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Friday, February 15, 2013

Re: [] Why telling these stories can be dangerous

Arround 1966..-1968

My father used to play from then English Newspaper what was called GET A WORD game. I think if you were the solo winner of the game you could get then Tk25,000.00 he used to consult dictionary and etc to play this game, it was like cross word puzzle. He used to enter this game almost every time and pay the necessary entry fee. To fill out the entry form one had to list his home name and address and phone number. We did not have a phone, thus he entered a neighbors number. 

During one of these entries..and winners list is to be father had mild fever and blood pressure. I think he even took a day or two off. Well the result is published. Guess what he had all the words correct. Well excitement of winning drove up his anxiety, thus the blood pressure..Well his concern was if he won it alone or with some one else. Well if he won it alone it will be entire Tk 25, 000.00. 

Well then it was expectation had it him being the solo winner..he would get a complimentary telephone notification. That is the urdu speaking neighbor supposedly Aga Khani  neighbor. Well very early in the morning.we were still asleep.the neighbor makes enough noise that we woke up. Telephone call from Dhaka. Dad was not feeling well, but he still struggled with increased expectation that  this might be the call, and formal notification. We all waited for dad to return.. eventually he does. No it was not the notification he was expecting..instead it was Shelu Danty's father. He was coming to Chittagong with his wife, if he could make arrangement to receive him. That was the call about. Well what he did not tell us, was when he was at the neighbors, they man of the house directly or indirectly insisted that my father has sex with his wife and may be a child.

He seemed very frustrated and hint was he refused to do so and got back in a hurry or unless I do not know of if he did give into their is that family Rezaul is tied to I think.  

Well during the war we were in hiding in our rural home town. Well in round about way what happened is Pak military was basically sent to get him to get back to work..we move from relatives home to home..then he kind of arranged that he sent rest of us to India as refugee and he gets back to work.Just prior to that and hindu Doctor name Khirod Dutta who tried to flee to India, went up to border and turned around because on the way he with his family was robbed and etc as they got close to the border..well he thought of my father and knew where we were from and asked enough people, and found my father and us in our rural home town, he stayed with us thru the entire time then one when we were in hiding. In the middle of this one day some one from a next Hindu neighbor hood comes where we were staying looking for Doctor as their son is sick, they came to know we have doctor with us..thus they wanted his help..Khirod kaka asked my father to go along with him..they did come back from seeing the patient. Story was child's situation was not good and dr did not have enough medicine and etc to treat..I think next day or two the news was..the child has died..

Well we did not know my father was the suspect..the child that died his family sold  MURI for business. It comes out to be Khirod Kaku went their subsequently one more time..and put the kid to sleep for ever..basically he killed the child..supposedly Khirod Kaka situation got very bad at the end of his life and and before his death he confided it to his surviving family member what he did and regretted what he did and begged for forgiveness. Well as i see it..some how Khirod Kaka also made contact with Bacchu Drs wife. The thing is during those days were again discussing going to India this time with guide that knows the way  how to get to india with out being robbed and the guides had to paid per individual. From what I know form our portion of travel and my mothers cousin arranged the money..i guess he was well off. Well Khirod babu did not have the money needed to pay the guide..well guess who supplied his the money, Bacchu Dr's wife, with condition he has to kill that child and my father gets the blame for it..Bacchu Dr was in USA then..bacchu Dr's wife is connected to Saluaddin Kader they are in same business..Well my mothers cousin I think still keeps track of the money and the interest on it..that is Balloon Mama out of Betagi..well that makes my father some what you may consider war criminal even if he did nothing wrong in that instance nor did we..

Now why did we hire these guys to guide us to India, well some how they are saying they were razakars..well it seems they are not..only thing they got against them is...After our family left for india same guide made tow more trips with the second batch he took Khirod Dr the third trip it my mothers sister, my uncles wife and Bacchu dr wife..well this time as they got around Feni..they were robbed and all three were newly married with all their wedding Jewelry.. well they implicate the guides and my father.. supposedly guides them selves were surprised and they, were moslem ...Well actually it Bacchu dr father arranged the that they can put the blame on my father..and the guides..well Feni is Begum Zia home district..supposedly guides went to rest room or so when this happened or or they were compromised as other side was more intimidating..only they can tell for them selves..but it is for sure Bacchu dr father arranged the theft of gold..well Bacchu dr's wife sued my father over this, I think she convinced my other relatives to. Nothing else was done except for theft..

