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Sunday, March 3, 2013

[] UN (United Nations) the great solidarity for the Global Nations -Independence observation of a citizen [5 Attachments]

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UN (United Nations) the great solidarity for the Global Nations (Independence observation of a citizen)- THE THIRD EYES (4th Episodes)

UN (United Nations) the great solidarity for the Global Nations

          United States and the United Nations are carrying the significances, virtue, dignity and solidarity, truly in its name very meaningfully. Its' teaches the unity, values, respect and tolerances to the human being and to the all Nation in the world. The world is divided into different geographical regions, such as continent, Subcontinent, country, District, Cities, Suburbs and also in many different small units. People spreads around the world are living within different ethnical, cultural and religious believes.

           Every region or the country has their own language, culture, religion and the respect. And that cultural practice in different region has set forth by adopting the socio-eco-cultural aspect of that particular region. Religion, weather, environment and food habit also had a major role in shaping up the culture in their way of life. On aboriginal Knowledge and sustainability explores the importance of aboriginal values and spirituality in providing guidance for sustainable living and on such principles and values encourage a spirit of harmony between people, their natural environments and their spiritual identities. Those are the prime principles and the guidelines were mainly followed in the determination of cultural goal of almost every society in the world.

          The human civilized cultural society enacted to bring and capacity about the change of attitudes needed to ensure peace and sustainable development which, we know, form the only possible way forward for life on Earth. Our cultural values, which often include particular religious beliefs, shape our way of living and acting in the world. So United Nations as the legal guardian of the participating member countries of the world are playing a vital role to bring all countries under the umbrella, where all countries could exchange their cultural views, ethics, norms and build better relationship among each other.

          February 14 2013 President of the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations presented the program call "United for Culture of peace" through Interfaith Harmony, in the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York.

          This program has been divided into four different segments are 1) The3, role of interfaith harmony in the Peaceful settlement of Disputes. This section was designed with the statements of the representatives from various cultural and religious faith believers.  2) Symphony of Peace prayers is included with the prayer service and the speech of different faith believers. 3) World peace Flag Ceremony-May peace prevail on the Earth. This segment was dedicated by displaying the Flag's of all respected countries by the representative of that particular country. This Flag ceremony was intended to bring the whole world together under the UN shade. 4) Last part of the program was discussion with the participation of distinguished speakers of the event sponsors, president of 67th session of the UN General Assembly NGO information offices of director of UNESCO NY office.

অবশেষে অন্তর আমার চাহে বলিতে,

হে আমার প্রিয় জন্মভূমি!

তুমি দিয়েছো সুযোগ এই বিশাল সুন্দর পৃথিবীকে

চোখ মেলে, প্রান ভরে দেখিবার।

অন্তর আমার তোমার কাছে রহিবে ঋনী চিরকাল।

তুমি আমায় দিয়েছো সুযোগ সারা পৃথিবীর

মানব সমাজকে দেখিবার ও বুঝিবার ।


Mizanur Bhuiyan

Date, Time & place: 03 March 2013, 7.25 US Eastern time

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