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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Re: [] Re: Pakistan Youth Alliance Movement (OFFICIAL) requesting (Pray for Jamat-e-Islami in Bangladesh).

Well it may not be what you think..Sheikh Mujib declared Amnesty, for many Razakars and war criminals..well their was not enough prison to hold them, he did release them. I think it did to totally exhonarate them from Crime..they committed, instead trial was postponed..

About Pakistan Generals..well here their is some I mentioned Mujib was the lawyer who sued over these war dreads and etc..thus he had to deal with the other side, their exist after the war letters between such as ..RAO FORMAN ALI who denied his troops committed the war crimes . When pointed out instances..Forman Alis pointed others not him..

Well that is where is this interesting issue..the existence of correspondence between ZIA & Pak Armys BAIG..well as I have been mentioning Zias role during the war in killing and etc..well how much did Forman Ali know about Baigs activity as it seems  Zia was pleasing the Pak Military..

They may not be held responsible such as Forman Ali and all..I think it will go a long way to establish liability if one can point out in testimony or writing who were actually responsible then..

Well it seems KUDDUS MOLLA or so was with Forman Ali..

Lawsuits are hard fought, many lawyers die with their cases..well cases do go on..

From: Mir Khan <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:32 PM
Subject: [] Re: Pakistan Youth Alliance Movement (OFFICIAL) requesting (Pray for Jamat-e-Islami in Bangladesh).

In response to Dr.Sira.. Dula on Pakistan Youth's prayer for War crime prisoner's in Bangladesh I would like to remind him that it was Sheikh saheb who has reconciled with Pakistan and with Pro Pakistan elements in Bangladesh.How you can ask Pakistan to hand over their former Generals to Bangladesh for war trial?By Simla agreement(India & Pakistan) there were no war criminals.Being a doctorate degree holder you should know the historical evidences before you demand something.Dhaka Surrender has been performed in between Indian Army & Pakistan Army(Directed by their respective governments).It is the StUPiDity of distort the history.There are Millions of Victims since 1971,16th December.All against Humanity.All are brutal criminal offences.Only Mrs.Hasina got the so called justice for herself.Most of us we did not have justice.Justice System and Law enforcement never pay attention for millions of victims like us.Jamat as well as many left wing parties opposed separation of Pakistan  by Indian assistance.Why Jamat should be single out for War crimes alone?It is no doubt that Jamat Leaderships in Bangladesh were opportunists and made their fortune for themselves.Took all the advantage of Shekh Saheb killing.But when it came to oppose BAKSAL idea JAMAT leadership were never been serious.So what was changed over night by a few Junior level freedom fighter Army officer's helped Jamati's for their advantage.When those freedom fighter tried and hanged JAMATI's never protested.So called Islamists are still divided in many factions.Some Bad-dati so call Sunni's and Pir and Tarika businesses are with BAKSAL for their own interest to continue.Still if JAMAT leaderships surrender their fortunes(Properties made after 1971) to party fund or to government and ask for resistence of BAKSAL(new)dedicated pro Islamic and pro freedom of Bangladeshi force can wipe out the oppressors within a few hours.Media hype and under law enforcement  protection of so called Bejonma youth movement will be hiding instantly for sure.India is a big Country and naturally they want to manupulate Bangladeshi politics through their Might and Money as well.Paid Agents are identified and there will be more to be on their pay roll.Still Public in India and Bangladesh are in the same boat against common oppressors.Pakistan through ISI if wants to polute Bangladeshi politics they should follow the lead of MOSAD & RAW.Not with money but by brain.Long live freedom loving Bangladeshi people and Long live Bangladesh.
Mir Dost Mohammad Khan


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