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Thursday, March 21, 2013

[] Re: Aurangzeb did not kill his Brothers?

Brother Kamal you are right. People have sinister reason to take Akber, the deviant, as secular, who was Islamically a kafir, left Islam and devised a new 'Deen-e-Ilahi'----how Ilahi it was???
On the other hand, Aurangzeb was a true muslim and took care of the 'Sharee'ah' as much as he could follow it. This the hindu majority disliked and tried to malign Aurangzeb, where as he took care of both the communities under his rule.
A'llamah Iqbal contended Aurangzeb to be the last ramnent from the pristine humanity asset and noted that it was he who spread the light of humanity that was becoming dimmer by the deviance of Akber.
Once Hitler had told his audience," God can't change the past history, but a corrupt historian can."
So, it was the dirty work of the historians particularly burtons, hindus and sikhs to bringforth the pseudo dark image of Aurangzeb.
I can bring to the notice of readers, if need be, the glimses of the nicest character of Aurangzeb discovered by the present day hindu historians. 

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From: Kamal <>
Subject: Aurangzeb did not kill his Brothers?
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Date: Thursday, March 21, 2013, 3:08 AM

Dear Brothers


This is for our information for all of us who are religious as well as secular or atheists


The world loves a man who is more humane than being religious


That is why some people have praised Akbar here because he was secular and more humane and abhorred Aurangzeb for being religious


But I heard, maybe we all, about Aurangzeb which I wish to share with you all just for information.


We have read, though an emperor, Aurangzeb lived with the earnings from writing Quran and weaving of caps


Another historical incident which I read


A man in the courtyard of Aurangzeb requested the emperor to donate him something to improve his condition


Aurangzeb donated him 2.5 anas


After this incident Auragzeb went to South  India to bring down the unrest over there


After 10 years he returned back


He could not see the poor man in the courtyard.


He asked others and they said he became very rich in the meantime.


He called that man and asked for the reason. 


That man told Aurangzeb and the courtyard that he started some occupation with the 2.5 anas donated by Aurangzeb and thereafter he started to grow like anything.


Aurangzeb told the man…… do you wish to know how I got this money




He called a Hindu man from Chandnichowk and asked him to open up his accounts book to tell the transactions of that particular date


The Hindu man told he paid a man 2.5 anas who came to his rescue on a highly rainy day to set right his broken house and he did not know who the man was


Aurangzeb told the courtyard that the man who assisted the Hindu Trader to repair his house was  none other than the emperor Aurangzeb who stood alone in a deeply raining night to help his citizens in any manner possible during a night routine covert visit to see the condition of his citizens.


The hard-earned money of an emperor brought bliss to a poor man


A coin  does have two-sides I think



With best regards



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