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Monday, March 11, 2013

[] My son would not return home without victory - Imran Sarkar's Father Matiur rahman .....

Mr. Mohiuddin Anwar

What difference does that make, if some one's grandfather was a Razakar? GUILT BY RELATIONSHIP???

In any case your statement "Dr. Imran's grandfather was great Razakar ...." is out and out a false propaganda ..... Show some authentic documentary 
FYI, Bir Muktijuddha Taramon Bibi, who is from the same area, asserted
to the contary by saying that she has never heard about that.

Accoding to Bongobir Kader Siddiqui's definition anyone  who
was in government service in 1971 was a Razaker .... with this definition
your father was also a Razakar, since he was in the service of Tikka Khan's government in 1971.. Do you deny that ????

Do you call yourself "Razakerer pola" ???

It may be mentioned here that BNP stalwart M.K. Anwar was the greatest
crony of infamous Monaem Khan during late sixties and was a top policy maker bureaucrat in the Tikka Khan's government in 1971 ... How come you guys do not call him a Razakar .... ????

Interestingly enough, Mirza Faqrul Islam's father Mirza Ruhul Amin 
(Chokha Mia) was in Thakurgaon Shanti Committee, he can,  essentially
be called a Razakar too .... Mirza Faqrul Islam didn't actively joined 
Muktijuddho, although he was an able bodied youngman in 1971 ....Mirza 
Faqrul was in Biplobi Chattro Union during his Dhaka University day's 
under the leadership Mahboobullah that advocated Maobadi Biplob under 
one party rule [similar to Chinese Communist Party ...]  What do you think about that ?

Regarding Bakshal, General Zia not only joined voluntarily but congratulated those who joined Bakshal !!!!

kvnev‡M Rq-evsjvi Rq n‡eB!!!!!!!

sent by:
Syed Aslam

On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 10:56 PM, Mohiuddin Anwar <> wrote:
Dr. Imran's grandfather was great Razakar, Please read the story published recently. Imran himself is leader of pro Awami Doctor's forum. He is well known Baksali.
He has been Baksalized long before and no longer should be treated as an independent political activist. In Bangla he is rRzakarer Nati.
If my findiung is wrong please correct it with evidence.
Please note: message attached

From: SyedAslam <>
To: Khobor <>,  notun Bangladesh <>,
Subject: My son would not return home without victory : Imran Sarkar's Father Matiur rahman .....
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 19:19:30 -0400

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: SyedAslam <>
To: Khobor <>, notun Bangladesh <>,
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 19:19:30 -0400
Subject: My son would not return home without victory : Imran Sarkar's Father Matiur rahman .....

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†fv‡ii KvMR : g½jevi, 12 gvP© 2013


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