA KANTO BARUA..that would be R.K BARUA..well that is abbreviation of one of my uncles name, the cement business man whose son has died..only thing is his name is RUPAM KISHORE BARUA..then their is this Oh that infamous driver..that is ROMONEY KANTO BARUA..that is MITT ROMNEY as we seems many confusion over this KANTO or KANTA..that is as it is tied to female name  then their is many KANTO..such as SREE KONTO..KRSINA KANTO'r WILL..BONGKIM CHANDRA..CHATTERJEE..that is one interpretation..


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