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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Re: [] digit-AL Chatra League assaults Lucky

 Shahbhag movement needs to know that
  1. Due to student's and teacher's politics  has become quality education less country  and  corruption of politicians and government employees Bangladesh  is now  a lawless country.
  2.  Innocent, honest people of Bangladesh (except corrupt politicians & corrupt employees) are now jobless food less and being homeless are sleeping in night at footpath railway platform.
  3. Some people are leaving Bangladesh around the world for food and shelter and are being dead in fire at Middle East and other places.
  4. Some people for food and shelter are crossing the border being killed by Indian BSF''s bullets are being hanged--- on Border NET.
  5. Some people are going by boat to other country for food and shelter dying in deep sea.
  6. But the children of corrupt people either politicians or employees are very happy getting lot money from their corrupt parents  are looting  more public money being more powerful looter politicians being more powerful corrupt employees in Bangladesh.
  7. Teachers and students are doing nasty politics for money destroying education atmosphere in school colleges and universities...
  8. They are  wanting to be more powerful for earning more money and their activities are the causes of  increasing every thing high prices such electricity bill  water bill  house rent  and  price of rice per kg from 50 paisa to 5o taka and  these hiking  high prices  are creating disasters for the jobless, innocent and honest people  throughout Bangladesh.   

From: Debasish Barua <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Thursday, 14 February 2013 7:40 AM
Subject: Re: [] digit-AL Chatra League assaults Lucky


Tofail is no longer Chattra League. He is still with in AL. But for many reason, take a guess he is not an powerful minister in this AL administration. He was an Minster in last AL administration. He is kind of an Political Maverick that has close relations with his home district of Bhola. Has been in politics over years and years..well thus for your consideration  tying AL to this is mistake..i think he is related to NAP Muzafars Ahmed...well despite him and many AL that during the Sad days (AL Dukher Deen) of AL cut deal with many that are not in favor of AL interest. One as I see is GERMAN (Chrysler)..though he is with AL, I assume he does makes his presence known as he may have tied his own personnel fortune, to Bholas fortune at stake in this dispute...thus may have to play hard ball despite what it looks protect his interest...In strange twist of faith TOFAEL is more as I assume because of his relation with Muzaffar Ahmed is with Salauddin Kader Chy..I think this involves this US based business called ILLORA OIL..remember he was AL Energy Minister in last Al Cabinet...I think many with ties to this Illora Oil which is in close relations with Saudi Aramco (Shell Oil) has had second thought is the Chinese backed Buddhist using name of a Buddhist Pilgrim site to exploit Bangladesh wealth..I think this event is more with in his allies, for that matter this victim may be one of his associates with connections in Illora Oil..I think Tofael and few others came ti realize their mistake..I think despite what it looks like it is more in the nature of Error correction..I think ILLORA stock may have plumetted..I can think of many circumstance whtythis could happen..

I am from to it is Rangunia..I have been in these two areas. I know Saluddin Kader better then any one..I have heard of his horror and terror stories growing up..hint is this females husband or male friend is behind this incidence..The thing is Saluddin Kaders QC is in a lawsuit with his half brother and AL MP from Raozan Sobhan...QC has very close business relations with Bangladesh Multinatioal..BEXIMCO with many business deals in ENGLAND..just search the web BEXIMCO..they are in everything comfy with..AIR BUS to MEDICINE to etc..well it is the Bangali Jews & Bishuddhanada that used a Saudi Tied Business.
I think it came not getting enough money she was promised or she was expecting due to what I call bad investment in ILLORA OIL..well thus one thing lead to another..and also may involve this happens the day Warren Bufftetts and Mormon COMCAST bought 49% share of GE...for around just less then 17 Billion dollar..well it seems US OBama buddies are willing to spent this amount of money to please give AL a Bad name...well as it says (Orthoei On orther mull)..Tofael was not close in Business relations with Saluddin before..and even at now it is thru kind of Back door relations..not only that I think this Illora is in tight business relation with another us based whose owner used to be AGA KHANI .and is Sunni now..
Well I think this is due to business deal going sour..

From: Isha Khan <>
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 9:21 PM
Subject: [] digit-AL Chatra League assaults Lucky

digit-AL Chatra League assaults Lucky

Chhatra League activists on Sunday night assaulted Lucky Akter, a frontline activist at the Shahbagh protests seeking death penalty of all war criminals, protesters said.Lucky, who became known for shouting slogansat the protests, was sent to BIRDEM Hospital.The incident took place when Awami League leader Tofail Ahmed reached the place and Chhatra League activists insisted on Tofail’s saying something expressing solidarity.‘Lucky at that time said that in keeping with an earlier decision no politician could be allowed to make speeches here. At one point, the Chhatra League’s general secretary snatched away the microphone from Lucky and a group of his followers assaulted her,’ a protester said.



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