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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Re: [] Quader Mollah ....!!!!!

If you are so sure about Quader Mollah why didn't you present your evidences to the court which desperately needed to get guilty verdict. The court couldn't prove a single thing against him.
Can you honestly prove that Quader Mollah is guilty.

From: SyedAslam <>
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 2:36 AM
Subject: Re: [] Quader Mollah ....!!!!!
Mr. Shumon Ahmed.

Your comment on Quader Mollah is incorrect and misleading.
[ You said" "He wasn't in the list of rajakars till 80s .....]
You are right Quader Mollah was not a rajakar !!!!
Worse !!!! As matter of fact Quader Mollah was an Al-bodor bahini
commander in the killing field of Bangladesh in 1971, during our 
liberation war

একাত্তরে 'মিরপুরের কসাই' বলে পরিচিত ছিলেন এই কাদের মোল্লা 
উনসত্তরে ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে পড়তে এসে জাতীয় পর্যায়ে ইসলামী ছাত্রসংঘের 
সঙ্গে জড়িত হন কাদের মোল্লা। মুক্তিযুদ্ধের সময় ছাত্রসংঘ আলবদর বাহিনীতে 
রূপান্তরিত হলে তিনি ঢাকার মিরপুরে ছাত্রসংঘের সদস্যদের নিয়ে আলবদর 
বাহিনী গঠন করেন এবং এ বাহিনীর একজন কমান্ডার হন।   
কাদের মোল্লা মুক্তিযুদ্ধকালে মিরপুরে সংঘটিত অপরাধের অভিযোগে 
১৯৭২ সালের জানুয়ারি মাসে ফরিদপুরে গ্রেফতার হয়েছিলেন। 
১৯৭৫ সালে বঙ্গবন্ধু হত্যাকাণ্ডের পর রাজনৈতিক পটপরিবর্তনের 
সুযোগ নিয়ে ফের প্রকাশ্য রাজনীতিতে আসেন তিনি।
১৯৭৭ সালের ফেব্রুয়ারি মাসে ইসলামী ছাত্রসংঘ ইসলামী ছাত্রশিবির নামে 
প্রতিষ্ঠিত হলে কাদের মোল্লা ছাত্রশিবিরের কেন্দ্রীয় কার্যকরী পরিষদের 
সদস্য হন।
You have said:
"Law minister Qumrul, Home Minister Alamgir, and another minister 
who is happend to be the PM's relative Mosharraf are all rajakars ". 
This is a totally false propaganda perputrated by the opponents 
of the trial [Jamaate Islami protégés] . 
Mr. Shumon, can you honestly present your version of history and 
prove that your accusations against " Qumrul, Alamgir, 
Mosharraf " are not out-and-out false--- and you haven't
engaged in downright falsehood...... [Please describe any
direct action you accuse them of engaging in the killing fields
during the occupation of Bangladesh in 1971].
As a matter of fact Jamaate Islami was the only party in 1971 that
had it's own armed gestapo wing [Al-bodor Bahini
manned by the Jamaat's student-organization Islami Chattro
Sangho]. The Islami Chattro Sangho's hand was so much
taited with the bloods of  innocent un-armed Bangladeshis that 
when it resurfaced around 1977-78 it changed the name to 
Islami Chattro Shibir ..... This a tacit admission of Jamaat's 
crimes and guilts in 1971: The kiilling  of Buddhijibs in December
1971 was the action of Islami Chattro Sangho vis-a-vis
Al-Bodor Bahini ....বদর বাহিনী প্রধানত জামায়াতের কর্মী দ্বারাই
গঠিত হয়েছিল ইসলামী ছাত্র সংঘ' নাম পাল্টিয়ে 'বাংলাদেশ 
ইসলামী ছাত্র শিবির' নামে যাত্রা শুরু করে:

Thanks for your patience !!!
Sent by:
Syed Aslam


Quader MollahAccusations and Verdict (Video) (Updated) | Priyo ...
5 days ago – ICT-2 verdict's on the war crimes case against Jamaat leader 
Abdul Quader Mollah declared life imprisonment in two cases, 15 year jail in 3 ...

