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Monday, July 8, 2013


It seems their were issues between LAL MOHAN MOHASTOBIR and his BURMESE wife..and DINESH CHANDRA..DINESH CHANDRA had stress over death of his son in Burma SADHAN..the oldest son..this investigation of him was triggered by Dhiman Dr, thru Prince Charles as it was British India..Now Lal Mohan Mohastobir also was under stress over some of the health issue of his son that is Dinesh Chandra..he assessed the blame of on some of the cooking of His Burmese wife and hint is she borrowed money and etc to buy things  from guess whom Shelu dantys mother father Mohim  Babu an ally of Sudhangshu shekhar Halder..was also too..not only him, it was also the other brother of Satish Chandra..that is KOMOL CHANDRA..he was the one known as MORMON tied individual..they kind of played with her and pit her against her husband..that is LAL MOHAN MOHASTOBIR..he supposedly used to get irritated..

Now this becomes other issue..LAL MOHAN MOHASTOBIR.'s Burmese wife..supposedly countered hinting he was gay and so was his father..that brings up other issue who was LAL MOHAN MOHASTOBIR' it seems it was some one JAIN..I have to say it was no one but MAHAVIR himself the founder of JAIN RELIGION...there is much dispute between the similarities and dissimilarities of..between JAINIAM & BUDDHISM  only things is JAINISM is the only other religion similar to Buddhism...though their are fundamental differences..then their is issue of being well lets put it this way JAIN priest used to be NAKED to very little clothe if did not wear sandles walked bare I understand root of no clothes on the priest where from ..may be..they also had persecutors and trouble makers..and that was got robbed of clothing..well you rob me once rob me twice..well may be I wear nothing lets see what can you rob..about the no shoe no sandle supposedly they were so concerned of harming another that they feared with shoe or sandle they may step insect or so..and kill the insect..thus the Buddhas Middle Path and the version of Buddhist text MAHAVIR is also known as NAGITTAHPUTAM..
Now their where debates and discussion between Buddha & MAHAVIR..the  more I look at the Moslem..revere Prophet MOSES..JESUS & MOHAMMAD  to some extent based on some Buddhist text known to me..MAHAVIR is also referenced..the thing is Buddha Dharma believes in BODHISATTA's..thus MAHAVIR was one of them too..

From: Debasish Barua <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, July 7, 2013 8:21 PM

One of the KEY individual in this mess is the Burmese mother of Dinesh Chandra Barua. The Post Master. Her name was UNNAMEY. I have been stating that she played a role in passing what is known as THEORY OF RELATIVITY to EINESTINE though it was of GUNALANKAR.., GUNALANKAR was dictating to LAL MOHAN MOHSATOBIR to his son DINESH seems money played a role in DINESH CHANDRA , UNNAMEY & INDUBHUSHAN to pass on the information to..EINESTINE..Dinesh Chandra was payed about Million Dollar to do so back then..and what is claimed with 50/50 split with British I understand that money went to pay for the LAND..following which DINESH CHANDRA was basically killed and as I understand DINESH CHADRA's mother is litigating the death of her son she went to visit Burma before her son death..Hint is THAILAND is aiding Dinesh Chandras mother in that death of her son..

It is more interesting who LAL MOHAN MOHASTOBIR is..he is one else the King of the PHARAO...HERODAUTUS,,whose son dies during the days of Moses when he was about to ascend to seems use of TURMERIC date the days of PHARAO..

From: Debasish Barua <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Thursday, July 4, 2013 1:21 PM

According to is responsible for his own action. When we are dealing in this specific report.Buddhist are not monolithic .followers of Buddha, as we know their as of now more then one major segment of Buddhism yes some Buddhist are among the midst of this has to do with many reason.For instance BURMA & THAILAND are both more or less very devout Buddhist Country..the truth is this two countries have seen some of the worst war fare between them....thus as I believe if you separate the anti moslem rhetoric, of some of these Buddhist and Monks..remind you even Buddhist Monk though they are not supposed to get angry..some time human nature shows up..and these episodes are in the same be honest among the attackers of Rohingya Moslems are Moslems too..thus it is not totally ethnic with the Buddhist are Moslems and many of that side  to be candid it is the same Bangdesh Razakar allies they even have hindus in it..alliance..the major segment is that of Chittagong Notable Personality and big ego driven politician from his ancestral  history of Bangladesh Polictics that is son of FOKA CHY, Salauddin Kader Chy..he is among the pursuer of these Rohingya Moslem. Not only him Sohel Samad is among the pursuers,  I am in Houston, Texas...more then one reason why..some of these happened..thus it is not fair to characterize it as totally anti moslem..though most of the victims are Moslems..

