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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[] Syirian Refugee Problem

Not long ago millions of Refugees were sheltered by Jordan and Syria and that problem had almost resolved, when almost all of them went back. And then, with Arab Spring, Syrian Refugee Problem had started. The numbers are far below Iraqi Refugees. Some Iraqi Refugees were Non Moslims otherwise, all were Arab Sonni Moslim. According to UN, 5,000 people are fleeing Syria everyday.
Following is data for Syrian Refugees:
1. In Egypt     
10,000 rich Syrians, who arrived there by Ships.
2. In Iraq        
80,000 from Eastern Syria. 10,000 or them Syrian Kurds rest Shiya. Its suspected that some Syrian Iraqi and Iranian Shiya Fighters in Iraq infiltrate in to Syria to attack Anti Asad Soonis. They are said to be backed Iraq and Iran.
3. In Jordan:
180,000 Soonnis from southern Syria. 10,000 richer ones have gone back because they could not stand living in Refugee Camps. Jordan does not back any Syrians going back to attack Asad Military.
4. In Turkey  
230,000 Soonnis from Northern Syria. Tens of thousands of Syrian Soonni Rebels, who according to Russian TV keep infiltrating back in to Syria to attack Shiyaa and ambush Government Troops. They are said to be armed and financially backed by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and USA. Its suspected that 10,000 of them are former Syrian Army Soldiers.
5. In Lebanon
250,000 from Western Syria. 1/4th of Refugees are not poor and they Rent Flats or Apartments for $ 100 to $ 400 a month. 30% Non Moslims. Rest? 50% Shiya and 50% Sonnis. According to CNN some of Refugee Shiya Youth have joined Iran backed Hizbollah of Northern Lebanon. They infiltrate Syria to attack Soonni Rebels but do not attack Sooni Refugees in Lebanon.
Aid for Syrian Refugees:
1. USA: 
$ 195 million but Russian TV Analysts think, its mostly to help Anti Asad Refugees.
2. Rich Arab countries and Rich US Allies:
$ 1.2 billion  but its being managed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and all does not seem to be for Refugees. Syrian Government and Russian TV claim, most of it is being used to destabilize Syria.
3. Its been reported by a News Service that Fund to help Syrian Rebels has reached over $ 8 billion.
S U Turkman


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