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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[] Would anyone please sent us about - the real ‘corruption allegation’ - who claims that huge corruption had happened in proposed Padma Bridge project?

Would anyone please write  and sent us about - the real 'corruption allegation' (with any legal or authentic proof) against ex minister Sayed Abul Hussain or any other 4 people mentioned (?) by World Bank (WB) who claims that huge corruption had happened in proposed Padma Bridge project?


One and only allegation, WB has officially informed or told that a "conspiracy" of corruption was planned (not yet done) by SNC Lavalin, through one of his staff (having no administrative or financial power), by (thinking and) 'writing' few names of Bangladesh people (both Govt and common) in special code and with some percentage in his (SNC-Lavalin staff) 'personal diary'!


Most interestingly our stupid who are jumping and commenting on this issue, they do not know or do not have that much intellectual capacity - that those peoples(whose names were in dairy, not yet proved by court or shown) have no "real power" to award that job (except one secretary, who alone cannot do anything, without direct help of  "evaluation committee" and "আন্তর্জাতিক বিশেষজ্ঞ প্যানেল" of 10 member, 5 from overseas and 5 from Bangladesh including one appointed by WB and led by our well respected sincere personal and teacher and ex Adviser of Caretaker Govt (1996) Prof Jamilur Reza Choudhury Sir.


Truly speaking, WB is playing a nasty game and some (both so-called intellectual, stupid (জ্ঞান পাপী) and illiterate) people are fuelling that knowingly or unknowingly (গড্ডালিকা প্রবাহের মত)!


Strictly speaking WB should not submit or publish any matter on this subject, as it is a sub judice matter ("under judgment", means that a particular case or matter is under trial or being considered by a judge or court.)


As a case is under process to investigate this matter, which was lodged by Canadian police to a Canadian court by the request of WB itself!

So, how WB make these types of report or comments in media, while matter is in court! More interestingly, Canadian court has strictly prohibited publishing any news (real or assumption) on this matter without their permission until case is finalized!


But our so called "neutral", "efficient" media and also few people are doing against that order!


হায়রে আমাদের নিঃলজ্জ এবং নীতিহীন, লোভী, সুযোগ সন্ধানী, ধান্দাবাজ, দুর্নীতবাজ, জ্ঞান পাপী, ভীরু, মেরুদন্ড হীন তথাকথিত প্রগতিশীল নিরেপক্ষ মিডিয়া and our same "SUSHIL" intellectuals!


সেলুকাস, কী বিচিত্র এই দেশ-সেলুকাস, কী বিচিত্র এই দেশের সাংবাদিকতা! - আবেদ খান


আমাদের দেশে বাস করে
কিছু অপদার্থ সাংবাদিক-সম্পাদক কিছু সবজান্তা তথাকথিত "সুশীল", তারা প্রায় ক্ষেত্রে অসত্য, মিথ্যা-সত্য মিশানো সংবাদ, তথ্য প্রচারে, বলাতে - সদা ব্যস্থ!

তারা নির্লজ্জ, নীতিহীন, লোভী, সুযোগ সন্ধানী, ধান্দাবাজ, দুর্নীতবাজ, জ্ঞান পাপী, মেরুদন্ড হীন, ভীরু তথাকথিত প্রগতিশীল নিরেপক্ষ!!!



দেশে বিদেশে বাঙ্গালীরা এবং বঙ্গবন্ধুর একনিষ্ঠ গুনুমুগ্ধ ভক্ত গন

সুখে থাকুন, ভালো থাকুন এবং নিরাপদে থাকুন


জয় বাংলা , জয় বঙ্গবন্ধু



Engr. Shafiqur  Rahman Anu
New Zealand
N.B.: If any one is offended by content of this e-mail, please ignore & delete this e-mail. I also request you to inform me by an e- mail - to delete your name from my contact list.


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