From: Debasish Barua <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Friday, February 8, 2013 9:18 PM
Subject: Re: [] Re: For many in Guptakhal hope you can recognize this one

Well Guess who Google CEO..Eric Schmidt is..well that is definitely a German name, well via Bangladesh. Well may be we should say that is our Guptakhals Other foreign Kid..HELMUT..he is the one that used to pedal this miniature scooter that was popular few days back..well rumor was they had Nazi ties and were in hiding in Bangladesh..

Only they can tell you the truth..

I think 42% of his portion of Google stake..that is lots of dough..CEO' shave ways to hype..stock and seems he got help from Yahoo..well Sell High..Buy Low..

Well that is for our friends from the neighborhood..

I hope many in Chittagong that remember Helumt is proud of his achievement

Debasish Barua..

From: Debasish Barua <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Thursday, February 7, 2013 8:57 AM
Subject: Re: [] Re: General Ershad & his role

General Ershad is one individual that came to prominence not for Sheikh Mujib but for Zia-ur-Rahaman. Though General Ershads name was not known much during Sheikh Mujib administration...he also did have a very highly decorated Military Rank in Bangladesh Military..he was the ADJUTANT GENERAL of BANGLADESH MILITARY..under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman administration..a rank that is among many things responsible for enforcing discipline with in Military Ranks., I think that rank directly or indirectly controls Military Court Martial related legal system to Military Police and etc...

It may have mitigated a bit now in Bangladesh Military, I think..but during Mujib administration their existed a division with in Army..between Military Personnel that was supposedly should I say like EAST BENGAL REGIMENT , EAST PAKISTAN RIFLES..vs Military Personnel that were stranded in West Pakistan during the I understand General Ershad was in West Pakistan supposedly they had many that were Bengali speaking in then Army some kind of Camp arrangement..they were known as Repatrioits in The Bangladesh Army..

Well the one that brought General Ershad into assigning him..Deputy Chief of Bangladesh Army..he stood by Begum Zia..after Zia was assassinated..well he did remove Begum Zia by Military coup.. and formed his won party, then in subsequent elections sided with Begum Zia to give her victory..

I know of many, many that was in one time with BNP politics..that left BNP dis enchanted, one of the main reason could be as BNP likes to move the cause of..Zia..and his son the eventual leader in Bangladesh Politics..whom many a Chichkey Pola..

Well from that aspect ego..pride, valor, armour..many comes to play..well thus the high rate of defection from BNP..where as I think Mujib Family or not..Awami League will sustain and it was the case when Zia ruled and AL was opposition..AL has proven it over the period of time..and many are veteran in politics..thus many other veterans in politics feel comfortable with ..AL..of other parties under the table..

Debasish Barua

From: Isha Khan <>
Sent: Sunday, February 3, 2013 11:43 PM
Subject: [] Re: PM asks army to protect democracy

But AL said 1/11 was the fruit of their andolon and AL would give them indemnity if they come to power. AL kept their word and no case was filed against any of the 1/11 men for violating the constitution, undermining the democratic institutions and various misdeeds.

Similarly nothing was done about Ershad for violating the constitution and promulgating martial law. When Ershad took over power by a coup AL said they were not unhappy. Ershad's misdeeds are now history but AL made him their digit-AL partner.

On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 11:12 AM, Isha Khan <> wrote:
PM asks army to protect democracy

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday directed the senior army officials to resist any anti-democratic and anti-constitutional activity for continuation of the country's development.
���Stay alert so that no vested quarter can disrupt the country's forward march riding over the army's back. I hope you'll resist any anti-democratic and anti-constitutional activity with your all-out strength,��� she said.

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