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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Re: [] Re: General Ershad & his role

General Ershad is one individual that came to prominence not for Sheikh Mujib but for Zia-ur-Rahaman. Though General Ershads name was not known much during Sheikh Mujib administration...he also did have a very highly decorated Military Rank in Bangladesh Military..he was the ADJUTANT GENERAL of BANGLADESH MILITARY..under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman administration..a rank that is among many things responsible for enforcing discipline with in Military Ranks., I think that rank directly or indirectly controls Military Court Martial related legal system to Military Police and etc...

It may have mitigated a bit now in Bangladesh Military, I think..but during Mujib administration their existed a division with in Army..between Military Personnel that was supposedly should I say like EAST BENGAL REGIMENT , EAST PAKISTAN RIFLES..vs Military Personnel that were stranded in West Pakistan during the I understand General Ershad was in West Pakistan supposedly they had many that were Bengali speaking in then Army some kind of Camp arrangement..they were known as Repatrioits in The Bangladesh Army..

Well the one that brought General Ershad into assigning him..Deputy Chief of Bangladesh Army..he stood by Begum Zia..after Zia was assassinated..well he did remove Begum Zia by Military coup.. and formed his won party, then in subsequent elections sided with Begum Zia to give her victory..

I know of many, many that was in one time with BNP politics..that left BNP dis enchanted, one of the main reason could be as BNP likes to move the cause of..Zia..and his son the eventual leader in Bangladesh Politics..whom many a Chichkey Pola..

Well from that aspect ego..pride, valor, armour..many comes to play..well thus the high rate of defection from BNP..where as I think Mujib Family or not..Awami League will sustain and it was the case when Zia ruled and AL was opposition..AL has proven it over the period of time..and many are veteran in politics..thus many other veterans in politics feel comfortable with ..AL..of other parties under the table..

Debasish Barua

From: Isha Khan <>
Sent: Sunday, February 3, 2013 11:43 PM
Subject: [] Re: PM asks army to protect democracy

But AL said 1/11 was the fruit of their andolon and AL would give them indemnity if they come to power. AL kept their word and no case was filed against any of the 1/11 men for violating the constitution, undermining the democratic institutions and various misdeeds.

Similarly nothing was done about Ershad for violating the constitution and promulgating martial law. When Ershad took over power by a coup AL said they were not unhappy. Ershad's misdeeds are now history but AL made him their digit-AL partner.

On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 11:12 AM, Isha Khan <> wrote:
PM asks army to protect democracy

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday directed the senior army officials to resist any anti-democratic and anti-constitutional activity for continuation of the country's development.
"Stay alert so that no vested quarter can disrupt the country's forward march riding over the army's back. I hope you'll resist any anti-democratic and anti-constitutional activity with your all-out strength," she said.

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