On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 5:16 PM, Shumon Ahmed <> wrote:
I know many of you don't believe in fair trial for two reasons. One the truth will come out and the second one is the innocents will go scott free. I understand your feelings, that's why many of you like the Justice Nizamul Huq and his skype engineering.
I am forty year old so I cannot be a rajakar and my family members are freedom fighters the real ones not the fake freedom fighters but I believe in fair trial for everyone. Who will certify who is rajakar? This guy Kader Molla became rajakar in recent years after he said screw you to Awami League leadership when asked for his party's support. He wasn't in the list of rajakars till 80s. Any rajakar when goes through a machine called Awami League becomes instant freedom fighter. Law minister Qumrul, Home Minister Alamgir, and another minister who is happend to be the PM's relative Mosharraf are all rajakars.
Do any of you have guts to demand the above rajakars' trial?

From: "Mazumder, Quamrul" <>
To: Shumon Ahmed <>;
Sent: Friday, February 8, 2013 4:55 PM
Subject: RE: [KHABOR] Re: Quader Mollah
Instead of arguing over this issue which I am sick of it, we must kill all Rajakars similar to what Kader mollah did in 1971. Why are you arguing in favor of kader mollah. Are you a rajakar too?  We must prsecute devils like you too.  Why do you think Rajakars need fair trial?  People like you are fully responsible for supporting Kader Molala.________________________________From: Shumon Ahmed []Sent: Friday, February 08, 2013 4:49 PMTo:;; Farzana Ahmed; Shahidul Alam; alapon@yahoogroups.comSubject: Re: [KHABOR] Re: Quader MollahThe prosecutors tried their hard and the justices fully cooperated with Prosecutors in broad day light. They couldn't prove a single thing against Mr. Molla. The judges went out of their way to put him life in prison. If anyone think that they have the proof of his guilt should go to the appellate division and produce their findings.I am more than sure even with a simple proof, the judges will grant maximum punishment to Mr. Molla. These dumb headed ministers know this more than any of us.From: Shumon Ahmed <>To: "" <>; "" <>; Farzana Ahmed <>; ........Sent: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 5:15 PMSubject: Re: [KHABOR] Re: Quader MollahIf he is that criminal why did they form the tribunal by less qualified controversial party supporters. If everyone has so much evidence against him why don't we hand him over to the Internal Criminal court where independent judiciary can find him guilty and hang him.Why can't they just form an independent tribunal where they wouldn't need any skype help?Why the low class lawyers were retained as prosecutors while much reputed lawyers were ready to serve?I don't believe in crossfire, but if I have to use it then why not put Sk Hasina, the mother of all troubles in crossfire for her role in 90s to bring the caretaker government for which a lot of people died and were affected.The shameless woman who trashed the caretaker government system after realizing that in a fair election, she wouldn't get over 20 seats.From: Miro Jangi <>To: "" <>; Farzana Ahmed <>; Shahidul Alam <>; "" <>; Ajoy Dasgupta <>; ...........Sent: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 7:28 PM
Subject: [KHABOR] Re: Quader Mollah
Dear Mannan Bhai:I am terribly disappointed with AL...They failed us all, in my opinion..I hope this criminal will be hanged somehow. If they can't be found guilty in normal way, well, we do have RAB and their cross fire teams, let's use them. Thanks.MiroFrom: Abdul Mannan <>To: Farzana Ahmed <>; Shahidul Alam <>;; Ajoy Dasgupta <>;  ..........Sent: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 7:02 PMSubject: Quader MollahLink to my post editorial on the verdict of Quader Mollah. If you like it you may share it with others. Have a nice day.                                 Abdul Mannan Educator-Researcher-Writer-Analyst Dhaka Bangladesh