Why some of these I have written of the most violent out break of these butchering was..goes like this..Romney has another women in life..that is his wife..when he was basically a truck driver in Bangladesh..He is the truck driver..that was killed over Hem Sen Lane in Chittagong..during Zia era..thus their is issue of his unsettled which is claimant is his wife..who is she..they where claiming she was actually one of the illegitimate  daughters of my mothers father Dinesh Chandra Barua who death is still and issue..and they think she is the most cleaner one of the child of Dinesh Chadra to get the family an actual if you do DNA test you will find  close family link..but no cigar..that is actually Shajahan Siraj 's daughter..

Now Romney the driver was also a very close confidant of Salauddin Kader...many issue...well he is the truck driver that drove the Truck that carried the killer who killed among many..of KALIM SHARIFFI too..well it is that  Chittagong lane known as HORISH DUTTA LANE..that starts from one corner of Chittagong DC Pahar and exits by RIFLE to this HOTEL..sounds thing is Romney was know to us not to the extent who he was, the thing is we have driven cars driven by him..because he was driver that drove my fathers and me one one ocation we knew him...thru custom's connection also a class friend of mine from St Placids day to Faujdarhat Cadet College..and they used to..that is my class mate AKHTER..we did borrow his fathers car few time with that was their driver the one that was killed over hemsen lane..more on it..cliff hanger

From: Abid Bahar <>
To: notun Bangladesh <>; Biplob Kuddus <>; BNP Canada <>; "" <>; "" <>; Isha Khan <>; Faruk Ahmed <>; ovimot yahoogroups <>; "" <>; Shamsher M Chowdhury <>; Burma Task Force <>; burma today <>; "" <>; Arakan News <>; "" <>;;; abid bahar <>; Dr. Wakar Uddin <>; Nurul Islam <>
Sent: Thursday, July 4, 2013 11:58 AM

Abid Bahar
Buddhism, an essentially nonviolent religion has been abused by the Burmese military for decades to cover up its decades long crimes, this time through a Buddhist extremist monk has now been brought to light by the Western media. Research shows, monk Wirathu is the product of the Burmese military. He was inspired by a military agent who invented the 969 NAZI symbol. Buddhism of hypocrisy by Wirathu is to justify how "kind the Burmese Buddhists" are while in reality they are actively killing the non Buddhists. He is simply "a convenient villain for a complicated Burmese story." Unfortunately, the not so educated Burmese people swallows these very old fashioned snake oil now sold through the the extremist monk Writhu. This however is not acceptable to the Time establishment because it is unethical and dangerous for the humanity of our time.
Congratulations to this great Time's Reporter for a good job in amplifying the hate crimes committed by criminals wearing sacred robes. Unfortunately, those opposing the TIME are not the educated Burmese people and don't have any clue about what necessitated the TIME to prepare this report. Hannah Beech is absolutely right to reveal the criminal intent of the extremist and unemployed monks. They possess a type of medieval mentality. With this revelation, these true skin head racists can now run but can't hide anymore from the international focus.
From TIME's bold portrayal of the fake Buddhist monk Wirathu, (despite some protests from Buddhist extremists) his place is now rests with the disgraced racist killers in Europe, Africa and South East Asia. From now onward, him and people like him can try to disguise in cloth dyed in human blood and can even pretend like good guys in Burma but with TIME's help we can now read and identify the true color of their belief. No doubt, it is the abuse of Buddhism-TIME magazine called "THE FACE OF BUDDHIST TERROR!!! !"


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