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Thursday, July 4, 2013

[] Nieces Wedding.

If hin't is impropriety in my nieces is the grooms and nieces well wisher from USA that has made some kind of financial arrangement.  It is no one else but Mr Shorab Ali..who used to be my father once upon a time..that is then Bangladesh Customs Preventive officer Mr Pranab Kumar Barua. He from USA..bought the land in Darjeeling that was owned by some Buddhist Families their. Story has it those houses where set on fire..thus the families relocated and did not wish to return..they did need some money..and On behalf of Mr Shorab Ali (AD)..bought the land as it was sitting idle. Thus the property owner got some money for the land. He bought the land with the money he earned in USA..and seems to have worked for US customs in some capacity. Check to buy the land was written by Chandrima Barua....she wrote the check because Mr Boyd instructed her to to do, who is an lawyer in Houston and I think is reincarnated Ukil Phani Bhushan Barua . 

Now what happened is this  just few months back I was on the utube watching some shows one was on Darjeeling..I think it is the same story about a Monk/India Railway employee and etc.and their they showed or referred to a piece of land where some people used to stay was burnt by so called MAOIST..are Chinese backed..

As I saw that episode on Utube.. and wondered why did they burned the houses their. Could it be that their is something I thought of so...I got hint of Metal..which are usually in the form of Mineral mining, as I sorted thru what types of minerals are we talking about..I thought could be IRON ORE, COULD BE COPPER..but was not getting some kind of satisfaction..until I thought of is then I thought of BLACK GOLD..which is other name of OIL..thus focused on thinking gold being their. I did not know, that land was owned by Mr Shorab Ali (AD) prior to that my father Pranab Kumar Barua..and as I was going thru this I was following the in Gorokh Pure that are about to have another war fare..why hint is some one found oil in their land, and they made money and got away with it..guess what my sorting thru and the land owner, well it is actually Oil their..thus it is based on my usual in case of Oil owner gets half and prospector that is me got the half..and some one soon, I think Indian Oil..paid one time upfront for the exploration and marketing of oil  and as I understand that land was not in..Dinesh Chadra's survey map..thus half the money was with Shorab Ali as he bought that say in worst case..the land was in the Dinesh Chandras map..I think in that scenario..he will still get his he owns the land..I will still get the other half of Oil Porspector..which was in that scenario was in Old British Map with Dinesh Chandra..the thing is I inherited Dinesh Chandrs estate is then Shorab Ali helped in my nieces wedding..she is my younger sisters daughter, though she was in my fathers death.she was more or less an minor at that time..who has some what made it something but being exploited by her employer...she even has an MBA degree..and seems to read and write well..she wrote to me once in wife fought over the letter, now groom is  a son of my fathers nephew..who was some what regular at our house hold..and it was him that helped my father when he donated this gate at Mohamuni High School..I was going thru the I am concerned over who is fighting the lawsuit over temple in our rural home town..and among the list of my side temple patrons was my fathers Nephew..besides my uncle and others..

I was some what relieved to see his name .it is some one my father had some trust in..thus I was assured .lawsuit was still active and going on..

That is the truth nothing but the truth....where do you see corruption..corruption is where those Houses where burnt by MAO buddies..

From: Abdullah Dewan <>
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Sent: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 1:54 PM
Subject: [] [Politiconomy] "My Party Does not indulge in corruption".

"My Party Does Not Indulge in Corruption",  claims Hasina. Really? What about you?

What are the different ways Expatriate's Remittances are spent?  Here is one way.

Sheikh Hasina's
Official Trip for niece's wedding reception . Read the Daily Star Story by clicking the following link:

Thank you all,
Abdullah A Dewan
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