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Saturday, February 23, 2013

[] Re: Banning of Jamat -, It will be a suicidal step, Face Jamat (overt and covert) strongly with appropriate measure - যেখানে যেমন - সেখানে তেমন , গুলির বদলে গুলি


Dear respected Habib Vai,


Salam and thanks.


Very well and thoughtful writing.


Please send your idea to many and likeminded people, to realize the matter.

Banning Jamat-Shibir, will neither solve the current problem nor ease our problem.


After banning Jamat-Shibir, most of their regimented workers and supporters will join in BNP.

Then it will be more difficult - to catch the real Jamat-Razakar and the real culprits and to take serious action against them – as it is possible now.


During the previous Hartal of Jamat-Shibir, govt did not stopped the SSC exams, because BNP did not give "open" support.

But during today's Hartal, govt had suspended SSC exams at last moment, because when they saw BNP have supported this Hartal "openly"!


This is reality!


It is easier to apply force (even apply harder line action) on Jamat-Razakar (as they are branded as culprit) when they are "openly alone".


But will not be easy to apply same to BNP (when blended with Jamat worker), as BNP have 'some' 'democratic' level on their body (though it is not correct)!


So, it will be difficult - to handle the real Jamat-Razakar and catch the real culprits merged in BNP.


Same thing happened during 1972 to 1975, when Jamat-Razakar were hiding in JSD & Vashani NAP!


Those Ministers or AL leaders, other likeminded political party leaders and also Govt officials are saying this (to ban Jamat) just to avoid their responsibility (to face Jamat politically and officially) and also to hide their failure for not effectively resisting and stopping Jamat-Razakar's violence!




Joy Bangla.

On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 11:15 AM, Habib Rahman <> wrote:
Dear Shafiqur Rahman Bhuiyan

What the people will do after banning Jamat? I do not see any affect that will stop them doing shantrash, rather they will work under BNP. Or in many other names. There will be two sided results. Action should not be taken in a hurry, it should be properly thought, discussed with those who really love the country. Pakistan is ruined, whole middle east is ruined in the religious fanaticism of the extremists and vested interests.. The leaders of the nation should resolve it once and for ever. I agree and share with your opinion.


On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 1:55 AM, Engr. Shafiq Bhuiyan <> wrote:


Dear pro impendence people and supporters and leaders,



We all are going in wrong direction and struggling and demanding for an unnecessary as well suicidal and dangerous thing


We are spending all our time, energy and everything for this most needless

That is, banning of Jamat?


Have we seriously and sincerely thought and analysed the necessary and pros and cons of this (suicidal) action?


It will be a suicidal step. History will prove my opinion, but after a largest damage!


What benefit we will get by banning Jamat?

There will be no official organisation or activity in the name of Jamat.


Any other benefit (!)?




Banning will not stop these destructive activities, which Jamat are doing since last 3 years and specially since last month till today (In the banner of "Touhidi Janata" or "Ulama Mashaeq" etc. etc.)?


We will again ban these parties?

They will come with another name!

How many party we will ban???


If we ban Jamat-Shibir,

·        Than either leaders-workers-supporters will do same destructive work in the name of other organisation (like what they have done today and also they will do in future, specially when their top leaders get capital punishment in ICT!


·        They will merge with BNP and will do the same destructive work in the banner of BNP!


Then will govt and we will observe and see their destructive actions or will go for appropriate action?


Then we have to face two enemies in one front:

·        One is overt – that is BNP (already there are 30% of Jamat leader in BNP central committee)

·        Another one is covert Jamat-Razakar-Shibir (who will join in BNP, after banning)


So, we will strengthen our enemies and open a new front. Instead of one front at present.


Moreover, if Jamat-Shibir are not banned, then it will be easy for us and also to government force (where still there are many sympathisers and supporters of Jamat-BNP) to detect and to combat Jamat-Razakar and to take severe action, which may not possible to BNP.


Mind it because BNP is cocktail of mainly Jamat-Razakar-Muslim League and all anti Bangladesh parties (PDP, Nejami Islam etc.) and all anti Bangladesh people!


So, please, do not do this sabotage.

I am telling again, it will be a suicidal step.


Rather we face the Jamat-Razakar-Shibir politically (যেখানে যেমন - সেখানে তেমন ,  গুলির বদলে গুলি and also with force which we have done against Jamat-ICS during 1969 to 1971. ICS Dhaka University president was killed and Jamat-ICS became afraid and did not able to take revenge) and organisationally!

Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu,
"Sustha thakon, nirapade thakon ebong valo thakon"


Engr. Shafiqur  Rahman Anu
New Zealand

N.B.: If any one is offended by content of this e-mail, please ignore & delete this e-mail. I also request you to inform me by an e- mail - to delete your name from my contact list.

"Sustha thakon, nirapade thakon ebong valo thakon"


Engr. Shafiqur  Rahman Anu
New Zealand

N.B.: If any one is offended by content of this e-mail, please ignore & delete this e-mail. I also request you to inform me by an e- mail - to delete your name from my contact list.


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